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Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records
We began with music from Norwegian musician, Øystein Sevåg.
* My World Beat intro theme song since it's release in 1995

William Jackson
The New Road

William Jackson was a founding of the Scottish band Ossian; his main instrument is the gut-strung Scottish Harp known as the Clarsach.

Sharon Shannon
The Mighty Sparrow
Green Linnet
Sharon Shannon is an Irish Accordian prodigy; she plays an Irish-made Cairdin on this richly produced album.

as fadas de estraño
O Voo da Pomba
Green Linnet
Music from Galicia, the celtic region of Spain, located on the Atlantic coast, just north of Portugal in an area containing five fiords.

Instruments: flute, violin, Celtic harp, mandolin, ocarina, bagpipes, crumhorn, gaita, bouzouki, castañolas, uillean pipes, oboe, & clarinet

Paulo Bragança
The Lighthouse (of Cruz de Sal)
Luaka Bop

Recorded in Lisbon with roots in Portuguese fado

Wimme Saari
Gierran (Enchantment)
North Side

Finnish Sammi singer songwriter, Wimme Saari, expands on his ancient vocal technique, known as "yoik" with electronic accompaniment

Vanhaa Valssia (Old Waltz)
North Side

Troka is the eponomous debut of a traditional acoustic folk group from Finland, a quintet featuring the fiddle, viola, mandolin, accordian, harmonium & double bass

Sommervals (Summer Waltz)
I denna ljuva sommartid (In This Lovely Summertime)
North Side

New music from Sweden featuring three gifted traditional musicians
fiddles, mandola, bagpipes, flute, hammer dulcimer, and Lena Willmark's lvely voice.

Wizard Women of the North
Sinikka Langland
Bridal Song from Sølar Norway
Tone Hulbækmo Hildring - Illusion
North Side

An album dedicated to the female vocalists and musicians of the Nordic traditional music revival.

Surfing In Siberia
Ukrainian Dance
Shooba-Doobah Records
Igor, Zhenga, Oleg and Avi are the Red Elvises

their fire-engine red bumpersticker reads:
"Red Elvises - Kick-ass Rock 'n' Roll from Siberia"

Djamel Ben Yelles
1002 Nights
Unfinished Story
Quango Island Outpost Series

Rev. Dennis Kamakahi
- (Glow Brightly)
Lei Kupukupu
Dancing Cat Records
(from the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Series)
producer:George Winston
Rev. Dennis Kamakahi is one of Hawai'i's most prolific and popular songwriters
Slack key guitar, known as - kiho'alu. Its roots of can be traced back to the 1830's when the guitar was first introduced by Mexican and Spanish cowboys hired to teach Hawaiian coyboys how to control an overpopulation of cattle on the islands. Hawaiians quickly adopted the guitar into their culture and developed their own unique tunings; this is what gives Kiho'lu its name. Thumb plays bass while the other fingers pick the melody and improvisations in a finger-picked style.

Te Vaka
Pacific Music
Te Namo
Tautai e
ARC Music
Music from the south Pacific; sung in Tokelau, a Polynesian dialect. Tokelau is a group of islands on the tiny coral outriders of Polynesia with a land mass of only four square miles

Deep in the Heart of Tuva
Sanikho Nahchylak
Baï-laa Taïgam
Sanikho Nahchylak,
Tuva's premiere chanteuse is known as a jet-age nomad; living between Tuva and Europe; who charts her own course

Yungchen Lhamo
Coming Home
Happiness Is...
Like so many other Tibetans; Yungchen Lhamo escaped by foot over the Himalayas to find freedom in the West. She dedicates this album to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Sur Sudha
Festival of Nepal
Mangal Dhoon (taal: dadara 6 beats)
(a traditional melody played at marriages, birthdays and inaugural celebrations to ensure that the ceremony is successful and trouble free)

Sur Sudha are cultural abassadors of Nepal; presenting the myriad musical traditions of this Himalayan nation to the worlds on flute, sitar & tabla.

Otmar Liebert & Luna Negra
Solo Para Ti
Merengue De Alegrias

Sierra Maestra
Tíbiri Tábará
Tíbiri Tábará (guaracha)
World Ciruit/ Nonesuch

Papi Oviedo y sus Soneros
Encuentro entre Soneros
Suéltate de la Brocha (son)
Chan-Chan (changui-son)
Papi Oviedo songs encompass many Latin and Afro-Cuban song styles, including: afro-son, bolero, son-montuno, guaguanco, guaracha, changui-son
Papi Oviedo is now in his 60's and plays traditional son using tres guitar, contrabajo(acoustic bass), tumbadores, bongo, maracas, guiro, two trumpets and two vocalists.

Sam Mangwana
Galo Negro
Nakupenda (Lingala) Congolese Rhumba
Putumayo Artists

Selected Artists
On A Starry Night
Bobby McFerrin
Common Threads
Windham Hill Records
a lovely seque to AfroPop World Wide by Bobby McFerrinw

Stay tuned for Afropop World Wide hosted by George Collinet

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