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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Transgender 101 Pledge

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Transgender 101 Pledge

  • I am committed to fighting discrimination of transgender individuals on my campus and in my community.
  • I believe that our campus is enriched by the presence and diversity of transgender people.
  • I will be non-judgmental when discussing issues impacting transgender individuals’ lives.
  • I will maintain a high level of professional confidentiality.
  • I will continue to educate myself on transgender concerns.
  • I will allow students to make their own decisions about their lives by offering resources and support.
  • I grant permission to the LGBT Center to post my name on the Transgender 101 web listing.
  • I am not afraid to be a visible supporter of transgender people and concerns.
  • I believe all students have the right to grow, learn and develop in a healthy and supportive environment, free of prejudice and discrimination.

 List of Transgender 101 Certified Allies

Bebernes, Nancy Fall, 2011
Carswell, Gina Fall, 2011
Christ, Zan Fall, 2011
Cronn-Mills, Kirstin Fall, 2011
Dean, Cina Fall, 2011
De La Guardia, Irma Fall, 2011
Diekmann, Kerry Fall, 2011
Goonetilleke, Dharshini Fall, 2011
Ebner, Kelly Ann Spring, 2012
Fredericksen, Brook Fall, 2011
Herickhoff, Penny Fall, 2011
Inoue, Tomomi Fall, 2011
Keleher, Julia Fall, 2011
Kleen, Ryan Fall, 2011
Korn, Haleigh Spring, 2012
Lynch, Serena Fall, 2011
MacKenzie, Fiona Spring, 2012
Mandell, Kristina Fall, 2011
Marti, Lori Fall, 2011
Much, Kari Spring, 2012
Orr, Nathan Fall, 2011
Peabody, Lydia Fall, 2011
Phan, Hanh-Huy Fall, 2011
Rae, Megan Fall, 2011
Rice, Ani Fall, 2011
Rosenberg, Nathan Fall, 2011
Schremser, Brian Spring, 2012
Shannon, Becca Fall, 2011
Underwood, Kristen Spring, 2012
Van Rossum, Kaylynn Spring, 2012
Van Rossum, Kendra Spring, 2012
Van Winkle, Melissa Spring, 2012
Wingo, Robin Fall, 2011
Yang, Song Fall, 2011
Zammitt, Kimberly Fall, 2011