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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

About the Campaign

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The Minnesota State Student Association (MSSA) presents a fourteen-week long safety campaign for the students of Minnesota State University, Mankato. This campaign is aimed at helping students understand, recognize, and prevent hazards they could encounter on campus, off campus, or later in life. We will break down the barriers and open up the discussion on safety issues students could potentially face on campus and in the community.

The campaign is broken into five different topics. Two to three weeks are devoted to each topic. Our partner organizations will help demonstrate, present, and discuss key issues with the students. This campaign intentionally aligns with the strategic vision of the University.

Break down the barriers

There are certain realities of the college experience that do not necessarily get discussed. Together, through communication and education, we can unite as a student body to tackle the problems and challenges we all face.

Create Solutions

Our intention is to bring problems students face everyday to the forefront of our minds. Through dynamic events, students can learn how to stay safe, prevent danger, and protect themselves and others from harm. Students will be able to directly apply what they learn to their everyday lives.

Achieve a new level of greatness

Just because students may not know how to prevent these problems now, doesn't mean that they do not have to know how to prevent them in the future. Each of these problems may be easily avoided if students are educated on how to protect themselves.