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January 2011

Barranco Lando
Baile De Los Caballos
Huaquero Viejo
Secret Stash Records
YouTube: Secret Stash Records
MySpace: www.myspace.com/secretstashrecords
A new recording of Afro Peruvian Music from Minneapolis-based, Secret Stash Records. The cd is a result of a field recording adventure by producer, Eric D. Foss and guitarist, Cory J. Wong who jams with local musicians on the streets, balconies, and bars of Lima Peru. The wooden collector cd jewel box containing Peña also includes a DVD recording the Afro Peruvian field recording adventure.

December 2010

Zein Al-Jundi
Ya Habibi
Artist: www.ZeinAl-Jundi.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/zeinaljundi
Zein Al-Jundi was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. She began singing professionally at the early age of five and, over the next 12 years, became a household name on Syria's radio, TV, and concert halls.

November 2010

Moussu T et les Jovents
Putan de Cançon
title track
Le Chant du Monde
Artist: www.ohaime.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/moussuteleijovents

A new album of engaging Gypsy music from Paris, Ile-de-France.

October 2010

Alex Cuba
Alex Cuba

Caracol Records
Artist: www.alexcuba.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/alexcuba
Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Alex Cuba hails from Artemisa, Cuba but currently resides in British Columbia. We will be hearing couple of tunes from his new self-titled cd, on the Cuban record label Caracol Records.

September 2010

Joan Soriano
El Duque De La Bachata
(The Duke of Bachata)
Mi Ultimo Llanto

Su Lado De Cama
IASO Records
MySpace: www.myspace.com/joansorianobachata
World Beat Pick of the Month
New music from the Dominican Republic. This double-disc set from IASO Records includes a 52 minute documentary film about Dominican musician Joan Soriano, on DVD, titled "The Duke of Bachata." www.bachatamovie.com

August 2010

Luísa Maita
Lero Lero
Lero Lero

Cumbancha Discovery
Artist: www.Cumbancha.com/luisamaita
MySpace: www.myspace.com/luisamaita
Luísa Maita is from the Brazilian mega-city Sao Paulo. Luísa grew-up surrounded by musicians. Her father Amado Maita, a singer whose one solo album from the 70s is a coveted vinyl collectors named all three daughters after songs by the bossa nova legend Antonio Carlos Jobim.

July 2010

Bibi Tanga & The Selenites
Title track
NatGeo Music

MySpace: www.myspace.com/bibitanga
New music from Paris-based, Bibi Tanga & the Selenites plays a mix of Electronica, jazz and funk.

June 2010

Lokua Kanza
Elanga Ya Muinda
World Village
MySpace: www.myspace.com/kanzalokua
Artist website: www.lokua-kanza.com
Exquisite African vocals, kalimba, and guitar from World Village. Lokua Kanza was born in Bukavu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is related, on his father's side to the Mongo people, known for their polyphonic singing. His mother is from Rwanda, a country known for its sophisticated court music. He grew up in Kinshasha where he was steeped in music from morning till night. He made his decision to become a singer after attending a Miriam Makeba concert. His songs are sung in Lingala, Portuguese and French.

May 2010

Geoffrey "Gurrumul" Yunupingu
Gurrumul History (I Was Born Blind)
Skinnyfish Music
MySpace: www.myspace.com/gurrumul
Next up (my World Beat Pick of the Month) Gurrumul, an Australian Aboriginal man who was born blind and learned to play a right-handed guitar upside-down with his left hand. He still plays all his songs in that fashion. We will be hearing Gurrumul singing a song addressed to the Aboriginal creator, Baywara.

Gurrumul History (I Was Born Blind):
I was born blind, and I don't know why
God knows why, because he love me so
as I grew up, my spirit knew
then I learnt to read the world of destruction
united we stand, divided we fall
together we'll stand, in solidarity

April 2010

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars
Rise & Shine
Living Stone
MySpace: www.myspace.com/therefugeeallstars
Artist website: SierraLeonesRefugeeAllStars.com
The Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars formed their group in a West African refugee camp. Their first album was titled "Living Like a Refugee." As their motto they write: "We always to intend to write songs about peace and love because we always remember our past. We came from a war-torn country. That's why we never cease to remind people in our music to always remain in peace. We will be hearing "Living Stone."

March 2010

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba
I Speak Fula
title track
SubPop Records
MySpace: www.myspace.com/bassekoukouyate
Basse Kouyate plays the ngoni, a string instrument originating in West Africa; it's body is made of wood or calabash covered with goatskin over it like a drum. This instrument is an ancestor of the banjo. Basse Kouyate and Ngoni ba are on US tour and will play a concert on April 10th, in Minneapolis, at The Cedar.

February 2010

Songs Unrecantible
Wild Grass
Winter 19

MySpace: www.myspace.com/ersatzmusika
These six Berlin-based musicians, of ErsatzMusika spent their formative years in the USSR and emigrated to Berlin in the early 90's. They are lead by singer/songwriter, Irina Doubrovskja who describes her music, on MySpace, as "post-soviet urban folk from Berlin."
Lyrics to: Songs Unrecantible (8.3 MB)

Opa Hey!
Opa Hey
I Want You to Sleep

MySpace: www.myspace.com/kottarashky
Kottarashky is a 21 Century Digital master musician with his feet deeply rooted in vintage Balkan music. His mesmerizing mashups are full of Balkan soul.

