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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Library Advisory Committee

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Library Advisory Commitee

Library Advisory Committee:Chair:  Election of Chair Pending,

Meetings: To Be Announced


Appointed from Student Government - 4 Voting Members From Other Constituencies - 4 Voting Members Total
  • Kayla Erickson (Appointed by the Student Government President - 08/29/18)
  • Vacant (Appointment Pending by the Student Government President)
  • Vacant (Appointment Pending by Student Government President)
  • Vacant (Appointment Pending by Student Government President)
  • Vacant (Library - Administrative Offices)
  • Vacant (Library - Reference Services)
  • Vacant (Technical Services)
  • Vacant (IFO Faculty Association Appointment Pending)


According to the Bylaws: Article IV, Section 10 - Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee exists to advocate for the rights of the academic student in the library. The committee will make proposals to Library administration which improve conditions necessary to provide a diverse environment conducive to academic success.

Committee voting membership shall consist of:
1) Four (4) students, a minimum of two (2) of which serve as Senators to an Academic College, including Graduate Studies or Undeclared Majors. All students will be appointed by the President and confirmed by Senate.
2) One (1) Library faculty member serving the Administrative offices.
3) One (1) Library faculty member serving within Reference Services.
4) One (1) Library faculty member serving within Technical Services.
5) One (1) representative of the IFO appointed by the local President of the IFO Faculty association.

The Chair of the Library Advisory Committee or an appropriate designee will report as scheduled by the Speaker, to the Senate on committee actions and provide the Speaker with any meeting minutes.