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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato
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News and Events

  • Recently elected Off-Campus Senators include:  Bill Landis (elected 2/14/18), Melanie Ramsey and Kat Nelson (both elected 1/24/18).
  • AbdulRahmane Abdul-Aziz appointed to Minnesota State System Board of Trustees.
  • AbdulRahmane Abdul-Aziz appointed by Governor to Trustee position - Free Press 10.26.17
  • AbdulRahmane Abdul-Aziz appointed by Governor to Trustee position - Reporter 10.24.17
Swearing In

2017-18 MSSA President Abdul-Aziz takes Oath of Office from Faical Rayani, 2016-17 President

[PDF] Spring General Election Results As of 5/02/17 (143 KiB)

MSU Reporter Headline Story: Abdul-Aziz Wins Presidency - Mavericks Empowering Mavericks Delivers Decisive Victory April 25th

Minnesota State Student Association President Abdul-Aziz and Vice President Kayla Cremers "won by commanding margins" on April 25th. President and Vice President took the Oath of Office April 26th as did most Student Senators.

Constitutional Amendments Survive - All three Constitutional Amendments passed April 25th; now await formal approval by University President Richard Davenport.

MSSA President & Vice President Sworn in Wednesday, April 26, 2017

MSSA President

2017-18 MSSA President AbdulRahmane Abdul-Aziz

VP 2017-18 MSSA
Vice President
Kayla Cremers