January 2010

Te Vaka
Te Mavaega
Tui Moana
Na ko koe

Warm Earth Records
MySpace: www.myspace.com/tevaka
Some beautiful music by the group, Te Vaka, which means "canoe" in the Tokelau language. Opetatia Foa'i is the founder and songwriter for the group. Their original album is titled, Te Vaka. Back in November of 1997 I first played music by Te Vaka, on the World Beat. Their brand-new release of South Pacific Fusion music is titled, "Haoloto."

Artists: Te Vaka.

December 2009

Baka Beyond
Martin Cradick and the Baka at Gbiné
Beyond the Forest
An T-Oighr'Og
Nahwia's Dream
Beyond the Forest (title track)
White Swan Records
MySpace: www.myspace.com/bakabbeyond
Artist: www.1heart.org
Artist: www.baka.co.uk
Martin Cradick and his wife, Su Hart have been working with the Baka people for over 20 years. Their new cd, "Beyond the Forest" was recorded in the Cameroonian rainforest in the Baka Music House that was built with funds from Baka Beyond's earlier recordings. The chant music of the Baka people is an ancient tradition.

November 2009

The Stimulators
One of those Days
MySpace: www.myspace.com/stimulatorsband
The Stimulators are a Munich Germany based band featuring former Ike Turner sideman, Peter Schneider on lead guitar, and German ska pioneer, Oliver Stephan on lead vocals/ rhythm guitar, have been thrilled audiences all over Europe, with their infectious mix of Caribbean and African styles, grafted onto a solid Jazz and Blues-based foundation. Their brand-new cd, "Loaded" keeps up their tradition with a collection contemporary themed songs percolating with lively insight into today's social environment.

October 2009

Peppe Voltarelli
Distratto Ma Pero
Italiani Superstar
l'anima é vulata
KomArt Music
Artist: www.peppevoltarelli.it
MySpace: www.myspace.com/peppevoltarelli
Italian singer Peppe Voltarelli, now living in Berlin, has a colorful background in song and theatre. He's an Italian superstar...

September 2009

Trio Vid Lampan
vågorna slår in
vals till mor
Artist website: www.triovidlampan.nu
MySpace: www.myspace.com/triovidlampan
Trio Vid Lampan is a group from Uppsala Sweden featuring the sound of the Nyckelharpa in a contemporary soundspace with groovy bass and creative percussion.

August 2009

Roberta Carrieri
dico a tutti cosi
Mia Madre

Artist website :
MySpace: www.myspace.com/robertacarrieri
Italian songstress, Roberta Carrieri is a member of the group, Fiamma Fumana. "Dico a tutti cosi" is her first solo album.

July 2009

Staff Benda Bilili
Trés Trés Fort
Moto Moindo
Benda Bilili means "look beyond appearances" is a group of parapalegic street musicians who live in and around the grounds of the zoo in Kinshasa, Congo. Four singer/guitarists on makeshift tricycle-weelchairs are supported by a young all-acoustic rhythm section and a 17 year old performing infectious guitar-like solos on one-string electric lute that he built, out of a tin-can.

June 2009

Marta Gómez
Tu voz

Artist website : www.martagomez.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/martagomez
MySpace: www.myspace.com/alunarecords

Musiquita is the fifth recording from Columbian singer-songwriter, Marta Gomez. Marta's unique voice and unpretentious simplicity sketches the bittersweet life of her homeland.

May 2009

Le prunier de pommes
Ar sac'hler - Ibil buez
Mestr an Dans
MySpace: www.myspace.com/dremmwelbzh
In the Breton language Dremmwel means horizon. For the past twenty years Dremmwel have been playing local events that call for traditional dancing at festivals and venues in every corner of their native Britanny.

April 2009

Les Filles - various chantuse
Le Pop - le chansons de la nouvelle scène français
Barbara Carlotti: Mademoiselle Opossum
Coralie Clement: So Long Babylone

Melanie Pain is called a Nouvelle vague singer... interesting... even more vague when one has little understanding of Francais, but these are all wonderful songs from a lovely group of chantuses.

March 2009

Miguel Afonso
De Vuelta Al Baile
Aires de Lima
Camino Viejo Producciones
MySpace: www.myspace.com/miguelafonso
Artist website : www.miguelafonso.net
Some beautiful music from Gran Canaria, Espana. The Canary Islands. Miguel Afonso is a master accordianist playing with his group in Gran Canaria.

February 2009

Kalio Gayo
mei ti sera foun

Artist website : www.kaliogayo.nl
MySpace: www.myspace.com/kaliogayo
Kalio gayo: a different kind of folk music.
The Utrecht, Netherlands-based group, Kalio Gayo, is mainly influenced by eastern Europe. Their beautiful harmonies, and adventurous banjo rhythms accompanied by accordion are played with a Balkan touch.

January 2009

Cecile Corbel
Song Book vol. 2
Le vent m'emporte (c.corbel)
Stor mo chroi (trad)
Keltia Musique
Artist website: Cecile Corbel
MySpace: Cecile Corbel
Cécile Corbel is from Bretagne, the Celtic region in the north-west of France. As a child, she traveled all over Brittany with her parents, who were puppeteers. She plays the guitar but discovered and fell in love with the Celtic harp in her teens. We will be hearing music from "songbook 1," her self-produced album now on the label, Keltia Musique.

December 2008

Red Drowning Sun

Artist website : www.phileasworld.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/phileasworld

Paris-based musician, Phileas, composes "electronic music celebrating human speech and language."

