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November 15, 1995

Called to order at 4:00 p.m.

I. Roll Call, the following Senators were present: Ingrid Ellingson, Jennifer Filkens, Tony Hanson, Paul Helgeson, Fernando Mashlab, Scott Preusser, Michelle Smithson, Chris Davies, Mohammad Nasim, Bradley Crep, Ed McBride, Michelle Murzyn, Robert Hayden, Jason Nado, Mohammad Abbas/Pete Waibel, Caleb Fullhart, Francis Klinkner, Doug Olson, Allen Smith, Stephen Yunginger, Landon Jones, Kristy Anderson, Heather Gerard, Megan Daniels, Doran Hunter, Steve Janssen.

The following Staff were present: Mona Wallace, Matt Chase, Eddy Guzek, Matt Harmon, Tara Mueller, Shelly Benson, Sheryl Janson, Jen Drganc, Steven Tkach.

II. Approval of the Agenda-Agenda approved as amended.

Approval of the Minutes-Minutes approved as amended.

III. Student Forum-Michelle Miller, a member of the Futures Committee, gave a presentation regarding the committee and the survey they are giving to student leaders on campus regarding what student leaders feel should be done to get students more involved on campus. When these are completed please give them to Cheri Bowyer.

IV. Appointments/Elections-No appointments. Paul Helgeson was elected as the College of Business Senator, he was sponsored by Senator Hayden.


Mr. David Cowan, Auxiliary Services Director and Parking Advisory Chair, made a presentation regarding a Proposed Joint Study for building a MSU Parking Garage/Heartland Express Hub. He also discussed Previous Consultant Reports, the positive aspects of this proposal, and the Parking Garage Financial Workup. He also mentioned the security and environmental issues involved with this project. Senator Hanson asked if permits would be used for this ramp. Mr. Cowan commented that this would be possible but that most of the spaces would be rented on an hourly basis. Mr. Chase asked if there are any concerns regarding what the citizens of Mankato will feel about this. Mr. Cowan commented that the city must represent the interest of the taxpayers and that no tax dollars are being used for this, it will be done completely by bonding. Senator McBride asked if the revenue would have to be guaranteed, Mr. Cowan commented that all revenue must be guaranteed because if we didn't the interest rate on the bond would rise. President Wallace expressed that she is concerned about the environmental effects and asked if trees would be replanted. Mr. Cowan commented that trees would be replanted if necessary. Senator Helgeson asked if the possible change in any transit patterns has been looked at. Mr. Cowan responded that at this point this has not been done, but that ideally they would like the exit to being going west down Stadium Road. Senator Hayden asked what changes would be made in the overall parking situation on campus, in particular at the Residence Halls. Mr. Cowan commented that parking in the Residence Halls would not be effected by this. He also went on further to say that the lack of parking in the Residence Halls is a different issue and would have to be dealt with separately.

(Former employee MR), the manager from KRNR, also came to give a presentation. He is concerned about the space being allotted to them in Phase III. He will be coming back next quarter with a detailed proposal regarding moving KRNR over to KMSU. He also distributed a Station Profile. They are also organizing a major Fundraising Drive at the Mankato Civic Center to benefit the Welcome Inn Emergency Center, Scholarships for Mass Communications Majors, funding for KRNR Radio, and the Minnesota Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Senator Mashlab asked what the budget was for this event. (Former employee MR) responded that the total cost will be approximately $22,000. (Former employee MR) went on to comment that KRNR is only paying $2500.00 to reserve the Civic Center. Coordinator Dragnac asked if KRNR has found an assistant manager. (Former Employee MR) commented that the assistant manager was dismissed and that they are having a conference tomorrow to try to work out the situation with him.

V. Officer Reports

A. President Mona Wallace-President Wallace thanked everyone for their dedication and devotion throughout the quarter. She also welcomed the new senator. On Tuesday morning they went to the Union Board Meeting and saw the new plans for Phase III. Phase III is still dependent on the Board of Trustees approval of the proposal regarding Health Services. Friday night at 7:00 the Cultural Diversity Program is having their Annual Dinner. The Senate has purchased a table and if you are interested in going contact President Wallace. President Wallace also asked the Constitution Committee to provide a interpretation regarding the requirements to become a senator.

