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Welcome to The World Beat:
I'm Mark Thomas your volunteer World Beat host
I've looked to music from warmer climates to warm this Minnesota winter evening.
Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records
We began with music from Norwegian musician, Øystein Sevåg.
* My World Beat intro theme song since it's release in 1995

Bothy Band
The Best of the Bothy Band
Song & Reel Pretty Peg/ Craig's Pipes
Do you Love an Apple
Green Linnet
Some classic music from the Bothy Band, reminds me of the Fiona Ritchie's Thistle & Shamrock back in the late 80's. "Love Triona NiDomhnill's voice on Pretty Peg"
Phil Cunningham
Airs & Graces
The House in Rose Valley
Miss Rowan Davies
Green Linnet

Douglas Spotted Eagle
Sunrise Prayer
Beauty Arrives
Higher Octave Music
"Prayer is the bridge between the invisible and visible worlds..."
(quoted from Hopi Indian, Douglas Spotted Eagle)

Sur Sudha
Images of Nepal
Resham Firri (Taal: Kaharawa - 8 Beats)

Akira Satake
Cooler Heads Prevail
Tail Wag Dog Jig (parts 1 & 2)
Nobody's Hat
Alula Records

The brilliant Japanese Banjoist, Akira Satake sidesteps the cultural boundaries of what the banjo is normally allowed to perform and instead creates a musical soundscape rich with cross-cultural rhythms and textures.
Selected Artists
On A Starry Night
Keola Beamer
Pupu Hinuhinu - Shiny Shell Lullaby (Hawaii)
Airto Moreira Anjo de Guarda (Brazil)
Windham Hill Records

8 1/2 Souvenirs
Continental Records.

Fatal Mambo
La Medina
Magot tcheri
(sung to the tune of "In the Summer Time" by 1960's one-hit-wonder Mungo Jerry)
Fatal Mambo
Fatal Mambo blends French and Gypsy music with the funky sounds of Afro-Cuban music to create a unique take on the mambo, salsa, son, and cumbia song forms.

Compay Segundo
Lo Mejor De La Vida
Es Mojor Vivir As i (Better to Live Like This)
Juliancito - tu novio te botó (Your Girlfriend Left You)
(Andalusian guitar by Raimundo Amador)
World Circuit/Nonesuch Records
Compay Segundo sings a couple of duets with flameno singer, Martirio
Flamenco accents embrace the Cuban spirit on both these tunes. Legendary sonero, Compay Segundo, (born 1907) composed Juliancito over 50 years ago.

Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca
Mambo Yo Yo
Putamayo Records
Ricardo Lemvo manages a beautiful blend of Cuban and central African traditions

Mali to Memphis
Habib Koite
(Habeeb Kwahtay) - Sirata (SeeRahTah) (Mali)
Baba Djan (Baba John) ­ (Sabare-SahBarEe patience) (Guinea)
Putamayo Records

A new CD from Putamayo Records that traces the route of the Blues; from the heart of an ancient West African Kingdom to the levees of Mississippi.

Reggae Around the World
Blekbala Mujik
- Drangkinbala (Australia)
Rasha ­ Salib Faudi (Sudan)
Afkia Modibo ­ Wadjou (Mali)
Putamayo Records

(Another great collection from Dan Storper, founder of Putumayo World Music)

Ali Khan
Shahabaz Kalander
City of Tribes

Selected Artists
On A Starry Night
Bobby McFerrin
Common Threads
Windham Hill Records
a lovely seque to AfroPop World Wide by Bobby McFerrin
(think I'll make this a permanent feature)

Stay tuned for Afropop World Wide hosted by George Collinet

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Live Broadcast of February 06, 1999
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
(I moved to the other side of the desk tonight for my 1st time as Board Operator. I really enjoyed programming the two CD players, running the mic and using the sliders to do voice-overs and crossfade from one CD to the next. "it was a real kick; a bright point in my World Music gig")

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