November 2008

Natacha Atlas and the Mazeeka Ensemble
Ana Hina
Ana Hina

World Village / Harmonia Mundi
MySpace: www.myspace.com/natachaatlasofficial
Anglo-Egyptian singer Natacha Atlas has spent more than a decade fusing electronic beats with Arabic and North African music. We will hear music from her newest cd, "Ana Hina."

October 2008

Taj Majal
Black man, brown, man
Heads Up
Artist website: www.tajblues.com
Taj Majal's new cd is titled, Maestro for a good reason. Taj is the man. For the past fourty years Taj Majal has honed an awesome collection of musical styles into sparkling gems.

September 2008

Michel Banabila
Traces - music for films & documentaries
the flower company

Tapu Records
Artist website: www.banabila.com
Dutch musician Michel Banabila creates eerily atmospheric music for films and documentaires. We will be hearing "Speech," featuring lyrics taken directly from Genesis 11.

August 2008

Various Artists
Princes Among Men - Journeys with Gypsy Musicians
Revisko Oro
I Bar Val Pudela
Asphalt Tango / Harmonia Mundi

Artist website: Princes Among Men
Gypsy music from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and Macedonia

July 2008

Victor Démé
Victor Démé
MySpace: Victor Deme
Blues roots music of Victor Dém
é, recorded at Jungle Studio in Burkina Faso and mastered in Paris.

June 2008

Toumani Diabaté
The Mande Variations
Ismael Drame
Malian musician, Toumani Diabaté, recorded the first ever solo kora album in 1988 and is recognized as the world's leading Kora player. The Mande Variations is his long-awaited second solo kora recording.
Artist website: www.myspace.com/toumanidiabate

May 2008

Cecilia Villar Eljuri
En Paz
Mannovill Publishing
MySpace: www.myspace.com/eljuri
Singer/songwriter, Cecilia Villar Eljuri (Vocals, Guitars, Songwriter) was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and raised in the cultural melting-pot of New York City, NY.

April 2008

The Garifuna Women's Project
MySpace: Stonetree Records
Artist Website: www.cumbancha.com/albums/umalali
Umalali is an album of indescribable emotion, strength and beauty. It is an entrancing journey into the heart and soul of a unique and inspiring Garifuna culture.

March 2008

eterno navegar
as nosas cores
eterno navegar
World Village / Harmonia Mundi
MySpace: www.myspace.com/uxiasenlle
New music from Pontevedra in the Galician region of Spain., although this particular tune has a Cape Verdean feel.

February 2008


Non Mirai

Sons Galiza
Xúa! are based in Santiago de Compostela and Coruña, located in autonomous region of Galicia in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.
MySpace: myspace.com/xuamusica
Artist website: XuaMusica.com

January 2008

Puerto Plata
Mujer de Cabaret
Dolorita (a classic Dominican merengue)
Mujer de Cabaret (the title track and a song said to express the sentiment at the heart of a whole generation of boleros)
Artist website: www.douglasbluefeather.com
Music from the Dominican Republic, an historic collection of acoustic from the Caberet Era.

December 2007

Ana Moura
Para Além Da Saudade
Rosa Cor De Rosa
Primeira Vez
World Village
Artist website: www.anamoura.com
New music from Portugese Fado diva, Ana Moura.

November 2007

The Real Tuesday Weld
I Lucifer
Still Terminally Ambivalent Over You

London Book of the Dead

I Believe
Ruth, Roses and Revolvers

Six Degrees Records
MySpace: The Real Tuesday Weld
Some quirky music and ambient sound loops from London musician, Stephen Coates, who fronts The Real Tuesday Weld, and is also known as the Clerkenwell Kid, in the mythic London of his creation. Visit Radio Clerkenwell to hear the Clerkenwell Kid podcasts.

October 2007

Say What You're Thinking
This World
Hold On

MySpace: www.myspace.com/katchafireofficial
Reggae and world music fusion from New Zealand

September 2007

Anoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale
Breathing Under Water
Breathing Under Water
Sea Dreamer (featuring Sting)

MySpace: Anouska Shankar
MySpace: Karsh Kale
MySpace: Sting

Manhattan Records
The sound of Anoushka Shankar's traditional Indian sitar meets the digital world of Karsh Kale's electronica.

August 2007

Zap Mama

Where Are You?
MySpace: Zap Mama
Brand new music from Marie Daulne, the founder and fronting member of Zap Mama since the early 1990s

July 2007

Son De La Frontera
Tanguillos de la frontera

Harmonia Mundi/ World Village
Son De La Frontera is a Flamenco band based in Morón de la Frontera, Spain. Their style has a strong clear touch with resonant bass. Their sound is grounded in the stones, the earth, and walls of their town and called El Toque de Morón, the touch of Morón

June 2007

Cecile Corbel
songbook 1.
Le vent m'emporte (c.corbel)
Stor mo chroi (trad)
Keltia Musique
Artist website: Cecile Corbel
MySpace: Cecile Corbel
Cécile Corbel is from Bretagne, the Celtic region in the north-west of France.
As a child, she traveled all over Brittany with her parents, who were puppeteers. She plays the guitar but discovered and fell in love with the Celtic harp in her teens. We will be hearing music from "songbook 1," her self-produced album now on the label, Keltia Musique.

and also:
The Idan Raichel Project
Idan Raichel Project
Mi'Ma'amakim (Out of the Depths)
mySpace: www.myspace.com/theidanraichelproject
Idan Raichel joins forces with musicians from Israel's - Ethiopian, Arab, Yemenite, and Caribbean communities to create an entrancing fusion.

