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Good Evening & Welcome to The World Beat
I'm Mark Thomas & I'll be your host for the next two hours.

We'll be listening to an eclectic collection of music from around the world this evening

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records
We began with music from Norwegian musician, Øystein Sevåg.
* My World Beat intro theme song since it's release in 1995

Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill
Live in Seattle
Martin Rochford's / Green Gowned Lass
Green Linnet
Recorded at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle 31.Jan.99

Mademoiselle Voulez-vous Danser?
"Franco-American Music from the New England Borderlands"
Lucie Therrien
Le Grain de Mil "The Millet Seed"
(a traditional Acadian song)
Nightingale J'entends le moulin "I Hear the Mill"
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Smithsonian Folkways website has a searchable database of 35,000 tracks including 2,300 available recordings

Wimme Saari
Biegganjunni (Whirlwind)
Gierran (Enchantment)
North Side

Finnish Sammi singer songwriter, Wimme Saari, expands on his ancient vocal technique, known as "yoik" with electronic accompaniment

Wizard Women of the North
Susanne Lundeng
- Old Squaw
Åsne Sunniva Søreide - Wood Nymph Call
Annbjørg Lien - Phoenix
North Side
Female vocalists and instrumentalists of the Nordic traditional music revival

Various Artists
Devil's Tune
The Wood Nymph Tune
North Side

Norway's Hardanger fiddle which has four or five resonating strings below the bridge. Special tunings give it a particularly haunting sound. Many legends describe exausted fiddlers who had played for days in a trance. To this day, listeners are affected by the droning sound of the Hardanger fiddle's strings.

Mônica Salmaso
Cantos dos Escravos
Bate Canela - Baché Canéla
Blue Jackel

Mônica Salmaso,from Sao Paulo has surfaced as one of the best young voices of Brazil. She was the winner of the 1999 Best Brazilian singer of the Visa-Mastercard El Dorado National Competition. 'Trampolim,' on the Blue Jackel label, is her first solo recording.

Uakti (wah-ke-chee)
Aguas da Amazonia
Japurá River
Negro River
Point Music
glass marimba, flutes, grand pan, pakawaj, marimba d'angelim

Paul Horn & R. Carlos Nakai
Inside Monument Valley
The Hub
Canyon Records
The ambient sounds and towering spires of Monument Valley are the setting acoustic music of Native American flute and Paul Horns transverse flutes

Keola Beamer
"from the gentle wind"
Kauhale O Kamapua'a
Blue Water Dolphin
Dancing Cat Records

Hawaiian slack key (ki ho' alu) is one of the world's great acoustic guitar traditions

A song of Kamapua'a the mythical Hawaiian pig god

A Mediterranean Odyssey
Athens to Andalusia
Barrio Chino
Saudade (France)
Novalia Elba (Italy)
Il Trio & Lucilla Galeazzi Sogna Fiore Mio "Dream my flower" (Italy)
Putumayo Artists
music of the Italian folk revival; Lucilla Galeazzi

Adalberto Álvarez y su son
jugando con candela
"Playing with Fire"
Estás como Villegas
Y no me dá la cuenta
Havana Caliente / Alantic Records
Adalberto Alvarez has been at the forefront of the Cuban son for over twenty-five years. Over the course of the past 200 years Cuban Son has evolved as a complex blend of African rhythms, intricate European melodies, and harmonies along with spicy Spanish lyrics.

David Kirton

stand up
RAS Records

Recorded in Barbados and Jamaica
David Kirton's Website
"Thanks for the note Noelle"
Dennis Brown
title track
Love Keep Us Together
Dennis Brown's voice has a quintessential reggae sound and he is backed here by some excellent players.

The Abyssinians
Delaration of Dub
African Dub
Stars to Share
Cradle with Love
Night Stories
Windham Hill Records
Kalimba, flute, vocals

Selected Artists
On A Starry Night
Bobby McFerrin
Common Threads
Windham Hill Records
signoff & seque to AfroPop World Wide by Bobby McFerrin

Stay tuned for Afropop World Wide hosted by George Collinet

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