B. Vice President Matthew Chase-Vice-President Chase has currently been very involved with the planning for the RHA/Senate Joint Session. RHA has asked that the Joint Session to be moved to Wednesday January 24, 1996. Senator Yunginger objected to this and after receiving an explanation for this change went on to remove his objection. The Senate then approved this without objection. If anybody wants anything added to the agenda (for the RHA/Senate Joint Session) please contact Vice-President Chase. The Senate and RHA will be meeting tomorrow to discuss further details of the Joint Session. If anybody has any input they would like to provide please contact Vice-President Chase.

Vice-president Chase is also working on the Division I Hockey Issue. Three years ago this was proposed and the President of the University did not approve it. Then, 4,200 students signed a petition asking for this issue to be reevaluated. The community has raised the necessary $215,000.00 necessary in addition to another $50,000.00 The Athletic Advisory Committee has decided that they feel there are many questions that need to be answered and that there are many issues and concerns that need to be addressed before we make a decision. He has compiled a list of questions that he feels need to be answered before we make a decision on this issue. Vice-president Chase feels we need to make an informed decision regarding this matter. This is why the Civic Center was built. In order to do this (build the Civic Center) they had to pass a referendum to raise the money necessary. It is important to note that the voting districts that supported this were areas with high student populations. This is a very important issue. Vice-president Chase would like us to have a special session during finals week.

Vice-president Chase has also heard rumors that we will be having an athletic program cut. He feels that the Senate should consider making a motion regarding the future of Athletics. Senator Klinkner asked if Vice-president Chase knows what program this will be. Vice-president Chase commented that at this time he does not want to disclose this information. Senator Hunter asked what the meeting during Finals Week would entail. Vice-president Chase commented that he plans to write an editorial to the Reporter regarding the Division I Hockey Issue. He also plans to post the information pertaining to this subject in the Senate office before the meeting. He plans on having this information available next week. President Wallace asked what specifically he would like the Senate to do regarding the Athletics Program because there are going to be cuts made in several areas. Vice-President Chase commented that the Athletic Programs faces a bigger threat than other areas, specifically in the outright elimination of areas. He feels we should definitely consider this issue. Senator Hanson commented that he feels that this is not the appropriate place for rumors. Vice-President Chase commented that he is not trying to spread rumors, he is just trying to address issues in advance. Senator Helgeson commented that he has confused him, asked for nothing, and gave us nothing. Vice-president Chase did not comment. Coordinator Benson commented that she is also meeting with the parties involved in the Division 1 Hockey Issue. She is also trying to insure that all parties involved are communicating properly.

C. Speaker Eddy Guzek- On the lighter side, Speaker Guzek congratulated us all on a successful quarter. He is really excited for next quarter and hopes that we can get as much or even more done next quarter. Speaker Guzek went on to thank everyone who attended the Hockey Game, and a special thanks to all those who showed their school spirit. There are two open seats, Off-Campus and Allied Health and Nursing. Elections will be held the first meeting after we return, January 10, 1996. Currently we have four application in for Off-Campus and none for Allied Health & Nursing. Landon, Heather, and Megan still need to turn in a list of their Hall Presidents, etc. If they do not wish to do this, the Speaker will do it himself.

Recognized Student Organization Registration Renewal and Initial Recognition-RANGE, Black Student Union, MSU Athletic Training Association, Delta Phi Epsilon, American Indian Student Association, Bowling Club, Downhill Ski Club, Finance Club, Gage A-Lower Hall Government, Student Association of India, Gamma Phi Beta, MSU Rugby Football Club, St. Thomas More Newman Center, Tau Kappa Epsilon. All approved without objection. Speaker Guzek yields to President Wallace. President Wallace announced that there will be a MSUSA Conference at Metropolitan State on December 1-3, 1995. We will be hosting a MSUSA conference on January 19-21, 1995. She would like to see some other senators going. Speaker Guzek commented that tomorrow is the National Smoke Out Day. Senator Mashlab moves to recess, Senator Hanson seconds. Motion fails.

D. Chief of Staff Matt Harmon-Chief of Staff Harmon is working on the National Student Exchange Program. He will be giving a presentation to the Senate regarding this as soon as possible.

Senator Hanson moves to caucus for 5 minutes and recess for 15 minutes, Senator Mashlab seconds and the motion passes.

