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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Legislative Affairs Committee

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Legislative Affairs Committee

Legislative Affairs Coordinator/MSUSA Legislative Affairs Specialist: Appointment Pending

Meetings: Convened at the call of the MSSA Legislative Affairs Coordinator


Appointed From MSSA - Varies Other Constituencies - None Voting - Varies

Tien Bui - (Appointed 11/30/2016)

Sydney Lovold - (Appointed 11/30/2016)

John Neitge - (Appointed 11/30/2016)

Alex Johnson - (Appointed 11/30/2016)


According to the Bylaws - Article IV, Section 6

The Legislative Affairs Committee shall be responsible for monitoring legislation at the state and federal levels. Other duties of the committee shall include, but not be limited to, organizing lobby days at the capitols, and organizing letter writing campaigns.

The voting membership of the Legislative Affairs Committee shall consist of the Legislative Affairs Coordinator/Minnesota State College and University (MnSCU) Specialist for MSSA to Students United (a.k.a. Minnesota State Universities Student Association [MSUSA]), Article V, Section 6 of the Constitutional Bylaws, and others as appointed by the MSSA President and confirmed by the Senate.

The Chair of the Legislative Affairs Committee or an appropriate designee will report as scheduled by the Speaker, to the Senate on committee actions and provide the Speaker with any meeting minutes.

According to the Bylaws - Article V, Section 6 - Legislative Affairs Specialist

A Legislative Affairs Specialist shall be recommended to the President by the Campus Coordinator within three weeks of their appointment and confirmed by the President. The Legislative Affairs Specialist will be espected to: 1) serve on the MSSA Legislative Affairs Committee; 2) coordinate Lobby Core efforts with other MSUSA Campus Legislative Affairs Specialists; 3) attend regular MSUSA Campus Committee meetings; 4) attend MSUSA Legislative Affairs functions and meetings; 5) attend Cabinet meetings to inform MSSA leadership of state-wide and federal issues regarding legislative affairs; and 6) perform all tasks delegated by the President, MSUSA Presidential Board of Directors and the MSUSA executive staff.