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What is the Minnesota State Mankato MavCARD?

It is the official photo identification card for Minnesota State Mankato students, faculty, and staff. The MavCARD also serves as your library card, a stored value card for MavCASH accounts along with meal plan and Dining Dollars, as well as for building access. It may also be used as an ATM/PIN- debit card when linked to a Wells Fargo checking account.

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When will I get my MavCARD? - Students

Freshman and transfer students, you will receive your first MavCARD during orientation (by filling out a MavCARD Application) or when you arrive on campus in the fall. Please bring picture identification (e.g. driver's license, passport) with you. Your picture will be taken. No hats or caps are allowed.

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When will I get my MavCARD? - Faculty / Staff

New Minnesota State Mankato faculty and staff, you can come to the MavCARD office after your department has processed your paperwork with Human Resources. IT Services will also update your information in the MavCARD system. Please bring a picture identification (i.e., driver's license, passport) with you. Your picture will be taken. No hats or caps are allowed.

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Does the MavCARD cost anything?

Your first MavCARD does not cost anything. If your MavCARD is lost, stolen, or damaged the replacement cost is $15. The replacement cost is payable at the MavCARD Office.

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Do I need a MavCARD to register for classes?

No. For instructions on registering for classes, refer to the Registration Overview.

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I'm a PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Option) student - How do I get my Student ID?

After you have attended a PSEO orientation session and registered for classes, you will be instructed to stop by the MavCARD Office to get a MavCARD. A PSEO MavCARD will have your photo, name, Tech ID barcode printed on back, and MavCASH functionality. If you continue your studies at Minnesota State Mankato after PSEO status, you can get a MavCARD with optional ATM/PIN- debit card access.

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What is MavCASH?

MavCASH is an online on-campus vending account for use with snack and soda/pop machines, photocopy machines, the Paylot, MavPRINT, and to pay for purchases at Copy Shoppes, Barnes & Noble Bookstore (on-campus), and University Dining Service locations on the Minnesota State Mankato campus.

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What's the difference between Dining Dollars and MavCASH?

Meal Plans and Dining Dollars are associated with and maintained by University Dining Services.

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Does the MavCARD have a financial institution choice?

Minnesota State Mankato has teamed up with Wells Fargo to offer cardholders the option to link their MavCARD to a Wells Fargo checking account for ATM/PIN- debit access.

Students without a Wells Fargo® checking account will have the option to open a Wells Fargo College Checking® account*. Please speak to a Wells Fargo Banker for more details.

 *Eligibility is subject to approval. Student must provide proof of enrollment at an accredited institution when the account is opened. The Wells Fargo College Checking account is part of the College Combo® package.

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I have a MavCARD with no financial institution linked to it. How do I link my card?

Please speak to a Wells Fargo Banker to link your card to a new or existing Wells Fargo checking account.

or Visit

How does my MavCARD work as an ATM card?

When your MavCARD is linked to your Wells Fargo checking account, you can use it to make purchases anywhere PIN-debit cards are accepted and to get free access to cash at Wells Fargo ATMs nationwide. All ATM and PIN-debit transactions using your MavCARD are deducted from your primary linked Wells Fargo checking account.

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What do I need to bring to open a checking account at Wells Fargo?

You will need two valid forms of identification:

  1. Government issued identification card from the federal, state, tribal, local, or foreign government. Examples include: Driver’s license, state-issued ID card, passport, and military ID.
  2. Second identification from a recognized business, educational institution, or government agency. Examples include: Student ID card, Social Security card, Resident Alien card, and Matricula Consular card.

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Is there a monthly service fee associated with the Wells Fargo College Checking® account?

Minneosta State Mankato students who open a Wells Fargo College Checking account will have their monthly service fee waived by linking their account to their MavCARD.  Please speak to a Wells Fargo banker for more details.

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What if I already have an existing Wells Fargo checking account? 

You can LINK your new Minnesota State Mankato MavCARD to your existing Wells Fargo checking account by visiting any Wells Fargo banking location in Mankato.

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Can I have my financial aid balances and student payroll directly deposited into my checking account?

Direct Deposit Information.

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Is the linked Minnesota State Mankato MavCARD also a credit card?

No. It is not a credit card. When you use your linked MavCARD to get cash or make purchases, funds are automatically deducted from your primary linked checking account.

What should I do if my MavCARD is lost or stolen?

Notify the MavCARD Office immediately. You must notify BOTH Minnesota State Mankato and Wells Fargo if your MavCARD is linked to a Wells Fargo checking account. MavCARD holders without the banking option need to only notify Minnesota State Mankato.

  1. Minnesota State Mankato Instructions: Log-in to your MavCASH Account and place a hold on your funds.
  2. Wells Fargo Instructions: Visit your nearest Wells Fargo banking location or contact Wells Fargo Phone BankSM at 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557) 24/7. 

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What happens if my MavCARD is captured by an ATM machine?

Linked MavCARDs may be captured or detained in ATMs due to machine malfunction or user error (PIN typed in too many times). MavCARDs captured in ATMs are destroyed as per banking regulations and will be treated as a lost card.

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I've graduated. May I still use my MavCARD?

Yes, but not all the features on the card are available to you. If you would like to continue to use the Memorial Library to check out books and materials, you may have your status changed to alumni at the Memorial Library. More information is available at the Minnesota State Mankato Memorial Library policy and procedures intranet site.

Note: Since you are no longer paying student fees, the MavCARD barcode will not grant you admittance to athletic events or student activity events.

If your MavCARD is linked to a Wells Fargo checking account, your MavCARD will still have ATM/PIN -debit access until your card expires or until Minnesota State Mankato notifies Wells Fargo of your graduation.

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