May 2007

Deirdre Ní Chinnéide
Celtic Passage
Celtic Passage
Sounds True
Vocal compositions by Deirdre Ni Chinneide, dedicated to the ancient Celt's belief in the existence of other worlds, known as the Land of Sí (spirit). Druids and Shamans were said to have travelled there and returned to share new insight into the challenges of everyday life."

April 2007

Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective
Wátina (I Called Out)
Weyu Lárigi Weyu (Day by Day)
Stonetree Records
The Garifuna people are a people and a language without a country. They originally settled on St Vincents, but were scattered along the mainland coast after being driven out by the Spanish. Today they live in Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and various places in South America yet always in the minority. Wátina is the first Garifuna record that I've played on the World Beat. We hope to hear more from Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective in the future.

March 2007

Aman Iman
Matadjem Yinmixan
World Village Music
In the Tamashek language of the Toureg, Saharan nomads from Mali, Tinariwen means "empty spaces." The group Tinariwen was formed in a rebel camp run by Libyan strongman, Muammar Gaddafi, over two decades ago, and has been making music in the desert ever since. Their use of electric guitars was a first in a vast Saharran region where power is only sporadically available. Their hypnotic desert-blues features call-and-response vocals among the extended group. Underground cassettes of their spellbinding music has counseled anti-violence and ethnic pride among the youth of their war-torn region for over twenty years. Listen now to music from the deserts beyond Timbuktu...
Amanar type fonts of the Toureg by Pierre di Sciullo

February 2007

Pokito a Poko
Mi Primo Jaun
Te La Creio Tu

The third release by Chambao is an incredible fusion of flamenco and hip hop sensibilities. The included DVD takes the viewer to all-night revelry on a remote stretch of sand dunes, presumably some where in the south of Spain.

January 2007

Coyote Poets of the Universe
Unmistakable Evidence
Sitting in the Dark
Unmistakable Evidence

Artist website: www.CoyotePoetsOf The Universe.com
& www.myspace.com/CoyotePoetsOfTheUniverse
The new recording by The Coyote Poets of the Universe journeys into freeform spoken word, floating in zero gravity electronica spaces. (headphones recommended)

December 2006

Ana Moura
Como a Tempo Corre
Harmonia Mundi
World Village Music
Trip Around the World
Artist website: Ana Moura
Twenty new songs from Ana Moura, one of Portugal's most famous divas.

November 2006

Trans Ukraine
Odessa II
Bodhi K. Setchko takes us on a shamanic flute journey across his native land, Ukraine.

October 2006

Sierra Leones - Refugee All Stars
Living Like a Refugee

Living Like a Refugee (title track)
Bull to the Weak

Nine million children are refugees - Right Now -
Help them play, let them learn...

An album dedicated to all the innocent people living as refugees throughout the world and to those organizations and individuals who work tirelessly on their behalf. Group leader, Reuben M. Koroma writes most of the lyrics.

September 2006

Una familia
Vida tras vida
Universal Music Spain
An album recorded in Spain, full of diverse influences including rock & reggae, salsa, hip-hop, and electric sitar — crank-up the volume... its music for today's global village...
Artist website: Dhira

August 2006

Banco de Gaia
Farewell Ferengistan
White Man's Burden
notes from BancoDeGaia.net: Toby Marks, under the pseudonym Banco de Gaia, has spent most of his career focusing on issues that he finds bewildering by expressing his thoughts and observations through music. He wrote his critically acclaimed 1995 album Last Train To Lhasa to highlight the plight of the Tibetan people and successfully mixed electronica with a braver vision. Farewell Ferengistan captures the spirit and mood of Last Train To Lhasa but this time Banco de Gaia's concerns are much closer to home: what are we doing to ourselves? Where is our materialism taking us, would it not be wise to consider our position?

July 2006

Niña Pastori
Joyas Prestadas
Vivir sin aire
Club de fans: Niña Pastori
Nina Pastori is a new voice form Spain with flamenco training and a pop sensibility...

June 2006

di korpu ku alma
Tó Martins
Artist review: Rock-Paper-Scissors
Lura may be taking over the reins of Cape Verde Islands most famous singer, Cesaria Evora. Lura's songs are based in the musical styles of Cape Verde such as batuku and funana. I've listened this recoding in entirety five or six times and get my highest World Music rating: ****

May 2006

Marta Gómez
Entre Cada Palabra
De Amarillo se viste la tarde

Chesky Records
Artist website: www.martagomez.com
Entre Cada Palabra (Between Each Word) is the new album from acclaimed Columbian vocalist and songwriter, Marta Gomez. Her previous album, "Cantos de Agua Dulce" (Songs of Sweet Water) earned Billboard's nomination for Best Latin JazzVocalist 2005.

April 2006

Johannes Linstead
Café Tropical

Café Tropical
Para La Habana

Gemini Sun Records
Artist website: Johannes Linstead.com

The sixth album by award winning guitarist, Johannes Lindstead, features musicians from Cuba, Venezuela, and Greece. Kick your feet up and mellow out for an exceptional musical journey to the tropics.

March 2006

Souter Creek
World Village / Harmonia Mundi
Artist website: Flook
Winners of Best Group at BBC Folk Awards 2006

February 2006

Rough Guides
The Rough Guide to Bhangra Dance
Soni Pabla: Dil Tera
Aman Hayer: Dil Nai Lagda
World Music.net
subtitle: tumbi, dhol, synthesizers and pounding dance rhythms

January 2006

Pafuera Telarñas

Men Señara
Siempre Me Quedara

Artist website: www.labebebellota.com
EMI Latin
Nominated for five Latin Grammys.

