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Happy New Year
Welcome to The World Beat: I'm Mark Thomas
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January 02, 1999

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records
We began with music from Norwegian musician, Øystein Sevåg.
* My World Beat intro theme song since it's release in 1995
Aine Minogue
To Warm the Winter's Night

Mummers March (Ireland)
The Olde Year Now Away has Fled ­ otherwise known as (Greensleeves)
(so long 1998)

Evergreen Music e-mail
Evergreen Demo Line 1-800-795-9542

Evergreen Music holiday Collection
Scottish Harper, Aine Minogue and friends create a warm Celtic Christmas night

produced by Johnny Cunningham

Milladoiro (Celtic music from Spain)
As Fadas de Estrano Nome
(fairies with strange names)
Polca dos Campaneiros
Aires de Pontevedra
O Voo da Pomba

Green Linnet

Robert Almblade & Carolyn Cruso

Robert's Farewell

self produced
Dedicated to Robert Almblade, a Renaissance man. Farewell Robert.

Robert: 6& 12 string guitars, cittern, hammered dulcimer, silver flute, whistles
Carolyn: hammered dulcimer, silver flute, whistles

New music from Madagascar by:

:D (Dihi -

Bonne Annee

Dihy: Let's dance!
Tarika Central
In the Malagasy language, Dihi (pronounced: dee) means dance. Tarikas new CD titled "D:" salutes the golden era of Malagasy 45s, as in 45 rpm; those versatile analog vinyl discs of our recent past.


SKA Island

The Toasters - The Stage
Barefootin' - Dan-I & Jump with Joey
The Trojans -Keep on Running

Island Records

Jimi Mbaye
Dakar Heart
Youssou Madjiguene
Noone Yi (Bear with patience what they say)

Shanachie Records

As guitarist and arranger in Youssou Ndour's "Super Etoile" band Jimi Mbaye has played an important part in making some of the most distinctive and powerful African pop ever created. As a child of ten Jimi fashioned his first instrument from discarded gasoline cans and fishing line and taught himself to play. Versed in many traditions, Jimi Mbaye transforms African roots music and propelling it to a new level.

Music from Senegale musician Jimi Mbaye's debut solo album.

Anoushka Shankar

Tilak Shyam: Ravi Shankar, 1948
Angel Records

all compositions by Ravi Shankar:
produced by Ravi Shankar

Najma Akhtar
Forbidden Kiss

Piya Tose
(one of the most famous Hindi film songs of all time)
Shanachie Records

New versions of Indian film music hits composed by the king of Hindi soundtracks, S.D.Burman

Rhythm & Smoke: The Cuba Sessions
Cubamar -
Cantinero de Cuba (trio)
Moncada - Mama Hue (nuevo trova)


¡Latino! ¡Latino!
- Chacha La Vie ­(a contagious song that invites you to dance:
3 steps forward & 3 steps back)
Los Del Caney ­ Son Flamenco - one of the oldest rhythms from Cuba
(Son is played with guitar, maracas, clave, tres, bongo, and trumpet)

Putamayo Records

An eclectic collection of Afro-Cuban Salsa traditions

Another great collection from Dan Storper, founder of Putumayo World Music


ROM Records

Paul Winter & Oscar Castro-Neves
Brazilian Days
Aula de Matemática

ROM Records

The Barcelona Tribe of Soulsters, otherwise known as
Sensual Sensual

¡Fiesta Fatal!
You Won't See Me Cry

Atlantic Records

Stay tuned for Afropop World Wide hosted by George Collinet

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