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January 10, 1996

Called to order at 4:00 p.m.

I. Roll Call, the following Senators were present: Jennifer Filkins, Tony Hanson, Paul Helgeson, Scott Preusser, Michelle Smithson,Bradley Crep proxy Jaque Louis, Ed McBride, Michelle Murzyn, Robert Hayden, Jason Nado, Mohammad Abbas, Chad Wiederholt, Jason Hulstein, Francis Klinkner, Doug Olson, Landon Jones, Kristy Anderson, Heather Gerard, Megan Daniels, Steve Janssen.

The following Staff were present: President Wallace, Vice-president Chase, Speaker Guzek, Chief of Staff Harmon, Treasurer Benson, Coordinator Benson, Coordinator Drganc, Coordinator Tkach.

II. Approval of the Agenda-Agenda approved as amended.

Approval of the Minutes-Minutes approved.

III. Elections-Vice-president Chase moves to caucus for three minutes. Senator Abbas seconds. Motion passes. Called back to order at 4:15. Senator Abbas moves to caucus for three minutes, Senator Smithson seconds. Motion passes. Called back to order at 4:21. Mr. Chad Wiederholt elected to the Off-Campus Senator Position.

Appointments-Acting Academic Affairs Coordinator Tony Hanson, ROTC Advisory Mohammad Abbas, Registrar's Search Shelly Benson, Library Advisory Victor Biegarek, SOAFC Jana Schumacker and Travis Haugen, Public Affairs Michelle Riley, Abbi Wallin, and Jennifer Johnson, Urban Affairs Board Chris Niewind (City Relations) Mohammad Abbas (Homeless Coalition), Constitution Committee Brian Kass, Elections Committee Jennifer Filkins, Steven Tkach, RHA Meet and Confer Robert Hayden, Legislative Affairs Libby Albers, Parking Appeals Jim Didion, Parking Committee Michelle Benson.

IV. Student Forum-No students wished to speak.

SAC REPORT-The SAC Motion regarding the Lacrosse Team was declared invalid by Speaker Guzek due to the fact there was not quorum at the meeting in which it was passed. He referred this situation back to SAC.

V. Officer Reports

A. President Mona Wallace-see written report.

B. Vice President Matthew Chase-If you wish to attend the MSUSA Luncheon you need to sign up, and if you do sign up you need to come so that money is not wasted. If anyone is interested in joining the MSUSA Reorganization Committee they will be meeting in St. Cloud on Sunday. The How to MSU Committee is working on putting together the How to MSU Book. Vice-president Chase introduced a bill regarding a student's request for use of the student attorney. The Speaker then gave a first reading of Bill 01-10-F2.

Bill for an Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill Number 01-10-F2

Date: January 10, 1996

Sponsor: Vice-president Chase

Title: Use of the Student Attorney

Whereas: In 1994 Ms. Sager, an MSSA Member, requested use of the student attorney for representation; and

Whereas: The MSSA Student Attorney has referred said client to other legal representation;

Whereas: Student Activity Funds cannot be used for legal assistance other than the MSSA Student Attorney; therefore be it

Enacted: That jurisdiction of said request be denied, and subsequently its' funding.

Vice-president Chase is very concerned about this issue. He feels that this is unconstitutional. He also feels that this would result in negative publicity for the MSSA. He is also concerned about the fact that budgetary matters make this request extremely unrealistic. Speaker Guzek then presented Bill 01-10-P3 regarding the Establishment of an Association Ethics Board. Senator Klinkner seconds. Senator Klinkner asked the Vice-president how the membership of the board is appointed. Vice-president Chase responded that the committee would be appointed at the beginning of the year and it would be up to them to handle situations if a case came up where a member was in question. Coordinator Benson asked how members would be appointed to this committee and who would chair the committee. Vice-president Chase responded that members would be selected by the standard committee appointment process and that the committee would select their own chair. Vice-president Chase moves to amend to include the word judicial board following the word Constitution members. Senator Murzyn seconds. Proxy Blakley said that she was concerned with the fact that some Judicial Board members are not familiar with Senate and the constitution. Vice-president Chase responded that not all members of the Judicial Board would have to be members. Move to a vote, amendment passes. Senator McBride calls the question, Senator Daniels seconds. Motion fails. Senator Abbas introduces an amendment to change the composition of the board to five student members who are not Senate members, President Wallace seconds. Senator Abbas suggested that politics may enter into this board and therefore these senators may not be able to decide these issues fairly and in order for this to be a fair process this board should be independent. President Wallace agrees that she feels this board should be an independent body. Senator Hayden feels that someone from outside of the Senate should be on this board. Vice-president Chase comments that this is a good point because he feels that is important for the idea of peer-judiciary to be present. Proxy Lewis suggested that the senator be the chair. Senator Murzyn raised the point that the United States Senate and House of Representatives have a Ethics Committee in which legislators judge their peers and the politics involved are on a much larger level. President Wallace moves to offer a friendly amendment, Senator Abbas seconds. Move to a vote on the amendment, the amendment passes unanimously. Senator Hayden asked who is going to determine these rules of ethical conduct and what say will we (the Senate) will have in them. Vice-president Chase responds that the committee will establish all rules which they will then recommend to the Senate. The Senate must then approve them. The bill passes unanimously and becomes Act 95.96A19.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill Number 01-10-P3/ Act 95.96A19

