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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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October 4, 1995

Called to order at 4:00 p.m.

I. Roll Call


Senators in Attendance: Ingrid Ellingson (6-0-0) Mona Askalani (6-0-0) Tony Hanson (5-0-0-0-1) Rick Dekoter (5-1) Fernando Mashlab (2-0-0) Scott Preusser (2-0-0-0-1) Michelle Smithson (2-0-0-0-1) Chris Davies (6-0-0) Mohammad Nasim (6-0-0-1) Shelly Benson (6-0-0-0-1) Bradley Crep (2-0-0) Michelle Murzyn (6-0-0) Jeff Anderson (5-1-0) Jason Nado (6-0-0) Mohammad Abbas (5-1-0) Caleb Fullhart (2-0-0) Jason Hulstein (6-0-0) Francis Klinkner (2-0-0) Cary Krusemark (6-0-0-0-1) Allen Smith/Kim Seibert (4-1-1) Stephen Yunginger (2-0-0) Mashood Yunus (5-0-0-1-1) Landon Jones (1-0-0) Kristin Anderson (1-0-0) Heather Gerard (1-1-0) Megan Daniels (4-1-0-0-1) Doran Hunter (3-3-0)

Staff Members in Attendance: President Mona Wallace (6-0-0) Vice-President Matthew Chase (6-0-0) Speaker Eddy Guzek (6-0-0) Chief of Staff Matt Harmon (6-0-0) Treasurer Eric Tungland (3-3-0) Academic Affairs Tara Mueller (5-0-0-0-1) Legislative Affairs Sheryl Jansen (2-1-0-0-1) Public Affairs Jen Drganc (3-0-0) Student Affairs Steven Tkach (6-0-0)

II. Approval of the Agenda-Agenda approved as amended.

Approval of the Minutes-Minutes approved with the addition of Bill # G012, F013, P014

III. Student Forum-no students wished to speak.

IV. Elections/Appointments

Maverick Hall/Kristin Anderson, sponsored by Senator Benson.

Gage A/ Landon Jones Sponsored by Senator Yunginger.

Communicators Board/Fernando Mushlab nominated by Vice-President Chase and sponsored by Senator Hanson.

Fitness Hearing for Tim Hagen. Senator Hagen failed the fitness hearing and is no longer a member of the Senate.

All appointments approved without objection.

V. Officer Reports

A. President Mona Wallace (see written report)

B. Vice-President Matthew Chase-New senators need to contact the Vice-President as soon as possible to sign up for committees. There are positions on the Environmental Committee for Blue Earth County and the Mankato Area Commission for Affordable Housing.

C. Speaker Eddy Guzek-Welcome to the new senators, please set up an appointment to meet with him. Please also try to sign up for the table in the Union. Residence hall senators please get the names of all the floor presidents to Speaker Guzek. Each senator must give two reports a quarter which must be submitted in writing. The name placards will be ready for the new senators next week. The Speaker would like to see us do an activity as a group, such as a haunted hayride.

Recognized Student Organizations/Registration Renewal: Eta Sigma Gamma, The Latter-Day Saint Student Association, Engineering Club, Pershing Rifles Drill Team, Student Urban and Regional Planning Institute, Mankato Area Astronomy Association, Campus Bible Fellowship, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Campus Lutheran Chapel, Aviation Club, Corrections Club, Sigma Phi Omega, Christians in Action, PSI CHI National Honor Society, Role Playing Special Interest Group, and the Psychology Club. All approved without objection.

D. Chief of Staff Matt Harmon-No report

VI. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-Each senator is setting up appointments with their college deans. All academic senators will be getting a listing of the others on academic affairs and the phone numbers of their dean. If you can not make the Academic Affairs meetings please talk to Coordinator Mueller about it or find a proxy.

B. Social/Cultural-The Cultural Diversity Conference will be taking place in St. Cloud October 20-21. We will be taking a large van so if you would like to go please contact President Wallace by October 13. Applications are still being taken for a cultural diversity coordinator.

C. Legislative Affairs (see written report)

D. Public Affairs (see written report) They are working on Purple Pride Week. They need people to participate in events so if you are interested please contact Jen or Shelly.

