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Advising Appointments

In order to document notes for most advising appointments, there must be an advising appointment in MavConnect.


Adding appointments 

Appointment types

Syncing Outlook Calendar with MavConnect

Student online scheduling

Messages triggered by calendar events


Adding appointments


An appointment needs to be created to use its associated Reasons and SpeedNotes. 


Students may use MavConnect to schedule their own appointments with you during times you have designated as available. Calendar owners and their designated calendar managers can add appointments to the MavConnect calendars without creating online availability to students. 


 Adding a single appointment to the calendar 


- Go to the Appointments page


- Click the Appointment button


This opens the Add Appointment form



- Type the student's name, Tech ID or Star ID into the Student drop down list box


- Select the desired student from the matches presented by MavConnect


- Specify when the meeting will take place (date, start time, and end time)


- Select a reason for the meeting

- NOTE: The available reasons are based on the student's relationship to you and the appointment types through your role(s)


- If relevant to the meeting, select a course from the list presented


- Always leave the shared radio button selected


- If desired, type a detailed description for the meeting that will be visible to the student and anyone else viewing the appointment


- Click submit to schedule the meeting


Appointment Types

MavConnect appointments are grouped into types and each Appointment Type can be added or viewed by users in a particular Role. 


One appointment type is available to academic advisors

- Advising: Scheduled appointments, group advising sessions, or blocks of walk-in advising time available to students who are in an Assigned Advisor relationship with the advisor. This appointment type comes from the primary advisor role. 


Appointment types are associated with Reasons and SpeedNotes

- Appointment Reasons are selected at the time the appointment is created and are viewable in the student's history of contact

- SpeedNotes are preconfigured items that can be checked off to quickly capture commonly recurring meeting outcomes


 Student Online Scheduling


If you would like students to be able to schedule their own advising appointments, you need to create online availability or sync your Outlook calendar with MavConnect. Your availability will be visible to all MavConnect users, but will only be selectable by students in the appropriate relationship for the appointment type you made available. 


- Sync Outlook calendar to MavConnect calendar 

Create a block of available appointments

- Student view of appointment availability


 Sync Outlook calendar to MavConnect calendar


 Create a block of available appointments

- Go to the Appointments page

- Click the Office Hours button

NOTE: "Office Hours" is a generic MavConnect term for any block of time you make available to students. You should give the block of time a more descriptive name (e.g. Advising appointments; drop-in advising)


This opens the Add Office Hours form


- Enter a title (name) for this block of time

NOTE: Students will see this title when viewing your calendar. The weekly view display stops with the first space and will only display up to 15 characters.


- Select what days you would like to make appointments available to students


- Indicate any recurrence (e.g. repeats every 1 week)


- Use the what time fields to enter the start time and end time of the appointment block


- Select the where meetings will be held using the check box(es) next to your location(s)

NOTE: If you choose more than one location, the student will be able to choose their preferred location for the meeting (e.g. office or phone). You can add more locations by going to your profile


- Select the Office Hour Type for meetings that will take place during this block

- Select Scheduled Appointment only if you will not take any walk-ins between appointments

- Select Walk-ins only to show the time is available, but disallow anyone from making advance appointments


- Select how long meetings can be by selecting a minimum and maximum duration

NOTE: If the minimum and maximum duration are identical, the student will not be given a choice about duration. If they are different, the student will be able to select their appointment length. 


- If your role has permissions for more than one Appointment Type, check the appointment type(s) that apply to this block of time

- Select Advising if you want to only allow your advisees to make online appointments during this time

- Select Instructor/Course Meeting if you want any student in one of your classes to make online appointments during this time


- Use the instruction box to enter instructions to students who are attempting to schedule with you during this block of time

NOTE: Use this area to indicate which students are able to select this appointment (e.g. for my assigned advisees only). Simple html formatting can be used here (e.g. <b> For my assigned advisees only</b> will format this text in bold)


- Click the start/end date tab to set a time frame for repeating office hour blocks


- Click submit


Once submitted, the calendar owner's weekly view shows blocks of time available


The calendar owner or calendar manager can add a student appointment to a block by clicking the Add icon on the calendar. This opens the Add Appointment form with the date and time pre-filled.


Student view of appointment availability

Students can find appointment calendars for advisors through their Student Success Network, or by navigating to an advisor associated with a Service. Instructions for student users are in the Student section of this site. 


Students will ONLY see calendar details for their own appointment. Students see "Sign Up", "Time has already passed", and "Time slot taken" for all other calendar items.