Date: January 10, 1996

Sponsor: Vice-president Chase

Title: Establishment of Association Ethics Board

Whereas: From time to time individual Association legislative member's

conduct has been scrutinized,

Whereas: The Student Senate has frequently considered the concept of

ethics review,

Whereas: Rules of ethical conduct are necessary, therefore be it

Enacted: That the Mankato State Student Association/ Senate hereby

establishes an Ethics Committee; and

Enacted: That the Ethics Board establish rules of conduct for all legislative

Association members, including Senators; and

Enacted: That the Ethics Board procedures shall be semi-independent of

the Senate;

Enacted: That the Ethics Board shall establish its own preview, including

who, what, and how ethical concerns shall be considered by the

Board; and

Enacted: That the Ethics Board shall recommend sanctions to the Senate for

placement upon members in question, and

Enacted: That the Ethics Board shall be comprised of six members which shall consist of five students who are Non-Senate Members and one non-voting chair who is a MSSA Senate member.

The Meet and Confer with RHA will be January 24, 1996. We need to work on getting the agenda together for that meeting. There are many possible topics being considered if you have any questions please see Vice-President Chase. Elections are coming up if anyone is interested in being on the Elections Committee talk to Vice-president Chase. There are two positions open on search committees if you have any interest in joining these committees please see Vice-president Chase. Legislative Affairs is working on many issues if you have any interest in working on anything please see him. The future of the MN River Review has been a question of interest to many people if anyone is interested please come talk to Vice-president Chase. Vice-president Chase is working on the parade policy if you have any suggestions or comments regarding this issue please see him. A suit was filed last year regarding this issue, but was settled out of court. They are currently working on the existing policy. Thanks to Senator McBride and Coordinator Drganc for doing such a wonderful job working on Public Affairs. Thanks to Senator Helgeson, Senator Klinkner, and Coordinator Benson for all their work on the budget. Good luck to Senator/Coordinator Hanson on his new position, he has a big job ahead of him. Thanks to Coordinator Tkach for his work on the Jostens Class Ring Issue. He has put a lot of work into this area. Thanks to Speaker Guzek for running such a great meeting. Thanks to Senator Anderson for always putting in time in the office. Thanks to Senator Hayden for working on the Academic Computing Center issues and his innovative ideas on the Technologies Committee. Thanks to Chief of Staff Harmon for always offering an opinion. Thanks to Senator Murzyn for doing everything and being everywhere. Thanks to President Wallace for giving the university hell.

Senator Hanson moves to recess for fifteen minutes. Senator Murzyn seconds. Motion passes. Called back to order at 5:45 p.m.

C. Speaker Eddy Guzek-

Recognized Student Organization Registration Renewal and Initial Recognition-All approved without objection.

Social Studies Club, RANGE, Honors Club, Army ROTC Ranger Club, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Law Enforcement Club, Maverick Flyers, Alpha Phi Sigma Vietnamese Student Association, Anthropology Student Association, Order of Omega, Habitat for Humanity, United Nations Club, MSU Aikido Club, Kappa Delta Pi, MSU Amateur Radio Club, Planning Student Organization.

Speaker Guzek congratulated the new senator. Speaker Guzek welcomed everyone back from break. In January we will be having a sledding outing. Speaker Guzek would like everyone to submit him a written report telling him what goals they accomplished last quarter and if you plan on expanding on these or setting new goals. He will be putting a sign-up sheet in the office for people to sign in their office hours. An orientation will be planned for the new senators during the quarter, all senators will be expected to attend. A point of information is a question and answer. The person speaking must yield to the interruption and the time will be taken out of the speakers time. It must be relevant to the business at hand. Only members can raise a point of information with members being defined as people who have the right to full participation in the meeting proceedings. Therefore, coordinators may not make a point of information or interrupt debate.