A. Academic Affairs-The following senators were present at the Academic Affairs Meeting: Michelle Smithson, Robert Hayden, Doran Hunter, Ed McBride, Jennifer Filkins, Tony Hanson, Michelle Murzyn/Jen Drganc proxy, Ingrid Ellingson, Scott Preusser, Doug Olson, Bradley Crep, Chris Davies, and Tony Hanson. The Academic Affairs Committee passad a committee recommendation today regarding the qualities they feel should be present in a Vice-president for Academic Affairs. Senator Hanson expressed he would like to see the Senate pass this unanimously. No discussion, move to a vote. Bill 11-15-G1 passes unanimously and becomes Act 95.96A15.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill Number 11-15-G1 Act 95.96A15 (Passed Unanimously)

Date: November 15, 1995

Sponsor: Academic Affairs Committee

Title: Vice-President for Academic Affairs Search Committee


We feel the following qualities are essential and should be present in a Vice-President for Academic Affairs:

1) An understanding and appreciation for the interrelationships of Mankato State University's diverse student population.

2) A broad range of experiences working in a university environment.

3) A commitment to provide equal access to all students at Mankato State University.

4) A commitment to students and their success.

5) A commitment to improving technology in order to provide students with the preparation for the world they are going to enter, upon graduation.

6) A dedication to work in conjunction with the Mankato State University Student Association, Academic Affairs Coordinator, and the Academic Affairs Sub-Meet and Confer Committee.

7) A commitment to incorporate student input into the decision making process at all levels.

8) A desire to enhance Academic Programs and initiate change where deemed necessary as expressed by students.

B. Campus Enrichment/and the Treasurer Report-See written report

C. Legislative Affairs-See written report

D. Public Affairs/and Communications Board-Coordinator Drganc announced that there are two new committee chairs. Ed McBride will now be chairing the Public Affairs Committee and Jen Filkens will be chairing the Communications Board. The Public Affairs Committee will be meeting Tuesday November 21, 1995 at 9 A.M. in the Coordiantor's Office. The Communications Board had its' last meeting on Friday November 10, 1995. They went over Phase III and the space problems that may arise for the three media groups. They will meet again at the start of winter quarter. The Fundraising Committee will be meeting on Friday November 17, 1995 at 10 the Senate Office. They will be going over the Pennies for Penny Fellowship and the Auctions for Lobby Days. Pennies for Penny Fellowship will continue through November 30, 1995. Senator help will be necessary. Our office drive probably will make the most money. This event is Tuesday November 21, 1995. We will split up the offices so we do not overlap. Coordinator Drganc needs people to take an hour off of their busy day to go to different offices to ask for change.

E. Cultural Diversity-no report

F. Student Affairs-Student Affairs has been working on the Mace and Pepper Spray Issue. Any issues that come up regarding this are being tabled until the joint session of RHA and the Student Senate occurs. They are also working with Academic Affairs on a center for Student Complaints. Tomorrow at 4:00 Coordinator Tkach will be meeting with the Jostens representatives to design a class ring. Anyone is welcome to attend. The Retention and Recruitment Committee will be giving a full report at the next meeting. Senator Klinkner commented that he has informally met with the Department of Residential Life. Senator Fullhart commented that he met with the Residence Hall Association Chair. Senator Klinkner asked Coordinator Tkach to comment on the new piece of technology (the computer) in the office and what processes he went through to get this. Coordinator Tkach commented that he has been working on this since last year when he noticed some problems arising due to the lack of computers in the Senate Office. Coordinator Tkach then went on to explain how he went about getting the new computer donated. Vice-president Chase commented that he has talked with Dave Chapman, the Assistant Director of Residential Life. Proxy Waibel commented that Senator Abbas is concerned with the ethical implications involved with the new computer. Senator Helgeson commented that he feels we should not be accepting things like this. Senator Yunginger asked if everything addressed in the Act of the Senate about the Mace/Pepper Spray Policy has been done. Speaker Guzek said that he will take responsibility for this failing to be done. Senator Yunginger commented that he is disappointed that this has not been taken care of. Vice-president Chase commented that it is traditional for turnover rates to be high. He also thinks that the positive things the Senate has done are often forgotten. He also noted that only five of the senators sitting here today were elected last May. The Union Board Chair commented that the contract

with the Microcomputer Store is voted on by the Union Board, not the Student Senate.