December 2005

Les Chansons de la nouvelle scene francais
le pop 3

Stefie Shock: Un Homme a la Mer (Quebec, from "Le Décor)
Frederique Dastrevigne: Les Copin D'abord (France)
Le Pop Musik

November 2005

Amadou & Mariam
Dimanche À Bamako
Produced by & with Manu Chao

M'bifé Balaphon
Camions Sauvages

Artist website: www.amadou-mariam.com
Amadou and Mariam, the blind couple from Mali have fused their talents with the trance-like stream-of-consciousness style of Manu Chao to produce a truly intoxicating soundscape.

October 2005

Emmanuel Jal & Abdel Gadir Salim
Aiwa (Kenya)

World Music.net
Emmanuel Jal, a former child soldier from war-torn Sudan, is one of the hottest rappers to explode out of the African music scene. The title of his new cd is "Ceasefire."

September 2005

{quiet Letters}
If Heaven Closes

Artist website: Bliss
Bliss is an international chill-out pop music collective from Denmark, Sweden and Guinea-Bissau, West Africa and release their material on the Danish label, "music for dreams." Sit back, chill-out and experience bliss. I listened to Bliss many times during the month and recommend it as the World Beat

August 2005

Moussu T e lei jovents
Madmemoiselle Marseille
Va, navega!
Malurós qu'a un trabalh
As-ti pescat la sirena

Le Chant Du Monde/Harmonia Mundi

An album of French music that will keep drawing you back for another listen.

July 2005

Te Vaka
Pukepuke Te Pate

Warm Earth Records
Artist website: www.TeVaka.com
This album and this group are the real thing. They transport the listener half way around the world and allow them to partake of another rhythm and cultural spirit.

June 2005

Oscar Reynolds
Rio De Luz - River of Light
Mar y Nubes - "sea & clouds"
Caminos - "paths"

Karumanta Music
Artist website:Oscar Reynolds

The 6th release of Bolivian composer, Oscar Reynolds. An all instrumental recording full of evocative South American rhythms and melodies.

May 2005

Charanga Cakewalk
Loteria DeLa Cumbia Lounge
Charanga Cakewalk
Tu Y Yo

Artemis Records/Triloka
Artist website: Charanga Cakewalk
Chilled-out world fusion with Tex-Mex dance music, driven by the Nuevo Latino Accordian of Michael Ramos.

April 2005

Paris Combo
Baron de Chaise

DRG Records

March 2005

Two Siberians
Out of Nowhere
On the Tundra
Vodka Diaries
Out of Nowhere

Artist website: Two Siberians
New music from the tundras of Siberia by Yuru Matveyev on electric guitar and Artyom Yakushenko on electric violin.

February 2005

Marcus James

Hey Gabriel
Firenze Records
New music from Marcus James, recorded in Timbuktu, Mali.
Rough Guide
The Rough Guide to the Music of Central Asia
Ulytau: Adai (Kazakhstan)
Nobovar & Shams Group: Az Ghami Tu (Tajikistan)
Edil Husainov: Bul Bul Zaman (Kazakhstan)
World Music.net
subtitle: Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan: sounds of the Silk Road

January 2005

Deep Sky Divers
The New Fast Lane
Lake of Mentieth
Any Robinhood
Artist website: Deep Sky Divers.com
New music, contemporary instrumental music, from London, that celebrates those brief (and all too infrequent) moments of intense light sit back an' chill-out to the sound of the Deep Sky Divers.

December 2004

Putumayo World Music
South Pacific Islands

Te Vaka: Se Ma Le Losa- Tokelau/Samoa/New Zealand
Te Vaka: Olohega - Tokelau/Samoa/New Zealand
Putumayo Records
Some beautiful music by the group, Te Vaka, which means "canoe" in the Tokelau language. Opetatia Foa'i is the founder and songwriter for the group. Their original album is titled, Te Vaka. Back in November of 1997 I first played music by Te Vaka, on the World Beat. Afterwards I met a lovely Tokelauan woman, named Ava, who helped care for my mother-in law in Sun City AZ. "Thanks Ava!, Alice is still doing fine.

November 2004

Jenifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra
Ocean -
Songs for the Night Sea Journey
Out on the Ocean / Rolling Waves
The Sands of Time

Sun Sign Records
Artist website: Jennifer Cutting
Seven years ago, Jennifer Cutting embarked on journey best described, in the works of Joseph Cambell, as the Night Sea Journey. She returned to her home port with the music of Ocean, Songs of the Night Journey

October 2004

Darko Rundek & Gargo Orkestar
Ruke - La Comédie Des Sens
Ista Slika (the same image)

Sjaj Sto Izdaje - "Shine that betrays" (IZDA-UU)

Darko Rundek & Gargo Orkestar is my first encounter with Croatian music. Listening to Darko Rundek's enunciation of Croatian lyrics bathes the listener in a new gene-pool of vocables and musically evokes feelings and emotions and bridge the listener to a people, far beyond the abstraction of the evening news. Listening to Darko Rundek & Gargo Orkestar is a wake-up experience.

September 2004

Rosa Passos
Pra Que Discutir Com Madame

Sony Classical
Artist website: Rosa Passos
Rosa Passos is a singer/songwriter and guitarist, she is a native of Brazil, with a sweet, warm voice, who is known as "a feminine João Gilberto.".

