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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Getting Started

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Setting up your MavConnect Profile

Your profile is visible to all students connected to you through your MavConnect role(s). Setting up your profile will help students contact you appropriately and will help you manage communications from MavConnect.


 Update your Profile and Email Preferences


1.    Go to your Profile by clicking on your name in the top navigation bar



- Click Upload Photo to add a photo

- Verify that your contact information is correct

- NOTE: If any pre-populated information is incorrect, work with your Human Resources representative to update information in ISRS

- Add information to the General Overview and My Biography sections


2.     Click the Appointment Preferences Tab 




- Click Add Location under this tab and add your office address to be used by students


3.     Click the Email Notifications Tab 



- Select how often you wish to be emailed by MavConnect with information about your appointments and student tracking items (if applicable) 


4.     Click Submit


 Publishing your Office Hours


1.    Click Home in the top navigation bar 

2.    Click on the Office Hours button



3.    Select the days you are available for office hours

4.    Enter the start and end time of your office hours

5.    Select the location of your office hours

- If you need to add additional locations or edit an existing, go to your Profile

6.    Next to the Office Hours Type, select Walk-In only, Scheduled Appointment Only, or both 

- If you select Scheduled Appointment, students will be able to select one of the available times online and schedule the meeting with you

7.    Next to the Appointment Types, select the appointment type (e.g., Teaching; Advising for assigned advisees, etc.)

- This selection determines which students can use these meeting times (e.g., students enrolled in your classes; your assigned advisees)


Editing Office Hours


1.    Click Appointments in the top navigation bar

2.    Navigate to the office hours that need to be edited

3.    Hover of the clock icon

4.    Click the Edit button on the popup dialog box

5.    Change as needed

- Note: If these are reoccuring Office Hours, any edits you make will change all instances


Canceling Office Hours


1.    Click Appointments in the top navigation bar

3.    Navigate to the office hours that need to be edited

3.    Hover of the clock icon

4.    Click the Cancel button on the popup dialog box

5.    Select if you'd like to delete the individual instance or the entire series


Blocking off time during Office Hours


1.    Click the Reserve Time button

2.    Add a description (students do not see this description), date and start/end time

3.    Click Submit


Additional Resources:


- Updating your profile video-Produced by Starfish demonstrating how to update your profile

- [PDF] Printable Getting Started guide (246 KiB)

- 5 Minutes to Learn about Faculty Features video - Produced by Starfish and introduces five common things an instructor might do in MavConnect by Starfish

- [PDF] General MavConnect Training Guide (2 MiB)