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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Ethics & Standards

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Ethics & Standards Commission

Commission Chair: Vacant

Meetings: At Chair's discretion in the Student Senate Office.


Student Association (5 Appointed) Other Constituencies (0) Total

Melanie Ramsey (Appointed by the Student Government President - 08/29/18)

Kylee Duncan (Appointed by the Student Government President - 09/26/18)

Ayoola Okuribido (Appoint by the Student Government President - 09/12/18)

Ray Witte (Appointment Pending by the Student Government President 02/13/19)

Vacant (Appointment Pending by the Student Government President)




Article V, Section 3

The Commission on Ethics and Standards shall hear all complaints concerning the ethical behavior and/or fitness of an elected or appointed official of the Student Government. The Commission is external to the Senate.

Any Student Government member may submit a complaint to the Commission. The Commission has the right to refuse jurisdiction of any complaint referred to it. If the Commission accepts jurisdiction, then the Student Government official in question shall be notified by the Commission of all allegations made against them as well as their right to present evidence and witnesses. The official in question shall also have the right to question witnesses presented in support of the allegations. The Commission may dismiss the complaint or declare the official in violation, in which the case the Commission must decide an appropriate sanction. The Commission's ruling shall be communicated to the Senate within five business days.

Membership of the Commission shall consist of five student members appointed by the President. Only one member may be a Senator and shall be the non-voting chairperson of the Commission.