August 2004

Putumayo World Music
Greece - A Musical Voyage
Kostas Mantzios: Eleni
Elly Paspala:
An Iparhis Kapou Esi
Sofia Papazoglou & Gerasimos Andreatos: Ah Feggaraki Mou
Putumayo Records
Music from the legends and rising stars of the Greek popular song revival

July 2004

Bebel Gilberto
All Around
Céu Distante

Six Degrees Records

June 2004

Ojos de Brujo (eyes of the sorcerer)
Tiempo de Soleá
Ventilaor R-80

Harmonia Mundi/World Village
"Recipients of 2004 BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music"
Ojo de Brujo fuses the driving rhythms of flamenco with hip-hip, funk, punk and other stray sounds from the streets of Barcelona.

May 2004

Angélique Kidjo
Seyin Djro
Columbia Records
artists website: Angélique Kidjo
West African singer Angélique Kidjo has roused the desire of many African women to become singers. Her mix of Afro-pop, American R&B and Caribbean rhythm is full of exuberance and vigor. This album is the third part in a trilogy that previously explored African Roots music in the United States, called "Oremi" and in Brazil, "Black Ivory Soul."

April 2004

Susan McKeown
Sweet Liberty
The Wee Birds Have Come and Gone/Fisherman's

artist website: Susan McKeown
Harmonia Mundi/World Village
Hibernian Music
On "Sweet Liberty" the pure and lilting voice Susan McKeown revives long lost tunes and recounts tales of a bygone era

March 2004

Warsaw Village Band
Peoples Spring
To You Kasiunia
Who is Getting Married
Clear Water

World Village/ Harmonia Mundi
The Warsaw Village Band is composed of six young musicians who have discovered the magic of ancient singing styles and instruments, including the Polish fiddle from the 16th century called the Suka. They have branded their passionate music as "hardcore folk."

February 2004

Gianmaria Testa
Altre Latitudini
Como Di Pioggia

Le Chant De Monde/ Harmonia Mundi
artist website: Gianmaria Testa
Gianmaria Testa is an Italian vocalist, sometimes compared to Leonard Cohen

January 2004

Various Artists - Putumayo
Sahara Lounge
Yasser Habeeb: Elama (United Arab Emirates)
Ilhan Ersahin: Fly (Turkey)
Putumayo Records
Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms with electronica and remixes

December 2003

Radio Kaboul
Écoute le naï
Harmonia Mundi
Accords Croisé
Music of the Sufis dating back to the middle 19th century when the Afghan king, Amir Sher-Ali Khan invited musicians from India to his court. The result was a fusion of Persian, Hindustani and Afghani music. This tradition lives on the the music of Mahwash - Radio Kaboul.

November 2003

Various Artists - Putumayo
10th Anniversary Collection
Kali: Me Ki Sa Oule"
Rita Ribeiro: Ha Muheres

Putumayo Records
a fantastic new collection looking back on Putumayo's ten year history

October 2003

Various Artists
Festival in the Desert
Tinariwen: Aldachan Manin (Mali)
Tinde: Wana (Mali)
Django (Mali)

World Village Music
Music from one of the remote spots on the planet,. Visualize trekking hundreds of kilometers out into the Sahara desert away from Timbuktu Mali, the last outpost of civilization. This is the land of the Toureg Nomad tribes. It is a vast wilderness where camels are still the preferred mode of transportation. This recording is from the third annual Festival in the Desert, held January 2003.

September 2003

La Mosca Tse-Tse
Tango Latino
Muchachos, esta noche me emborracho
Los amores se van
New Media- Atreio

artist website: LaMosca.com.ar
new music from Argentina, a lively mix of pop & jazz at the crossroads with tango & reggae featuring the smoky vocals of Guillermo Pelado Novellis

August 2003

Arnaldo Antunes, Carlinhos Brown and Marisa Monte
Velha Infancia
Artist websites:
Arnaldo Antunes
Carlinhos Brown
Marisa Monte
new music from Brazil music, by a collaboration of three solo artists - **** my highest World Music Rating

July 2003

Various Artists - Putumayo
Salsa Around the World
Salsa Celtica, El Sol de la Noche (Scotland)
Apurimac: Forest Flower (Greece)
Mousta Largo Ana Maria (Morocco)

Putumayo World Music
an incredible collection of Salsa sounds from around the world, including Scotland, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Senegal, India, Japan, Cameroon, Finland and Haiti

June 2003

Various Artists - Putumayo
Dreamland, World Lullabies Soothing Songs
Angelique Kidjo with Carlos Santana, Naima (Benin)
Erick Manana - Ny Fitiavako Ani Mama (Madagascar)

Putumayo World Music
a collection of gentle and calming songs, from around the world

May 2003

Beams (title track)
In the Rain

My world beat pick of the month is Japanese musician Agatsuma, for his cd Beams. Agatsuma is chief exponent of the banjo-like instrument known as the Tsugaru-Shamisen.

April 2003

Boubacar Traore
Je Chanterai Pour Toi (I'll sing for you)
Improvisation I
Je Chanterai Pour Toi

Marabi Productions
The original soundtrack of the Jacques Sarasin's film, "je chanterai pour toi" a journey through Mali in the company of Boubacar Traore.
Je Chanterai Pour Toi.com
An indescribable, mother-of-the-blues ambience leaves me eager to see the film.
****Highest World Beat Rating !

