Student Allocations Committee

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Student Allocations Committee

SAC Chair: David Schieler
Administrative Liaison:
Mark Constantine (Ex-officio, Non-voting)
Staff Facilitator and Accountant: Theresa Schwartz (Ex-officio, Nonvoting)



9 Appointed from MSSA From Other Constituencies Total =7
  • Skeeter Rogers (Appointed 09/24/2014)
  • Zach Gunby (Appointed 09/17/2014)
  • Brett Spartz (Appointed 04/23/2014)
  • Jeff Convey (Appointed 04/23/2014)
  • David Schieler (Appointed 04/23/2014) - Senator
  • Elizabeth Jacobson (Appointed 04/23/2014) - Senator
  • Elizabeth Anderson (Appointed 04/23/2014) - Senator
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

According to the Bylaws

The Student Allocations Committee shall possess the authority to develop recommendations to ensure efficient budget handling by programs supported by student activity fees. The Student Allocations Committee shall make recommendations for the approval, modification, or rejection of the annual budget of student activity programs.

Voting membership of the Student Allocations Committee shall consist of nine (9) students. At most, three (3) shall also be members of the Senate.