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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Leadership Training Team

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Leadership Training Team



2 Appointed from Student Government From Other Constituencies Total = 2
  Katelynn Ogunfolami - Student Government Vice President

Nathaniel Presko - Senate Speaker


According to the Bylaws

Leadership Training

It is incumbent upon each elected and appointed member serving in the executive and legislative branches of student government to become fully informed about the University, to serve effectively as an elected or appointed student leader and represent all constituents.

Subsection 1: 

Leadership Planning: To ensure that a comprehensive approach, designed to incorporate the principles cited in Section 1, is incorporated in any seminar or briefing session. A leadership team shall be established comprised of the Student Association Vice-President as convener and the Senate Speaker.

Subsection 2: 

Frequency of Training Sessions: At least one comprehensive full day training seminar shall be held prior to the beginning of classes each Fall Semester. During the academic year, the Speaker shall administer a training session, which is similar in scope and content to the one held before Fall Semester classes convened. Such a mid-year session is designed to educate and provide background information to new senators and executive branch appointees.

Section 3

Participation is mandatory for Senators. Because of the comprehensive nature and content of these training sessions, all new incoming members of both the executive and legislative branches shall attend one of the training sessions.