Student Affairs Committee

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Student Affairs Committee

Coordinator: Nick Kragness

Meetings: Tuesday, 2:00 p.m MSSA Conference Room


Appointed from MSSA - Varies From Other Constituencies Total = Varies
  • Alexander Johnson (Appointed 10/01/2014) - Res Life Senator
  • Ashley James (Appointed 04/30/2014) - Off Campus Senator
  • Connor Martin (Appointed 04/30/2014) - Off Campus Senator
  • Patrick Riesterer (Appointed 04/30/2014) - Off Campus Senator
  • Elizabeth Jacobson (Appointed 04/30/2014) - Off Campus Senator
  • Marshall Tromborg(Appointed 04/30/2014) - Off Campus Senator
  • Rebecca Wegscheid (Appointed 04/30/2014) - - Off Campus Senator
  • Miesso Wako (Appointed 04/30/2014) - Off Campus Senator
  • Rayani Faical (Appointed 10/01/2014) - Res Life Senator
  • Tyler Conlon (Appointed 09/01/2014) - Res Life Senator
  • Kyler Schoner (Appointed 09/01/2014) - Res Life Senator
  • Nick Kragness (Appointed 04/30/2014) - Res Life Senator

The Student Affairs Committee is responsible for representing student's position regarding student life and services at MSU. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Financial Aid
  • International Student's Needs
  • Residential Life
  • Student Activities
  • Food Service
  • The Campus Environment

According to the Bylaws

Membership of the Student Affairs Committee will be open to all students with Presidential appointment but must include all Senators representing students living Off-Campus, or within Residential Life managed properties.

The Student Affairs Coordinator shall be the chair of the committee and shall coordinate the election of a committee secretary to record meeting minutes. The Coordinator will be expected to report these minutes during Presidential Cabinet meetings.

The Student Affairs Committee will meet weekly throughout the academic year. During a meeting scheduled, once a month, by the Student Affairs Coordinator, the chair of each, non-academic, Student Affairs related committee (listed above) will report on their committee actions. If a committee chair cannot attend the Student Affairs Committee meeting, scheduled for their committee report, they must appoint a designee to attend in their place.

The Student Affairs Committee will work on student service related policy review.