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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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2017-2018 Technology Roundtable - (updated 08/22/2017)

Name Unit Email Phone
Faculty Representatives
Diane Coursol
College of Education
IFO-Spring '18
diane.coursol AT 389-5656
Casey Duevel Library & Unaffiliated
IFO-Spring '19
casey.duevel AT 389-5150
George Grubb Arts &Humanities
IFO-Spring '18
george.grubb AT 389-5543
Colleen Royle Allied Health and Nursing
IFO-Spring '18
colleen.royle AT 389-2506
Guarionex Salivia Science, Engineering & Technology
IFO-Spring '20
guarionex.salivia AT 389-5311
Lee Tesdell
IFO-At Large
IFO-Spring '19
lee.tesdell AT 389-5219
Emily Stark
(Faculty Co-Chair)
Social & Behavioral Sciences
IFO-Spring '20
emily.stark AT 389-5822
Roger Severns College of Business
IFO-Spring '19
roger.severns AT 389-5090
Technology Directors/Liaisons
Lindsey Beyer
University Advancement - Web Marketing lindsey.beyer AT 389-5437
Paul Cusick
Tech Director
College of Allied Health and Nursing paul.cusick AT 389-1504
Sam Erickson
Tech Director
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences samuel.erickson AT 389-5994
Bryan Hoffman
Tech Director
College of Business bryan.hoffman AT 389-1120
Cathy Hughes
Tech Director
Student Affairs & Enrollment Mgmt. AT 389-1011
Tech Director
College of Education    
Tom Tran
(Faculty) Liaison
Library Services - Systems Unit tom.tran AT 389-5058
Gary Urban
Finance & Administration gary.urban AT 389-5773
Julie Dornack AFSCME - Spring '19 julie.dornack AT 389-5953
JC Grooms MAPE - Spring '20 john.grooms AT 389-1502
Vacant MSUAASF - Spring '20 AT 389-xxxx
MSSA student MSSA AT 389-2611
MSSA student MSSA AT 389-2611
ITS (Ex Officio)
Mark Johnson
V.P. & CIO
V.P. & CIO
IT Solutions
mark.johnson AT 389-6651
Matt Clay
Assistant CIO
Consulting Services
matthew.clay AT 389-2526
Michael Menne
Information Security Manager
Information Security
michael.menne AT 389-5705
Bryan Schneider
Assistant CIO
Technical Services
bryan.schneider AT 389-5993
Mitch Wallerstedt
Assistant CIO
Customer Services
mitchell.wallerstedt AT 389-5771
Thomas Norman
Dean of Extended Education
Administration thomas.norman-1 AT 389-1443
Kris Retherford
Dean of AH&N
Administration kristine.retherford AT 389-6315
Joan Roca
(Admin. Co-Chair)
Administration roca AT 389-5953