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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Constitution Commission

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Constitution Commission

Meetings: At Call of Commission Chair : Vacant (Appointment Pending By Student Government President)


6 Appointed from Student Government 2 From Other Constituencies Total = 8
  • Emma Zellmer (Appointed By Student Government President - 10/03/18)
  • Andrew Trenne (Appointed By Student Government President - 10/03/18)
  • Nenghao Oh (Appointed By Student Government President - 09/12/18) 
  • Trinity Bryant (Appointed By Student Government President - 09/12/18)
  • Vacant (Appointment Pending By Student Government President)
  • Vacant (Appointment Pending By Student Government President)
  • David Cowan (University Presidential Appointee)
  • Ginger Zierdt (University Presidential Appointee)
4 Active

Article V, Section 2

The Constitution Commission shall have ultimate authority for the interpretation of this Constitution and its Bylaws, and the internal articles of operations and procedures of the Student Senate and its committees. Rulings of the Constitution Commission are final and not subject to appeal. The Commission is external to the Senate. The Senate can make recommendations and refer a dispute to the Commission but cannot force its will on the Commission. The Commission shall, when necessary, consider and draft amendments to this Constitution for the consideration by students, consider and draft amendments to the Bylaws for consideration by the Student Senate, hear appeals concerning their interpretation, and render interpretations as requested. The Commission shall be notified of proposed Bylaw amendments prior to any consideration by the Senate.

Any Student Government member may request an interpretation from the Commission. The Commission shall take a separate vote on whether to accept jurisdiction before proceeding to deal with the Constitutional ramifications of a disputed action or request for interpretation. Under no circumstances shall a member of the Commission be asked to provide, nor shall any Commission member volunteer, an interpretation during a Senate meeting, prior to the Commission making a ruling on the issue.

Voting membership of the Commission shall consist of six students appointed by the President and two representatives appointed by the University President. The chairperson shall be elected by the entire membership and from among its student representatives.

Election Day Change Upheld 4.18.17 by Constitution Commission

Constitution Commission Minutes - 3.20.18 - Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Change MSSA Name