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Why the MS instead of the MA in Spanish?

The MA in Spanish is a degree that focuses on literature from Spain and Spanish-speaking America and often is seen as a stepping stone to the doctoral degree and teaching. The MS program is unique in that, while we do focus on multicultural literacy and read and write about the multicultural contexts associated with places in the world where Spanish is spoken, our focus is on preparing students to work in the 21st century setting where employees may be asked to develop multilingual websites, prepare documents or advertising for Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Spain (very different linguistic and cultural environments). MS Spanish students at our university have been successful in pursuing and completing doctoral degrees but that is not the specific purpose of the MS Spanish for the Professions.

Will this degree allow me to teach Spanish?

This degree does not lead to a K-12 licensure. Community Colleges, on the other hand, may be interested in hiring MS Community College Track or MS Spanish for the Professions since many Community Colleges hire masters degree graduates with a minimum of 16-18 credits of Spanish at the graduate level to teach at their institutions. If MS Spanish for the Professions students are interested in teaching, they should take WLC 560 Teaching Methods as part of their program electives. No one should go into a classroom unprepared!

Do I have to have a BA or BS in Spanish to apply?

Students do not have to have a BA or BS in Spanish for admission but they must demonstrate completion of an undergraduate major with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, oral and writing proficiency of at least Advanced Low (ACTFL proficiency scale or equivalent) and sufficient writing competence to handle the program (as demonstrated by a writing sample).

Who can apply?

Non-native speakers, heritage speakers and native speakers of Spanish are all encouraged to apply as long as they have completed an undergraduate program and have the required language and writing proficiency in Spanish and English. International Students and non-native English speakers will also demonstrate their proficiency in English. Please consult the Graduate Studies web page for information about applying as an international student, about transferring graduate credit, student financial resources, etc. Students who have special circumstances and do not meet all of the admission requirements may still be considered by the program faculty.

What do I need to submit to apply?

See the Graduate Studies web page where the general requirements for the application are listed (i.e. official transcript from your undergraduate institution(s), test scores (TOEFL), application fee, etc.) These materials are sent directly to the graduate school with your application. If you are an international student, you will need to work with the Kearney International Center to meet their application requirements. The Spanish Program also has specific application requirements (i.e. documentation of oral and written proficiency and letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, etc). View the Spanish program bulletin for more information.

Can I pay resident tuition even if I am not a resident of Minnesota?

Graduate students at our institution pay resident tuition rates even if they are non-residents or international students!

Are there any graduate assistantships or graduate teaching assistantships available?

The department has a small number of graduate teaching assistantships for on-campus students who teach elementary (and infrequently intermediate) Spanish. Graduate teaching assistants receive a salary and a tuition stipend as well as automatic residency for tuition purposes. For more information, contact the College of Graduate Studies and Research or Theresa Dickey, Administrative Assistant, Department of World Languages and Cultures.

What are the deadlines for applying to the program?

This is a new program and we expect the competition to be strong but the program is still quite flexible about application deadlines. However, the guidelines for general graduate admission are established by the College of Graduate Studies and, for international students, by the Kearney International Center. Check with the Admissions Director, Jennifer Chelstrom, in the College of Graduate Studies for additional information.