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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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October 18, 1995

Called to order at 4:00 p.m.

I. Roll Call


Senators in Attendance: Ingrid Ellingson (7-1-0) Mona Askalani (6-2-0) Tony Hanson (7-1-0-0-1) Fernando Mashlab (4-0-0) Scott Preusser (4-0-0-0-1) Michelle Smithson (4-0-0-0-1) Chris Davies (8-0-0-1-0) Mohammad Nasim/Ruj Nandy (8-0-1-1) Bradley Crep (4-0-0) Michelle Murzyn (4-0-0) Jason Nado (8-0-0) Mohammad Abbas/Peni Blakely (8-1-1-0) Caleb Fullhart (4-0-0-1-0) Jason Hulstein (8-0-0) Francis Klinkner (4-0-0) Cary Krusemark (8-0-0-0-1) Allen Smith/Kim Seibert (7-1-3-0-0) Stephen Yunginger (4-0-0) Landon Jones (3-0-0) Kristin Anderson (3-0-0) Heather Gerard (3-1-0) Megan Daniels/Scott Nechville (7-1-2-0-1) Doran Hunter (5-3-0) Steven Janssen (2-0-0)

Staff Members in Attendance: President Mona Wallace (8-0-0-0-1) Vice-President Matthew Chase/Jerry Flynn (8-0-1-1-0) Speaker Eddy Guzek (8-0-0) Chief of Staff Matt Harmon (8-0-0) Treasurer Eric Tungland (3-5-0) Academic Affairs Tara Mueller (7-0-0-0-12) Campus Enrichment Shelly Benson (2-0-0) Legislative Affairs Sheryl Janson (4-1-0-0-1) Public Affairs Jen Drganc (5-0-0) Student Affairs Steven Tkach (8-0-0-1-0)

II. Approval of the Agenda-Agenda approved as amended.

Approval of the Minutes-Minutes approved as amended.

III. Student Forum-no students wished to speak.

IV. Appointments - Fiscal Affairs and Mini Mavs Committee: Michelle Smithson

Academic Planning Sub Meet & Confer: Christina Olson

V. Old Business

A. Non-discriminatory Coronation- (Bill 10-11-08) see minutes from 10/11/95. Proxy Flynn moves to table indefinitely. President Wallace seconds. Motion fails 6-10-5. President Wallace commented that she supports the issue this bill addresses, but feels that we should work together with SDP & A and the Student Events Team on this issue before passing this legislation. Senator Yunginger moves to table temporarily, Senator Hanson seconds. Motion passes.

B. Committee Membership-Bill 10-11-06 (see minutes from 10/11/95) is read for a second time. Proxy Flynn and Coordinator Drganc expressed their support for this bill. Proxy Flynn introduced an amendment which was seconded by Senator Klinkner. Senator Hanson calls the question. Senator Krusemark seconds. Motion passes. Move to a vote on the amendment, amendment passes. Back to discussion on the main motion. Senator Klinkner introduces an amendment. President Wallace seconds. Senator Yuninger recommends we pass unanimously. Move to a vote, amendment passes. Senator Krusemark moves to call question Senator Hanson seconds. Motion passes. Move to a vote on Bill 10-11-06, bill fails.

VI. New Business

A. E-Mail Regulation Policy-Speaker Guzek introduces the proposed E-Mail Regulation Policy. Senator Klinkner moves previous question. Senator Krusemark seconds. Motion fails. Mr. David Cowan, Auxiliary Services Director, presented information about the current policy and the reasons behind the need for a new policy. Senator Krusemark moves to call question, Senator Hanson seconds. Motion passes 19-2-1. Move to a vote on the E-Mail Transmission Regulation Policy. Motion passes.

Senator Yunginger introduces Bill 10-18-P1 (see attached). Senator Jones moves to previous question, Senator Gerard seconds. Motion fails. Senator Gerard moves to call question. Senator Jones seconds. Motion passes. Move to a vote. Bill 10-18-P1 passes and is now Act 95.96A5.

Move to recess at 5:33 by Senator Krusemark, second by Senator Hanson. Called back to order 5:43.

B. Cultural Diversity Dinner-Speaker Guzek introduced Bill 10-18-F2 (see attached). Seconded by Senator Davies. Senator Murzyn moves to call question. President Wallace seconds. Motion passes. Move to a vote Bill 10-18-F2 passes and is now Act 95.96A6.

Speaker Guzek introduces Bill 10-18-P3 (see attached) Senator Yuninger seconds. Bill 10-18-P3 passes unanimously and is now Act 95.96A7.

