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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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October 25, 1995

Called to order at 4:00 p.m.

I. I. Roll Call


Senators in Attendance: Ingrid Ellingson (8-1-0) Tony Hanson (8-1-0-1-1) Fernando Mashlab (5-0-0-1) Scott Preusser (5-0-0-0-1) Michelle Smithson (5-0-0-0-1) Chris Davies (9-0-0-1-0) Mohammad Nasim (8-1-1-1) Bradley Crep (5-0-0) Michelle Murzyn (5-0-0) Jason Nado (9-0-0) Mohammad Abbas (8-1-1-0) Caleb Fullhart (5-0-0-1-0) Jason Hulstein (9-0-0) Francis Klinkner (5-0-0) Cary Krusemark (9-0-0-0-1) Allen Smith/Kim Seibert (8-1-4-1-0) Stephen Yunginger (5-0-0) Landon Jones (4-0-0) Kristin Anderson (4-0-0) Heather Gerard (4-1-0) Megan Daniels/Scott Nechville (7-2-2-0-1) Doran Hunter (6-3-0) Steven Janssen (3-0-0)

Staff Members in Attendance: President Mona Wallace (9-0-0-0-1) Vice-President Matthew Chase (9-0-1-1-0) Speaker Eddy Guzek (9-0-0) Chief of Staff Matt Harmon (9-0-0) Treasurer Eric Tungland (3-6-0) Academic Affairs Tara Mueller (7-1-0-0-1) Campus Enrichment Shelly Benson (3-0-0) Legislative Affairs Sheryl Janson (5-1-0-0-1) Public Affairs Jen Drganc (6-0-0) Student Affairs Steven Tkach (9-0-0-1-0)

II. Approval of the Agenda-Agenda approved as amended.

Approval of the Minutes-Minutes approved as amended.

III. Student Forum-Mr. Eric Williams, representing the Mankato State University Veterans Club, gave a presentation regarding discrimination towards students based on their Military Veteran Status (See Mankato State University's Veteran's Club News Release). Mr. Malcolm O'Sullivan, Assistant to the Vice-president for Student Affairs, clarified the administration's procedures and policies regarding this issue.

IV. Old Business- No old business.

V. New Business-Senator Yunginger introduced Bill 10-25-G1. President Wallace seconds. Senator Klinker recommended that we get more information on this situation. Senator Jones introduced an amendment, Senator Gerard seconds. Senator Hanson stated that he feels their should be some time constraints. Senator Abbas offered an amendment to the amendment, Senator Hanson seconds. President Wallace offers a friendly amendment to the amendment to the amendment, Senator Abbas accepts. Senator Krusemark moves to call question, Senator Hanson seconds. Motion passes 21-02-01. Move to a vote on the amendment to the amendment, amendment passes unanimously. Move to discussion on the amendment as amended. Senator Abbas expressed his support for this amendment. Senator Klinkner offers an additional amendment, Senator Yunginger seconds. Move to a vote. Amendment fails 4-17-3. Move to a vote on the amendment passes unanimously. President Wallace offers a friendly. No objection, amendment stands. Move to a vote on the entire bill as amended. Bill 10-25-G1 passes unanimously and becomes Act 95.96A9 (see attached).

Senator Yunginger introduces Bill 10-25-G2. Senator Hanson seconds. Vice-president Chase introduces an amendment. Senator Davies seconds. Senator Abbas calls the question. Senator Mashlab seconds. Motion passes 16-4-1. Move to a vote on the amendment. Amendment passes. Speaker Guzek read the entire bill. Senator Mashlab moves to call the question. Senator Fullhart seconds. Motion passes 15-4-2. Move to a vote on Bill 10-25-G2. Bill 10-25-G2 passes and becomes Act 95.96A10.

Vice-president Chase moves to reconsider the previous motion. President Wallace seconds. Motion passes 17-3-2, on to reconsideration of Act 95.96A10. Vice-president Chase offers an amendmant. Senator Smithson seconds. Senator Hanson moves to call question, Senator Krusemark seconds. Motion passes 17-3-1. Move to a vote on the amendment to the bill. Amendment passes. Senator Hanson moves to call question, Senator Krusemark seconds. Motion passes 18-2-1. Move to a vote on Bill 10-25-G2 as re-amended. Bill 10-25-G2 passes and is now Act 95.96A10 (see attached).

VI. Appointments

Jennifer Filkins Communications Board, Heather Gerard Residence Hall Association and Fiscal Affairs, Steering Committee Mona Soukieh, Mohammad Abbas, Ed Guzek. All approved without objection.

VII. Officer Reports

A. President Wallace (see written report)

B. Vice-president Chase (no report)

C. Speaker Guzek- Speaker Guzek requested that Senators and Staff try not to walk around during the meeting when we have a guest giving a presentation whether it be a faculty member, administrator, or student, because it is extremely unprofessional. The open Senate Seats are Allied Health & Nursing, Business, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Graduate Studies, Arts & Humanities, and Off-Campus. There will be no senate meeting held next Wednesday. Elections will be held November 8, 1995.

