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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Environmental Committee

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Environmental Committee

Mandate Reference:

Creation of this university-wide committee was authorized by President Richard Davenport following a September 2011 review by the President's Cabinet after consultation thorugh the Meet & Confer process with the campus collective bargaining units and the Student Association. (Of five Strategic action steps within the University's Strategic Plan 2010-2015, the Environmental Committee is referenced in #Reinvgorate our physical home and build the campus of the future.)

Committee Charge:

Advise the University President and the University Community of an environmental friendly practices and sustainable facilities and practices. Work toward and environmentally progressive campus where a communitty consciousness is promoted dealing with energy use and savings, recycling and reducing items that might otherwise end up in a landfill. (Sustainability refers to societal efforts that meet their own needs.) Implement expectations affecting the Environmental Committee contained in the Strategic Plan 2010-2015 :

Reporting Relationship:

The Environmental Committee reports to the University President through the Vice-President for Finance and Administration (or designee). As a University-wide advisory panel, recommendations adopted by the Environmental Committee, depending on their scope and topical area, may be referred by the Administration to the Meet & Confer consultative process to ensure the broadest feedback and input from the campus community.

Membership includes 10 voting members and 1 non-voting exofficio member (Facilities Management Assistant Vice President or designee). Of the 10 voting members 3 are students appointed by the Minnesota State Student Association President for one year terms (one of which is a sitting Student Senator), one is a representative of the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE) appointed for a two year term by the MAPE President, one is a MSU classified employee appointed for a two year term by the Local 648 President of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), two are faculty members appointed by the Faculty Association President for two year terms, one is a Minnesota State University Asssociation of Administrative & Service Faculty employee appointed for a two year term by the MSUAASF President, one is a Middle Management Association employee appointed for a two year term by the MMA Presdient, and one is a MSU emeriti faculty member appointed for two years by the Environmental Committee.

Membership : 2016-17

Student Association (3 Votes) Other Campus Constituencies ( 7 Votes) Total

Kyle Mercer - Appointed 2/1/17 Must be a Student Senator (Voting)

Monica Warner - Appointed 9/28/16 - Serves as an Alternate (Votes only if Regular Student Member is Absent.)

Wayland Hunter - Appointed 8/24/16 (Voting)

Erik A. Olson, Committee Co-Chair- Appointed 8/24/16 (Voting)

One of the two Co-Chairs must be a student committee member. Both Co-chairs are elected in October for one year terms of office as co-chairs, though their committee membership term may be different.



Louis Schwartzkoph (Voting as Emeriti Faculty Representative)

Craig Rasmussen (AFSCME Local 638, Voting)

Paul Prew (Committee Co-Chair and IFO Faculty Association, Voting)

Monika Antonelli (IFO Faculty Association, Voting)

Robyn Ceurvorst (IFO Faculty Association, Alternate)

Robert Sorensen (IFO Faculty Association, Alternate)

Jason McCue (Middle Mgmt. Association, Voting)

Medea Myhra (MAPE, Voting)

Matthew Carlson (MSUAASF, Voting)

Karen Anderson (MSUAASF, Alternate)

David Cowan (Facilities Management., Non-Voting)

Gary Urban (MAPE, Alternate for Medea Myhra, Non-Voting)

Beth Rorvig (Committee Secretary (Building Services), Non-Voting)

10 Voting Appointed To Date


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