G. Union Board-See written report

H. SAC-Senator Murzyn moves to reconsider Act 95.96A12, Senator Davies seconds. Motion passes. Senator Murzyn moves to amend this to give the MSU Concert Choir $225.30. Senator Hanson moves to pass this amendment unanimously, motion passes. Move to a vote on Act 95.96A12 as amended. Passes unanimously, Senator Yunginger abstains.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Act 95.96A12 Passed Unanimously

Date: November 15, 1995

Sponsor: Student Allocations Committee

Title: Mankato State University Concert Choir Non-Budgeted Allocation

Be it Enacted: The Mankato State University Concert Choir be given $225.30 to cover transportation costs to the American Choral Directors Association of Minnesota's State Convention.

Senator Yunginger introduces Bill 10-25-F2 regarding the Student Allocations Committee's Recommendation to give the MSU Rugby Football Club $2610.00 to go to a tournament. Senator Hanson calls the question, Davies seconds. Motion fails. Discussion follows involving specifics of the request. Move to a vote. Act passes, with Senators Murzyn and Yunginger abstaining.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 11-15-F2 Act 95.96A16

Date: November 15, 1995

Sponsor: Student Allocation Committee

Title: MSU Rugby Football Club Non-Budgeted Supplemental Request

Be it enacted: That the Mankato State University Rugby Football Club be given $350.00 for a Tournament Entry Fee, $1000.00 for transportation, and $1260.00 for lodging.

I. Constitution Committee-The committee met yesterday and worked on setting goals for the remainder of the year.

K. RHA-They have been discussing MSU Night, a conference which they are considering hosting. They must decide by January 10,1996. The tentative date for MSU Night is the first weekend in March. The possible places this would be held is either in the underground area or possible off campus somewhere.

L. Urban Affairs- The City Council table the proposed the new Mass Transit System. They are also considering a sound ordinance. The City Council had a very short meeting this week.

M. Steering Committee-no report

N. Financial Aid Committee-See written report

VII. Old Business

A. Senator Murzyn moves, Senator Klinkner seconds to remove Bill 11-08-F6 from the table. Motion passes. Vice-president Chase gave some background on the issue. Senator Klinkner said that while he enjoys picking fights, he doesn't feel we should have to be doing this all the time. He thinks we need to sort out what we need to focus on this year and that we don't need to be fighting a two-front war. He commented that the purpose of SDP & A and the Student Events Team is to provide programming to students and that it is their job to determine what the students want. Speaking as a student Jen Drganc commented that the Senate has also not done everything they said they were going to do so if we are going to withhold money from SDP & A we should also withhold money from ourselves. Senator Jones commented that we need to be consistent with what we do. Vice-president Chase commented that we need to be in charge of how our student dollars are spent and that it is not an issue of specifically how much money is held back, it is a matter of whether or not we have power over student money. Mr. O'Sullivan, Assistant Vice-president for Student Affairs, commented that the President has said that he would like to pass everything the Student Senate sends him. However, the President is concerned about how the Senate is using their power and whether or not they are using it responsibly. The President does not want to veto things that the Senate passes or take away our rights regarding the spending of our student dollars. Senator Helgeson recommends that because this money was not specifically dedicated towards any specific area that we restore it. Senator Hanson moves to caucus for two minutes, Senator Klinkner seconds and the motion passes. Senator Hanson moves to amend to say that 9% will be released to SDP & A , Senator Yunginger seconds. Senator Hanson removes his amendment. Senator Yunginger feels that we need to stand up for ourselves on this issue. Senator McBride offers an amendment, Senator Smithson seconds. Senator McBride withdraws his amendment. Senator

Davies offers an amendment, Fullhart seconds. Senator Mashlab commented that members of the Student Events Team feel picked on by the Student Senate. Senator Fullhart removes his second, Proxy Waibel seconds. Senator Murzyn calls the question, Vice-president Chase seconds. Motion fails. Senator Hanson moves to amend the amendment, Senator Yunginger seconds. Senator Preusser calls the question, Senator Murzyn seconds. Motion passes. Move to a vote on the amendment . Amendment to the amendment passes. Senator Murzyn urges the Senate to fail this Resolution. Senator Yunginger called the question, Senator Fullhart seconds. Motion passes. Move to a vote on the amendment. Amendment passes. Move to discussion on the main motion. Senator Hanson calls the question, Senator Murzyn seconds. Motion fails. Senator Helgesen said we cannot remove previously allocated funds unless a particular line item is not fulfilled, and since we don't have specific line items we cannot cut any money at this time. Senator Klinkner commented that this is a friendly reminder to the president. Speaking from the gallery Peni Blakley asked if the Senate wants to become a programming board and doesn't feel that the Senate understands what amount of work goes into a parade. Senator Hanson removes his bill.