Recognized Student Organizations Registration Renewal/Update/Initial Recognition: American Marketing Association, Mankato Creative Writing Cooperative, Women's Studies Student Organization, MSU Kung Fu Club, International Women's Organization, E-Hall Government, Northern Lights Solar Car Race Team, Students for Environmental Awareness. All approved without objection.

Senator Hanson moves to recess. Senator Davies seconds. Motion passes.

Meeting called back to order at 5:39 p.m.

D. Chief of Staff Harmon (no report)

VIII. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-The Academic Affairs Committee met today and worked on the Search Committee Recommendations for the Vice-president of Academic Affairs. The following senators were present at the meeting: Michelle Murzyn, Ingrid Ellingson, Doran Hunter, Brad Crep/Proxy Jen Drganc, Scott Preusser, Michelle Smithson, Steven Janssen, Fernando Mushlab, Jason Nado, Tony Hanson, and Chris Davies.

B. Campus Enrichment (see written report)

C. Legislative Affairs (see written report)

D. Public Affairs (no report)

E. Social Cultural (no report)

F. Student Affairs (see written report)

G. Union Board-They went over the 1995 Repair and Replacement Program. They are still looking for an additional member.

H. SAC-SAC meets Monday at 2:30 in CSU 203. It is extremely important for all members to attend.

I. Constitution Committee-The committee met yesterday. They formed a few committee policies and ruled on Bill PO17. It was determined that this bill is unconstitutional. However, citing areas of the MSSA Constitution, they determined that the President has the power to prevent coordinators from proxying for Senators.

J. Communications Board-The Communications Board will be meeting Friday October 27, 1995 at 12:00 p.m. in CSU 101.

K. RHA-RHA met Monday at 4:00 . The main topic was the Underground, which is part of the Residence Halls. RHA will be meeting next Monday at 4:00 at the underground and discussing what should be done with it.

L. Urban Affairs-Senator Scott Preusser now attends the City Council Meetings.

The meetings are held every other Monday at 7:00p.m. at 202 Jackson Street. If you have any questions please see Scott.

M. Steering Committee-No report.

IX. Senator Reports

A. Kristi Anderson-In the past week Kristi introduced herself to most of the Community Advisors, Hall Presidents, and Assistant Complex Directors. She also spoke with them about attending the Hall Government Meeting. In addition, she plans to set up meetings with the Vice-presidents of each floor as a possible way of letting people know what Senate is doing.

B. Michelle Murzyn-This past weekend the Student Events Team attended the Upper Midwest Regional Conference of the National Association for Campus Activities. This region includes member schools in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. At the conference the Student Events Team was honored with the Outstanding Delegation Award, the highest regional award given to an entire school delegation. This award is given to the school whose delegates participate in all aspects of the conference: attendance at co-op meetings, educational sessions, participation as volunteers, quality of reverse exhibit hall display, school spirit, and the best representation of individuals (student and staff) and institution to others.

Senator Abbas moves to adjourn Senator Mashlab seconds. Motion fails.

X. Open Forum-President Wallace made the following statement: In light of inappropriate comments made by Coordinator Tkach in this meeting I held a discussion with him and have verbally warned him of his action. Steven will be giving a formal apology submitted verbally and a formal apology in writing. He has promised to hold his tongue in the future. In light of these promises I agreed to give him a verbal warning, and a written warning, with the understanding that any future inappropriate comments will be dealt with by a one week suspension in pay to which he agreed, and will sign. I also have suggested that Coordinator Tkach make the apology to the Kung-Fu Club in regard to one remark and talk to Mr. Williams in regard to his other remark.

Senator Mashlab met with the Dean of his College on October 12th. The major issues discussed were the accreditation in progress. This will happen if the committee which will research the College of Business in February, passes it. The Dean is confident that the program is strong enough to be accredited. The college currently has exchange programs with Egypt and Slovakia. Domecoming will take place Saturday October 28, 1995. COSBO Members will meet the Vice-presidents of different businesses in the Twin Cities in a formal brunch. COSBO is the College of Business Student Organization. Its' representatives meet monthly with the Dean to discuss different issues. Kelly Meier form SDP & A is another person that works with the Dean and his secretary to bring speakers to campus. He introduced himself and offered his services to mediate and report decisions.

Senator Preusser commented that he was impressed by the number of students present at the City Council Meeting.

Senator Smithson commented that her and Senator Preusser met with their Dean. She is also meeting on a regular basis with her constituents.

Anybody that does not have their Senate jersey should see Vice-President Chase. Senator Mashlab commented that not many people stop by the Senate table. Senator Mashlab feels that something should be done about the senators who leave the meeting early and do not appoint proxys.

Senator Jones met with the majority of the floor presidents in his constituency. He showed them the form and style in which these issues could be more effectively brought to him. He continued on to give all of the floor presidents his card so they know where to get a hold of him. He also told them he would try to be in contact with them on a weekly basis.

President Wallace commented that she feels it is very important for us to have the table in the Union.

Senator Gerard moved to close Open Forum, President Wallace seconded. Motion passes.

XI. Announcements-Domecoming is this weekend, everyone is encouraged to attend. Senator Yunginger moves to close announcements. Senator Hanson seconds. Motion passes.

Senator Hanson moves to adjourn, Senator Smithson seconds. Motion passes. Meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.