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November 29, 1995


Called to order at 3:03 p.m.

I. Roll Call-

Senators Present:

Staff Present:

II. Approval of the Agenda-agenda approved.

III. Presentation-Don Amiot and Don Brose

Don Amiot, MSU Athletic Director gave an introduction. He is here today with other members of the Athletic Department to answer our questions and concerns. In January they will be asking for Division I Status at the NCAA Conference. They will have to meet many guidelines which they are now in the process of working on. President Wallace about the gender equity requirements. Mr. Amiot commented that they are working to ensure that these are met based on the OCR report. Senator Abbas asked if students would be charged admission and what finical guarantees we have for the coming years. Mr. Amiot said that students will not be charged admission unless we change the Pre-Paid Admission Agreement. Mr. Amiot then went on to comment that there are funding perimeters in place, however there are no funding guarantees. They have tried to put in checks and balances. The Downtown Committee has also committed to funding this. Vice-president Chase asked Mr. Amiot to walk us through the budget. Mr. Amiot did so, explaining the budget in detail. All additional salary money necessary will be coming from the private sector. Recruitment dollars will increase, thus similar dollars will have to be put in to meet gender equity. We have to provide similar opportunities to both male and female athletes. There will also be more promotion money necessary, this will again be coming in part from the private sector. When the downtown committee began this process they were fully aware of the gender equity requirements that would need to be met. The downtown facility rental is being paid through a state lease agreement. Advance gate sales have been higher than expected. President Wallace asked Mr. Amiot to explain the levels in division I. Mr. Amiot responded that we are asking the NCAA to give us multi-divisional status.

Mr. Don Brose, Mankato State University Hockey Coach, went on to explain that he is very excited for this opportunity. Because the hockey team is independent it has caused a lot of problems. He feels the hockey program needs to move on. He feels we need to expand our horizons. Division I hockey would identify us with a number of other institutions dedicated to excellence. He feels the state of MN and MSU are ready for Division I hockey. He also feels it will help with enrollment. He thinks that it will help Mankato be recognized. Three years ago when the referendum passed to build the Civic Center the districts voting for it were primarily student populations. The facility downtown has brought a lot to Mankato. If we go to WCHA our hockey rink would be the fifth largest in the WCHA. Three years ago 4,376 students signed a petition to bring Division I discussions back to the table. He feels the students have spoken. Coordinator Benson asked if Coach Brose feels these players have the ability to play at the WCHA level. He commented that some players will be worthy of this, but there needs to be an increase in the funds for scholarships. Coordinator Benson then asked how he will train the new athletes coming in to be able to compete at this level. Coach Brose responded that he feels that through increased recruitment and scholarship money we will be attracting the right kinds of players. Senator McBride asked how long it will take the team to make the adjustment, to become successful. Coach Brose said this will take time, he can't make any promises though. Vice-president Chase asked if in the years that we don't achieve this excellence, how the budget will be affected. Coach Brose said that the community understands this isn't going to be something that just happens overnight. He then went on to comment that season ticket sales have been much higher than projected.

IV. Testimony-Daren Blue, a student, who played for the hockey team previously stated that he supports the move to Division I Hockey. Jodi Ash, a sophomore at MSU, stated that she feels that gender equity has been pushed too far at our university. She feels equality is starting to hurt our university. She also feels that this equity issue has been brought up by people who simply are against the move to Division I Hockey. Ms. Ash, said that if the hockey team goes Division I she feels it will help the university especially in the area of recognition. A student expressed concerns that other programs would be cut because of Division I. Coach Brose commented that other programs would not be cut. Jason Ontelle, the hockey team captain, said that he feels Mankato will be able to have a competitive program.

Henry Okleshen, a faculty member from the College of Business, feels that each of us will have opportunities in our life to make decisions to maximize our potential. He feels that if we do not push ahead it will affect us and all the people around us. He also commented that we have an opportunity here, and that over the long term it will help and benefit us all and make MSU a better place to be. Sarah Pierce, a sophomore on the softball team, commented that most athletes want to see Division I Hockey. They do not want to see other programs get cut though. She also feels that all women's sports are happy with where they are at right now, and would not want to be forced to move up to meet gender equity requirements. Matt Lombardi, a student who plays football, stated that he supports Division I Hockey. He also commented that he feels we have a lot of great programs at this University we just need to market them better. John Bringingham, a student, feels that if we have Division I Hockey it will bring better recognition to our school. He also feels this exposure would be positive and encourage more students to give Mankato a look. Jackie Rabin, a student who plays women's basketball, feels that some of the money now being spent to promote hockey needs to be spent promoting other sports. Mr. Malcolm O'Sullivan, acting Assistant Vice-president for Student Affairs, just got back from the Office of Civil Rights. We have agreed to spend equal funds on mens and women's programs. We also have other requirements. Many of these issues simply require common sense. Senator Klinkner asked if there was any indication from the Office of Civil Rights regarding mandating us to have a female Division I program. Mr. O'Sullivan responded that they want the quality of competition to be equal, this doesn't necessarily mean it would have to be a female team. Senator Davies asked how they measure this. Mr. O'Sullivan responded that they look at your competition's competition, their recruitment, etc. They also look at the skill level of your athletes, etc.

