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Program Details: Course and Credit Requirements

Spanish for the Professions, M.S.

Fully online, no travel or residency required.

This is a fully online Master’s of Science (M.S.) program that develops professionals for working with Spanish in the workplace. There is a focus on developing high competency in oral communication and writing as well as a multicultural literacy for working with the many countries where Spanish is spoken. The degree requires courses totaling 34 credits. Please review the skills and requirements for completing an online program at Minnesota State Mankato.

Portfolio Capstone Plan - 34 credit program 

Choose any 500/600 level Spanish courses in consultation with an advisor to fulfill competency requirements:

Competency Area 1: Writing (10 credits)

Selection must include SPAN 635.  Choose from:

  • SPAN 631 Writing workshop for the professions(3 cr.)
  • SPAN 632 Translation workshop 1 (3 cr.)
  • SPAN 633 Translation workshop 2 (3 cr.)
  • SPAN 634 Editing and Document preparation (3 cr.)
  • SPAN 635 Writing project: Technical, Creative or Translation (1 cr.)
Competency Area 2: Multicultural Literacy (9 credits)

Choose from:

  • SPAN 600 TOPICS courses may be selected when offered online.
  • SPAN 601 TOPICS courses may be selected when offered online.
  • SPAN 603 TOPICS courses may be selected when offered online.
  • SPAN 604 TOPICS courses may be selected when offered online.
  • SPAN 605 TOPICS courses may be selected when offered online.
  • SPAN 641 Cultural Readings and Analysis (3 cr.)
  • SPAN 642 Pragmatics (3 cr.)
  • SPAN 643 Cultural practices of Spain and the Americas (3 cr.)
Competency Area 3: Oral Proficiency - 9 credits

Choose from:

  • SPAN 651 Oral communication for the professions. (3 cr.)
  • SPAN 652 Oral reasoning workshop (3 cr.)
  • SPAN 653 Interpretation workshop (3 cr.)
  • SPAN 654 Oral presentation skills with Digital Technology (3 cr.)
Electives (0-6 credits)
  • Choose any 500/600 level elective courses selected in consultation with an advisor up to 34 credits.
Required Portfolio credits - 3 Credits
  • SPAN 600 Research and Bibliography (2 cr.)
  • SPAN 690 Portfolio (1 cr.)

Course Offerings

The number of Spanish graduate courses offered in the summer, fall and spring semesters vary. 

We will offer at least 2 online courses (4 - 6 credits) both Fall and Spring semesters that meet requirements for the Spanish for the Professions M.S. program.

For on-campus graduate students, we have a variety of courses, some of which are traditional classroom courses and others that are hybrid (blended) or online courses depending upon semesters or course selected. The topics and type of course delivery depends on the course materials and instructor. 

For course descriptions, see the current Graduate Program Bulletin.

To see the current semester’s course offerings visit the Minnesota State Mankato class schedule.