E. Student Affairs- (see written report)

F. SAC-no report

G. Union Board-no report

H. Communications Board-no report

I. Constitution Committee-no report

J. Urban Affairs-no report

K. RHA-no report

L. Steering Committee-no report

VII. Old Business-no Old Business

VIII. New Business

Speaker Guzek read Bill #F013 (see attached). Senator Murzyn seconds. Senator Hanson makes a motion to table this until next week. Senator Yuninger seconds. The motion passes and Bill #F013 is tabled until next week.

Speaker Guzek read resolution #12.95.95. (see attached). Senator Hanson seconds. Vice-president asks that the Senate support this. Senator Murzyn moves to call question. Senator Fullhart seconds. Motion passes 21-1-1. Move to a vote. Bill G012 Passes as Resolution #12.95.96.

Speaker Guzek read Bill P014 (see attached) Hanson seconds. Senator Fullhart recommends we table this. Senator Benson offers an amendment. Senator Mashlab seconds. Vice-President Chase recommends withdrawal of the amendment. Senators Benson and Mashlab withdraw their amendment. Senator Hanson moves to table. Senator Davies seconds. Motion passes and Bill P014 is tabled 16-3-2.

Senator Klinker introduces Resolution #15.95.96 (see attached). Senator Hanson seconds. President Wallace moves to recess. Senator Murzyn seconds. Motion passes. Motion withdrawn. President Wallace with Senator Benson seconding move to recess until 5:18. Motion passes.

Called back to order at 5:18 p.m. Vice-president Chase recommends that we remove the time stipulation. Move to a vote. Resolution passes 10-3-7. President Wallace moves that we reconsider this vote. Senator Yuninger seconds. Motion passes. Move to a vote. Bill G015 passes as Act 15-3-6.

President Wallace moves that the Student Affairs Committee be responsible to form a separate task force to investigate pre-paid admission. (Bill P016) Coordinator Dragnac recommends we establish a date that this should be completed by. Move to a vote. Bill P016 passes as Act (9-8-6).

Vice-President Chase introduces Bill P017 (see attached). President Wallace seconds. Senator Yuninger recommends that this resolution not pass. Senator Hanson moves to table this until a more decisive version is proposed. Senator Benson seconds. Motion fails. President Wallace moves to recount the vote. President Wallace withdraws. President Wallace moves this be sent to the Constitution Committee. Senator Hanson seconds. Move to a vote. Motion passes and Bill P017 is sent to the Constitution Committee.

IX. Senator Reports-no reports

X. Open Forum-If you are interested in joining the Political Science Club please talk to Coordinator Tkach. President Wallace invited all of us to the Cultural Diversity Reception for Cathy Clardy-Patterson on October 9, 1995. Please call in your RSVPs to the Cultural Diversity Office at x6125.

Vice-President Chase introduces Bill G018 (see attached). Senator Yuninger seconds. President Wallace recommends that we support this motion. Bill G018 passes as Resolution #18.95.96.

Senator Mashlab commented that many students have been complaining about the parking meters being only forty minutes long when classes last fifty minutes. He also believes people who must come to Senate Meetings and other meetings should be issued special permits for parking before 4:00. Vice-president Chase recommends he become a member of the Parking Advisory Committee and that he attend parking hearings. Vice-president Chase also commented that the purpose of the parking meters is for visitors, not for students attending class.

Senator Benson moves that MSSA be involved as an organization in Purple Pride Week, Bill P019. Senator Hanson seconds. President Wallace offers an amendment, Senator Fullhart seconds. Senator Hanson recommends the Senate pass this. Senator Fullhart moves we pass this unanimously. Senator Davies seconds. Motion passes unanimously. Fullhart moves we pass Bill P019. Krusemark seconds. Bill P019 passes as Resolution #19.95.96 unanimously.

Senator Hanson mentioned that despite the fact that there was no Homecoming Parade he still noticed a great deal of drinking.

He also mentioned that there is a lack of security on the Sakatah Trail. Mr. Ken Bunde, the Blue Earth County representative for the Sakatah trail, would like to see the Senate take a stand on this issue.

Senator Nasim mentioned that there are many work-study students being employed by the ACC that are not really interested in this area. President Wallace recommended that he approach the Financial Aid Committee regarding this issue.

President Wallace moves to close Open Forum. Senator Fullhart seconds. Motion passes.

XI. Announcements

There are two open spots on the Judicial Board.

President Wallace moves to close Announcements. Senator Fullhart seconds. Motion passes.

XI. Adjournment

Senator Fullhart moves to adjourn. Senator Murzyn seconds. Motion passes. Meeting adjourned at 6:22 p.m.