March 2003

Los Ninos de Sara
El Nino Del Viento
Una Muchacha

Intencity Records
Four flamenco gypsy guitarists, who were former members of Albina, step-out on the world stage in a new gipsy-soul incarnation. Gipsyole blends the sensual rhythms of romantic gypsy vocals, flaming flamenco guitar, throbbing salsa beats, and cuban horns into a intoxicating brew.

February 2003

Various Artists
Desert Blues 2
Boubacar Traore – Mouso Teke Soma Ye
Aziza Brahiim & Traba Bibo – Dios Mio!

Network Records
The finest African ballads from Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Mali, Guinea, Sudan, Ethiopia and the Western Sahara.

January 2003

Valery Siver & Kiryll Trepakov
Electro Shock
World Beat Pick of the Month

December 2002

Bukkene Bruse
The Lovliest Rose
A Child is Born in Bethlehem
Lullaby for Julie

Northside Records

November 2002

Various Artists - Triloka
Trance Planet volume six

Agricantus - Hawa
Max Lasser - Kumnand'i

I enjoyed listening to this cd many times during the past month. Its a cool mix of unusual trance tunes that all seem to come together as a whole.

October 2002

Rebbe Soul
Change the World with a Sound
Rock of Ages
Reincarnation of a Melody

33rd Street Record

September 2002

La Musica Della Mafia
Il Canto Di Malavita
'Ndrangheta camurra e mafia
I Cunfirenti
This is the first recording ever to offer insight into the music of the mafia. Music that has always been performed only within the society. The only person to perform this music publicly was shot dead for falling in love with a girlfriend of one of the malaviti. You may have hear the review of this album by Silvia Pourjoli NPR "All Things Considered."


August 2002

Mana Kaleilani Caceres
Who I Am
O Wau 'O Mana
mAinland mEntality
"O Kaleilani
From Da Heart Productions
Kanaka Boogie Productions

July 2002

Putumayo Presents
Congo to Cuba
Tshala Muana - Lekela Muadi - Congo
Balla Tounkara - Le Monde Est Fou - Mali
Mama Keita - Tougnafo - Guinea

Putumayo World Music
This Afro-Cuban music will keep your rhythm groovin' all month long!

June 2002

Danny Heines
What Worlds They Bring
Two Body Play
Finding Senotrova
I Thought it was Raining (featuring vocals by Irena Mikhailova)

Vada Disc
artist sites: www.dannyheines.com
a couple of songs featuring throat singing by Danny Heines, his flute-like overtones are quite an amzing accomplishment for a Westerner.

May 2002

Various Artists
The Future Sound of Gaeldom "essential selections of contemporary Celtic music"
Capercaillie - In Exile (re-mix) - from the album "Dusk Till Dawn" Capercaillie
Michael McGoldrick - James Brown's March / Noon Lassies - from the album "Fused" Vertical Records
Shooglenifty - Schuman's Leap - from the album "Solar Shears" Vertical Records
Karen Matheson - Calbharaigh - from the album "The Dreaming Sea"

Survival Records

April 2002

So Kalmery

Tinder Records
New music from Congo sung in a variety of languages including Kiswahili, English, French, Swahili and Medinaterre, an ancient language dating back over 10,000 years. Kalmery's vibrantly emotive, appealing voice resounds with life. His preferred instrument is the acoustic guitar and his playing has been compared to Taj Mahal's blues-folk music.
**** Highest World Music ratings

March 2002

Missa Johnouchi
Road to OASIS
The Last Caravan

Pacific Moon

February 2002

La Corrida

Paras Recordings

January 2002

Keola Beamer
Wai Ulu
Ka Makani 'Ula 'ula

Dancing Cat Records
Keola Beamer has helped to breathe new life into one of the world's great acoustic guitar traditions, the Hawaiian slack key guitar (ki hö'alu). The roots of slack key guitar can be traced to the1830's when the guitar was first brought to the Islands by Spanish and Mexican cowboys. Soliloquy is Keola Beamers fifth Dancing Cat release and contains nine original compositions. (release date Jan. 8, 2002)

December 2001

The Hudson Chamber Ensemble
Joan of Arc - Musica Mystica
Veri Floris - Anonymous
In Evangelium - Hildegard von Bingen
Pavane - Anonymous

Chacra Alternative Music
Music from Saint-Laurent Quebec, Canada
For Catalog: (US/CAN 1-877-335-0245) email: info@chacramusic.com
**** My highest recommendations: a beautifull production with inspired liner notes on the history of St Joan of Arc.

November 2001

Canyon Records Artists
Enter Tribal
R. Carlos Nakai & Cliff Sarde - Enter Tribal
R. Carlos Nakai, Robert Tree Cody & Delphinne Tsinajinne - Changing Vision
William Horncloud, Frank Afraid of Horses, Ben Sitting Up & Cliff Sarde - Lakota Love Song

Canyon Records
William Horncloud was born in 1905 the namesake of his grandfather who had been killed in the Wounded Knee massacre. He learned to sing as a boy from the Lakota elders of his community. He was noted for his strong voice and the clarity of his words his singing reflects the strength of the Lakota people. William Horncloud recorded the lead vocals for Lakota Love Song in 1954. This recording revives a timeless love song for today's

October 2001

Puentes Brothers
Morumba Cubana

Desatino (Des-a-tea-no)
La Rumba Primero (La-Room-baa-Pre-mare-o)

Alma Records
Two Cuban Brothers now living and working in Canada
Puentes Brothers Website

