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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

About Our Team of Experts

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The success of the Minnesota Modeling and Simulation Center depends on the participation of faculty and staff advisors from Minnesota State Mankato. Currently, we have two dozen faculty fellows who provide the Center with their expertise on matters as diverse as water resource management, health care simulation, transportation routing, disaster planning, computer and information technologies, mathematical and statistical modeling, mechanical and civil engineering solutions, effectiveness of teaching and learning methodologies, environmental impacts, social factors modeling, and economic and entrepreneurial development.


Cyrus Azarbod
Dr. Cyrus Azarbod
Fuzzy Logic & Data Mining

Daria Dona
Dr. Daria Dona
Educational Design &

Brenda Flannery
Dr. Brenda Flannery
Entrepreneurial Development,

Rakesh Kawatra
Dr. Rakesh Kawatra

Management Information

Rick Moore
Rick Moore

Water and Environmental

Patric Tebbe
Dr. Patrick Tebbe
Environmental Engineering

Ruijun Zhao
Dr. Ruijun Zhao
Scientific Computing and Mathematical Biology

Angela Christian
Dr. Angela Christian

Health Care Simulation

Jeffrey Doom
Dr. Jeffrey Doom
High Fidelity Modeling
of Propulsion Energy Systems

John Frey
Dr. John Frey
Renewable Energy

In-Jae Kim
Dr. In-Jae Kim
Complex Network Analysis,
Matrix & Graph Theory

Gregg Marg
Dr. Gregg Marg

Kevin Parsneau
Dr. Kevin Parsneau
Strategic Thinking and
Decision Making, Social Factors

James Wilde
Dr. W. James Wilde
Transportation Engineering

Ginger Zierdt
Dr. Ginger Zierdt
Educational Design &

Bradley Cook
Dr. Bradley Cook
Wetlands Restoration &

Shannon Fisher
Dr. Shannon Fisher
Water Resources Management

James Wilde
Dr. Bryce Hoppie
Environmental Geology,
Ground- and Surface-Water


Namyong Lee
Dr. Namyong Lee
Industrial Mathematics

Brian Martensen
Dr. Brian Martensen
Mathematical Modeling of
Dynamical Systems

Bruce Poburka
Dr. Bruce Poburka
Motor Speech, Voice Resonance, Clinical Supervision

Vincent Winstead
Dr. Vincent Winstead
Model-Based Predictive
Control, Renewable Energy

Dr. Stephen Bohnenblust
Health Care

Dr. Scott Page
College Of Eduacation 

Dr. Rama Mohapatra
Urban and Economic Modeling

Dr. Leon Tietz
Computer Visualization

Dr. Fei Yuan
Remote Sensing & Modeling of Environment