Senator McBride offers a bill, Senator Fullhart seconds. Senator Hanson calls the question, Senator Daniels seconds. Motion passes. Move to a vote on the bill, bill passes and becomes Resolution 95.96R4.

Resolution of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 11-15-F4 Resolution 95.96R4

Date: November 15, 1995

Sponsor: Ed McBride

Be it Resolved: That we release the 10% with the stipulation that we feel that the misallocations of funds was a serious violation and that in the future all attempts be made to have a Homecoming Parade.

Senator Hanson moves to recess, Senator Klinkner seconds. Motion passes.

VIII. New Business

A. Speaker Guzek introduces Bill 11-15-P5 written by Senator Abbas regarding a Formation of a Task Force on Gift Acceptance and a Temporary Code of Ethics dealing with Gifts to the Student Association. Senator Maslab seconds. Senator Maslab commented that he feels that we need to have a Code of Ethics. Senator Anderson moves to table this until January 10, 1995, Senator Murzyn seconds. Motion passes.

B. Senator Klinkner offers Bill 11-15-G6, Senator Yunginger seconds. Senator Klinkner comments that if we wish to work on a Code of Ethics in the future that would be great but for now we should accept this gracious gift. Vice-president Chase comments that in the future we should have to approve donations before we set out to get them. He is also in support of the creation of a Code of Ethics. We are not simply an RSO, we are a group of students representing all students. Senator Filkens calls the question, Senator Fullhart seconds. Motion passes. Bill 11-15-G6 passes and becomes Act 95.96A17.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 11-15-G6 Act 95.96A17

Date: November 15, 1995

Sponsor: Francis Klinkner

Title: Micro-Computer Store Thank-You

Whereas: The Micro-Computer Store is a continuing supporter of the students of Mankato State University and,

Whereas: The Micro-Computer Store has recently made a contribution to the Student Senate in the form of a brand new computer, therefore be it

Resolved: That the Mankato State Student Association/Senate thank the Micro-Computer Store for their contributions to the students of Mankato State University, by providing us with affordable computers and proving their commitment through contributions to our organizations.

C. Vice-President Chase introduces Bill 11-15-G7, Senator Davies seconds. Senator McBride calls the question, Senator Janssen seconds. Motion passes. Move to a vote on Bill 11-15-G7. Bill passes and becomes Act 95.96A18.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 11-15-G7 Act 95.96A18

Date: November 15, 1995

Sponsor: Matthew Chase

Title: Division I Hockey Special Session

Whereas: Division I Hockey is an important issue, and

Whereas: Time constraints restrict freedom of meeting schedules, therefore be it

Enacted: That the Senate will have a special session on Wednesday November 29, 1995 at 3:00 to discuss the issue of Division I Hockey.

IX. Senator Reports-See written reports.

A. Senator Murzyn (see written report) Senator Murzyn yields to Vice-president Chase, he asks that the Senate approve a letter saying the following: The Mankato State Student Association/Senate thanks former Vice-chancellor of Finance Ed McMahon for many years of distinguished and dedicated service to Mankato State University and Minnesota Higher Education. We wish him well and success in the future, we will miss him a great deal.

X. Open Forum- Speaker Guzek apologized to Senator Mashlab for interrupting him earlier in the meeting. He also said that if he offended anyone he is sorry. Coordinator Tkach commented that when we are done using the Internet we should log-off because this incurs Internet charges to the University. If you have not received your Senate t-shirt please see Vice-president Chase. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Division I Hockey please see the Vice-president. Also please keep in mind the month of January will be very busy.

Senator Jones moves to close open forum, Senator Hanson seconds. Motion passes.

XI. Announcements

Senator Preusser will become a Lt. in the Army on Friday. Senator McBride moves to close announcement, Senator Hanson seconds, motion passes.

Senator Yunginger moves to adjourn, Senator Hanson seconds, motion passes. Meeting is adjourned at 9:40 p.m.