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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Elections Commission

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Elections Commission

Meetings: Convened at Call of. Commission Chair Alex Lucier


7 Appointed from MSSA From Other Constituencies Total = 7
  • Raymond Witte - Appointed by MSSA President - 08/29/18
  • Trinity Bryant - Appointed by MSSA President - 09/19/18
  • Kylee Duncan - Appointedt by MSSA President - 09/26/18
  • Trenton Sax - Appointed by MSSA President 11/07/18
  • Natalie Garten - Appointed by MSSA President 11/14/18
  • Alex Lucier - Appointed by MSSA President
  • Vacant - Appointment by MSSA President Pending

Article V, Section 4

The Elections Commission shall have the sole authority to develop and enforce any and all rules and regulations regarding the Spring Election, as well as any special elections. It shall be external to the Senate. The Elections Rules will then be compiled by the Speaker as one of the Senate Operating Policies.

The Elections Commission shall be responsible for developing and enforcing any and all rules and regulations regarding the Spring Elections for the MSSA, as well as any special Elections.

Among the election procedures established by the Elections Commission shall be the following guidelines:

1) Voting shall be done by secret ballot.
2) A filing period of no less than five (5) days shall precede the campaign.
3) A campaign period of no less than two (2) weeks shall precede the election.
4) The Elections Commission shall meet within forty-eight (48) hours following the closing of polls to consider alleged violations and vote to approve the election results.

The voting membership of the Elections Commission shall consist of seven students, none of whom shall be a candidate for any elected position of the Student Association.

The Elections Commission shall remain in place until Spring Commencement to enforce any and all rules and regulations.

Once the Elections Commission decides on the rules, they will be submitted and presented to the Senate at the next regularly scheduled meeting (not to be less than two (2) weeks prior to the campaign period) for informational purposes only.

For additional elections related information visit this website Elections Information