V. Break-Senator Murzyn moves to caucus, President Wallace seconds, motion passes.

VI. New Business-Called back to order at 4:21 p.m. Speaker Guzek thanked everyone for coming. Vice-president Chase, as chair of the athletic advisory committee, explained the reasons why it is important that we deal with this issue now. Speaker Guzek introduced Bill 11-29-G1. Vice-president Chase offers an amendment. President Wallace seconds. Move to a vote on the amendment, amendment passes unanimously. President Wallace offers an amendment, Senator Murzyn seconds. Move to a vote on amendment. Amendment passes unanimously. Senator Abbas is in favor of the idea and concept of Division I Hockey, however he feels that we do not have enough guarantees. Senator Klinkner feels there are a lot of what ifs and we can not afford to gamble away our future. We also can not afford to gamble with the dollars of our students. He feels the decision has already been made. He also asked how we can put more money into something when we are faced with budget cuts. Senator Hayden said we also need to address our stance towards athletics. Senator Helgeson introduced an amendment, Senator Hanson seconds. Senator Hanson removes his second. Senator Davies seconds. Move to a vote on the amendment, amendment fails. Senator Gerard said that there are no guarantees in life. She also added that hockey is a big part of MN, and should be a part of MSU. She also feels that Division I Hockey would make the players strive for excellence. Senator Mcbride feels that the decision has not been made, and that it is important for us to take a stand. We need to make our voice heard, we need to represent the students. Coordinator Tkach feels that life is full of what ifs. He also feels that this is a positive thing and is worth gambling on. Senator Nado proposes an amendment, seconded by Senator Hayden. He feels that the primary mission of our school is academics not sports. Senator Hayden does feel Division I is a positive thing, however, he doesn't want it to affect academic areas. President Wallace feels that this is already covered in the main motion. Vice-president Chase moves to make a time limit. Senator Murzyn seconds. Motion passes unanimously. Senator Gerard calls the question, President Wallace seconds. Amendment fails. Back to the main motion. Coordinator Benson stated that the decision has not been made and as the representative body of the students we need to take a stand and represent the students. Senator Maslab believes we should vote on the main motion. Senator Daniels move to call question, Senator Hanson seconds, motion passes. Move to a vote on the main motion. Motion passes and becomes Resolution 95.965. College of Graduate Senators Hayden and Nado formally abstained from voting on this motion due to the fact that there are no assurances that academic integrity will be maintained.

Senator Murzyn moves to adjourn, President Wallace seconds. Motion passes and meeting adjourns at 5:07 p.m.


Resolution of the

Mankato State Student Association

DATE: 29 November 1995

BILL: 11-29-G1


TITLE: Support for Division I Hockey

Whereas: Division I Hockey may bring national name recognition to MSU; and

Whereas: Name recognition may result in increased enrollment and retention for MSU; and

Whereas: The entertainment value of a Division I program may increase student involvement, pride, and morale; and

Whereas: Student involvement may aid in the retention of students on the weekends; and

Whereas: The possible financial gain may benefit women's athletic programs, MSU intercollegiate athletics, Mankato State University and the City of Mankato; therefore be it

Resolved: That the MSSA/Senate, as the representatives of the students, does hereby support the move to Division I Hockey at Mankato State University with the following guideline:

a. All athletes and athletic programs are given equal treatment per Office of Civil Rights Requirements.

We will not support any of the following as a result of moving to Division I Hockey.

a. Athletic programs cut in whole.

b. Athletic programs cut in part

c. Reallocation from the University M&E or academic budget.

d. Increase in student activities fees as a result of a deficit from Division I Hockey.

e. Cuts in faculty, personnel, or support staff.

f. Budget cuts in facilities, equipment, or supporting services.


President Mona Wallace


Vice-president Matthew Chase