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LGBT Book and Video Library

The LGBT Center resource library has over 500 volumes available which provide resources to the campus community on issues such as "coming out," LGBT history, education, family, healthy sexuality and more. In addition, the library also has a diverse selection of fiction. Our video library holds nearly 100 vidoes that address LGBT issues, and also includes many popular films.

To browse our collection of books, visit the catalog at:

To browse our collection of DVDs, download the LGBT Center's DVD catalogue here.

Here we have a myriad of resources and documents that can help further your knowledge on LGBT topics. Feel free to read online or print out a hardcopy to share with others. Many of the resources have been adapted from other organizations and authors.

OutFront, MN, HRC, GLSEN, and PFLAG are fantastic organizations and have many more resources available on their sites. Visit them regularly to keep informed and up to date on everything LGBT.


[DOC] How to be an ally (24 KiB)

[DOC] Cass model (29 KiB)

[DOC] Creating a safe environment (26 KiB)

[DOC] Harassment sexual orientations (25 KiB)

[DOC] How Homophobia hurts us all (25 KiB)

[DOC] LGBT definitions (50 KiB)

[DOC] LGBT students (29 KiB)

[DOC] LGBT Presentations (39 KiB)

[DOC] Easy does it (25 KiB)

[DOC] Personal Assessment Homophobia (44 KiB)

[DOC] Recommended Video List (47 KiB)

[DOC] SafeZone selected bibliography (50 KiB)

[DOC] The riddle scale (30 KiB)

[DOC] What is an ally (30 KiB)

[DOC] Guided imagery exercise (32 KiB)

[DOC] Gender Neutral Bathroom Map (358 KiB)

Gender Indentity and Expression

How to be an ally to queer people of color

Article on coping with a stressful holiday season

Collection of resources for dealing with holiday stress

Article on holiday depression

Another useful article on depression

Article for couples discussing spending time with families

Article for those with HIV/AIDS on coping with the holidays

Suggested Book and Movie List

[PDF] Representing the LGBT Community in the Media (447 KiB)