VII. Officer Reports

A. President Mona Wallace-President Wallace introduces Bill10-18-G4 (see attached). Senator Hanson seconds. Senator Murzyn and Proxy Blakley expressed their support for this motion. Senator Hanson offered a friendly amendment to this bill. Senator Yuninger and President Wallace objected. Senator Hunter offered an amendment. Senator Hanson seconds. Senator Hanson offers a friendly amendment to the amendment. Senator Hunter accepts. Move to a vote on the amendment. The amendment passes. President Wallace offers an amendment. President Wallace withdraws. Proxy Blakley offers a friendly amendment. President Wallace accepts. Move to a vote on the amendment. Amendment passes. Senator Hanson moves to call question. Senator Krusemark seconds. Motion passes. Move to a vote on Bill 10-18-G4. Bill 10-18-G4 passes 16-3-2 and becomes Act 95.96A8.

B. Vice-president Matthew Chase-(In writing spoken by President Wallace) We are in need of one undergraduate and one graduate student to be representatives to the Faculty Association Planning Committee. Please apply in person for this position on Friday October 27, 1995 from 12-2 at Armstrong 313. There will be a Q-7 meeting Friday October 27, 1995 in CSU 203 at 9:00 A.M.

C. Speaker Eddy Guzek-There is a Union Board Meeting on Tuesday at 8:00 a.m., they would like a senate representative to attend. The following seats are open: Social and Behavioral Sciences, Graduate Studies, Allied Health and Nursing, Business, and Off-Campus. Elections will be on November 8, 1995. The Hay Ride will be Thursday, please meet at Tav on the Ave at 6:00 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to bring friends along. Residence Hall Senators please get a list of your hall presidents to the Speaker. All senators are encouraged to participate in Purple Pride Events. Please set up an appointment to meet with the Speaker if you have not done so yet. Speaker Guzek encouraged all senators to meet with the recognized student organizations in their college. If you would like the numbers of where to contact the presidents of these organizations, see the Speaker.

Recognized Student Organizations Registration Renewal/Update/Initial Recognition: Delta Tau Delta, French Club, Mass Communications Club, Rehabilitation Counseling Club, Wells Campus Ministry, Maverick Upper Hall Government, Speak Easy Society, Sociology Club, Administrative Management Society, Biology Club, Pre-Law. Senators Fullhart and Hanson object, they remove their objections. All approved without objection.

D. Chief of Staff Matt Harmon-Chief of Staff Harmon attended the Student Events Team's meeting on Monday. He will be presenting a full report on this in the future.

Senator Fullhart moves to take Bill 10-11-08 off the table. Senator Hanson seconds. Motion passes. Senator Fullhart moves to refer to the Senate/SDP & A Meet and Confer Committee. Senator Hanson seconds. Senator Yuninger expressed that he feels we should deal with this issue now. Senator Murzyn and Senator Hanson recommend this be sent to the Senate/SDP & A Meet and Confer Committee. Senator Krusemark moves to call question. Senator Fullhart seconds. Motion passes 12-3-2. Move to a vote. Bill 10-11-08 is sent to the Senate/SDP & A Meet and Confer Committee by a vote of 12-3-2. Note: Senator Yuninger opposed this bill being sent to committee.

VIII. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs (see written report)

B. Social/Cultural (no report)

C. Legislative Affairs (see written report) The Minnesota State Board met this morning and voted to allow college and university presidents to set work-study salaries, student wages, and graduate students wages. An amendment was added that says the presidents should consult with their student associations and other student groups. Paul Wellstone and Bruce Vento (4th district) will be holding a meeting at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul on Saturday from 3-4:30 p.m. to discuss the proposed Republican budget. There will be an open microphone and both Wellstone and Vento's offices are encouraging students to attend.

D. Public Affairs (no report)

E. Student Affairs (see written report)

F. SAC-SAC met this week and will be electing a chair next week.

G. Union Board (see written report)

H. Communications Board-no report, they will be meeting at 11:00 on Friday.

I. Constitution Committee-Matt Harmon was elected chair and Dave Cowan was elected recording secretary. The meetings are held Tuesdays at 4:00, anyone is welcome to attend.

J. Urban Affairs-no report

K. RHA- RHA met and decided to send a letter to the family of Marcus White, the MSU student who died recently.

L. Steering Committee-no report

M. Campus Enrichment-no report

IX. Senator Reports

A. Francis Klinkner gave a report on the status of the Pre-Paid Admission Task Force.

X. Open Forum-

-Coordinator Tkach will be meeting November 7 with Jostens regarding the possibility of designing a graduation ring. If you have any input regarding this please see him.

-On Saturday their will be free food at Boston Market.

-Please attend Apollo 13 at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday. Please also attend Coronation tonight.

Senator Hanson moves to close Open Forum. Senator Fullhart seconds. Motion passes.

XI. Announcements-

-Senator Hunter announced at 3:00 p.m. in CSU 201 on Tuesday October 24, 1995 there will be a meeting with Republican Candidate Steve Young.

-Coordinator Tkach announced that the Minnesota River Review may be facing budgetary cuts. Coordinator Tkach urges us all to read the Minnesota River Review and support it.

Senator Hanson moves to close announcements. Senator Krusemark seconds. Motion passes.

Senator Murzyn moves to adjourn, Senator Hanson seconds. Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.