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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Meet & Confer Team

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Meet & Confer Team

Meeting: Usually the 1st Thursday of the Month. Convened by Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Vice President


Unlimited - Appointed from MSSA - Varies From Other Constituencies Total = Varies
  • Abdulrahmane Abdul-Aziz (MSSA Pres. Elected 4/26/17)
  • Kayla Cremers (MSSA Vice Pres. Elected 4/26/17)
  • Nolan Brinkman (MSSA Speaker - Elected 8/23/17)
  • Qendresa Isniqi (Academics Affairs Cooridnator - Appointed 8/23/17)
  • Monica Warner (Student Affairs Coordinator - Appointed 8/23/17)
  • MeMe Cronin (Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator - Appointed 8/23/17)
  • (Vacant) Legislative Affairs Coordinator (Appointment Pending)
  • George Usmanov (Diversity Coordinator - Appointed 8/23/17)
  • Jeremy Loger (Campus Coordinator for Students United - Appointed 8/23/17)
  • Richard Davenport (University President)
  • Marilyn Wells (Provost and Senior VP)
  • David Jones ( Student Affairs & Enrollment Management VP)
  • Rick Straka (Finance & Administration VP)
  • Kent Stanley (University Advancement VP)
  • Mark Johnson (IT Solutions VP & Chief Information Officer)
  • Michael Gustafson (Strategic Business, Education and Regional Partnerships VP)
  • Henry Morris (Diversity Coordinator)
  • Juanita Milbrett (Executive Assistrative Assistant to the President)

17 Active as of 5/4/17


According to the Constitution - Article IV Section 1

The [Student Association] President, shall appoint the President's cabinet, a Meet and Confer team, the membership of boards, commissions, and committees, and may establish MSSA staff positions.

According to the Constitution - Article VI. Committees. Section 2

The President shall establish a Meet & Confer Team which shall be accountable to the Senate in its consultation with the University President and any designees. The Meet and Confer team shall consist of members of MSSA and shall meet with the University President and any designees at least once every six weeks or more frequently upon request of the Senate, the President or the University President.