September 2001

Ismaila Oussou Njie Señor (ex Super Eagles)
Best of Faateleku - Music from The Gambia
Noou-Yoou Oussou Njie (Salaam Alekum)
Sum Rew - Gambia

aNOnym reCOrds
One of the founding members of the Super Eagles, famed in the Senegambian region as one of the first popular afrobeat bands.
Yellowgate Studios

August 2001

Cheb Mami
Ma Vie 2 Foi

Mondo Melodia
Cheb Mami has spent years expanding the boundaries of Algerian Räi and making it into a true international music.
"Cheb Mami is one of the greatest voices in world music today - Sting"

July 2001

I Muvrini
I Muvrini
Noi - "Us"
Terre D'Oru - "Fields of Gold"
Rispondimi Ie - "Say Yes"

Higher Octave World

June 2001

Global Spirit
Call of the Tribes
Kubula Ma

Etherean Music
A worldbeat fusion of ancient and contemporary sounds from India, Austrailia, Africa, Native American and the Mid East. This music reminds us that globalization entails vast cultural and musical implications as well as an economic impact

May 2001

Nyckelharpa Orchestra
RidMarsch - "Riding March"
Byggnan - "The Building"

The Nyckelharpa Orchestra presents the music of legendary nychelharpa master Byss-Calle.
The Nyckelharpa dates back to the 1300's and is also known as the keyed fiddle.

April 2001

Éwa !
Tinder Records
Lively and music from six Algerian brothers born and raised in Paris

March 2001

Shao Rong
Wild Rose
Bamboo Dance
Pacific Moon

Shoa Rong plays the Chinese Lute known as the Pipa, an instrument dating back to the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC.

February 2001

Eros Ramazzoti
Dove c'è Musica
Più Bella Cosa
Io Amerò
Yo Sin Tì

Dove c'è Musica is a 1996 release recorded in Bologna Italy. I'm discovering Italian Pop for the first time, and have thoroughly enjoyed this album. On Feb. 2, 2001 I found that Eros Ramazzotti's latest release, "Stile Libero" holds the number 9 place in the Digital Top 10 Albums I look forward to bringing you Eros Ramazzotti's latest release Stile Libero next month in the Borders Books section of the World Beat

January 2001

Face á Face
Devil Blues
Dans ter Yeux

Tinder Records
Gravel-voiced French singer Saga

December 2000

Air Pour Faire Plurere Mariée Gavottes
Gwriziad Diffenet
Gouel Hollvedel

Green Linnet Records
Celtic Music from France by Brittany's best-loved ensemble
Most enjoyable, my highest World Beat recommendation!!!

November 2000

Viva La Música
La Bodega
Me Siente Triste
Me Va Me Va

Hollywood Records
Recorded in Paris. Excellent Gipsy music, in the tradition of the Gipsy Kings
Most enjoyable, my highest World Beat recommendation!!!

Gipsyland Fan

October 2000

Rita Ribeiro
Rita Ribeiro
Perolas Aos Povos
Ha Mulheres

Putumayo Artists
Rita Ribiero is an up-and-coming recording artist from the Northeastern Brazilian state of Maranhäo who performs in a number of styles including reggae, samba, funk and the styles of her native region.

September 2000

Chico César
Chico César
Papo Cabeça
Paraiba Meu Amor
Pedra de Responsa
Putumayo Artists
Chico Cesar creates brilliant contemporay music based on the contagious melodies and rhythms of Brazil

August 2000

Carlos Vives
El Amor de mi Tierra
El Amor de mi Tierra (title track)
Fruta Fresca
Tu Amor Eterno

EMI Latin Rykodisc
A pop star from Columbia *** lively and engaging music... one to listen to over and over again...

July 2000

Petrol is Poison

Gadfly Records
Australian music

June 2000

Les Go
Dan Gna
Dan Gna
Juna Music
Les Go are a young, internationally-acclaimed female dance and vocal trio from the Ivory Coast who sing in Manding, French and English.

May 2000


Tinder Records
Laddé is the debut album of Touré-Touré , lead by the cousins, Omar & Daby Touré. The combination of their Afro-pop savvy with rhythms from their home in the Casamance region of Senegal make this a shimmering afropop gem.

April 2000

Sally Nyolo
Djini Djome A former member of Zap Mama, Sally Nyolo sings in unique style rooted in the Cameroon yet reflecting the cosmopolitan tempo of her Parisian lifestyle.
( Cameroon-Paris )

March 2000

Taj Majal & Toumani Diabate
Queen Bee
Kulanjan explores the common ground between the blues and the great musical traditions of Western Mali. Kulanjan brings these two great traditions full-circle in the fusion music two well-known proponents on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Taj Majal and Malian Kora master Toumani Diabate.
Taj Majal's Website

February 2000

Annbjørg Lien
Baba Yaga

Norwegian Hardanger fiddle virtuoso weaves a modern tapestry from ancient sounds and Nordic myth in an expansive sound architecture. Annbjørg Lien says that "Behind every traditional hardanger fiddle tune there is always a story, always a fairy tale, and you actually tell the stories when you play the fiddle."
Annbjørg Lien's Website

January 2000

Kepa Junkera
Bilbao 00:00h
Del Hierro a Madagascar
Fasio & Lurra-terra
Santimamineko Fandangoa

Alula Records
Basque accordianist Kepa Junkera collaborates with an all-star cast of international musicians to create a contemporary vision of Basque music. This is the first Basque music that I've ever heard and indeed I expect that the title "Bilbao 00:00h" reflects the zero hour, the coming-out, as it were, of Basque music into the world music community. Kepa Junkera and Bilbao are a propitious combination.

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