D. Chief of Staff Matt Harmon-No report.

E. Treasurer report-See written budget. The Budget Committee has come up with a proposal which they are asking the Senate to approve. Budget passes unanimously.

VI. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-Senator Hanson was unanimously elected the Acting Academic Affairs Coordinator. The following members were present: Brad Crep/proxy Jacque Lewis, Steven Janssen, Paul Helgeson, Tony Hanson, Michelle Murzyn, Ed McBride, Robert Hayden, Doug Olson, Michelle Smithson, Jason Nado, Jennifer Filkins. During the meeting we discussed our committee goals for this quarter. Senator Hayden brought up some proposals regarding the Academic Computer Center. The committee also discussed the Search Committee for the Vice-president of Academic Affairs.

B. Campus Enrichment-see written report

C. Legislative Affairs-no report

D. Public Affairs/and Communications Board-Coordinator Drganc met with Vice-president Korvas on Public Affairs Issues. The fundraising committee is being chaired by Doug Olson. They will be doing a couple of different fundraisers. Senator McBride stated that flyers will be made informing student about senate issues and letting them know about student forum. They will also be doing presentations in the residence halls. They are also trying to talk to five students a week to give them information about the Senate. Senator McBride would like all of us to try a little harder to keep the office a little more clean. We also need to keep in mind that on Tuesdays and Thursdays it is also an attorney's office and we need to keep a professional image. It is also important for people to wear name tags. When we are wearing these name tags we need to be professional, we are representing the Senate. Senator McBride would like us also to portray the best image we can. He would like to thank Vice-president Chase and Coordinator Drganc for all their help. He feels that what happened last year with the elections was an embarrassment. Senator McBride introduces Bill 01-10-G4. Bill passes unanimously and becomes Act 95.95A20.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill Number 01-10-G4/ Act 95.96A20

Date: January 10, 1996

Sponsor: Public Affairs Committee

Title: Name tag Request for Public Affairs

On the second meeting of winter quarter the Public Affairs Committee recommends that every senator and staff wear name tags every Wednesday in order to promote our weekly meeting and let our constituents know who we are and who we represent.

President Wallace commented that it is important that we present an appropriate image. When we are in public places it is necessary that we think about what we are saying and doing.

E. Cultural Diversity-Their will be a vigil for Martin Luther King Jr. on Sunday night. President Wallace will be speaking. On Monday night they will be having a dinner for Martin Luther King Jr. at the Civic Center. February is Black History Month. On Saturday the 20th of January their will be a Hmong New Year Celebration. The Pan African is also coming up.

F. Student Affairs-Coordinator Tkach welcomed everyone back. On February 10, 1996 there will be final approval of the Jostens designs for the class rings. In March students will vote on this at Josten's expense. Advertisement is one main area that they need to work on in regards to this issue. On Friday at 2:00 there will be a meeting to look at some ring designs. Coordinator Tkach encourages everyone to attend. He is also working on the MN River Review.

G. Union Board-See Written Report.

H. SAC-See earlier report.

I. Constitution Committee-The committee is working on re-writing portions of the constitution. Changes will be reviewed in April again before being placed on the election ticket. The appeal regarding the question of if a Senator must be accepted into a college was accepted by the Constitution Committee, they decided that you do not have to be formally admitted to your college, it is based on whether or not you have declared your major.

J. Communications Board-KRNR has submitted a relocation proposal. They would like to move to the Warren Street Center. If you have any problems, questions, or comments regarding the MN River Review please see Jennifer Filkens. Coordinator Drganc met with the co-editor of the MN River Review. They are a literary magazine located across from the bookstore. They have requested the assistance of Coordinator Drganc and Tkach in helping them to fundraise. They are in need of a computer with pagemaker 4.2. She would like someone to entertain the idea of letting them use one of the computers in the Coordinator's Office. The board is meeting Friday at 11:00 in 219A, anyone is welcome. Senator Hayden commented that as machines are retired out of the ACC they are given to organizations throughout campus. The MN River Review can possibly receive one of these. Coordinator Drganc asked if Senator Hayden could outline the steps the MN River Review should take to get one of these computers. Senator Filkins thinks that before people advocate the elimination of these funds, they should consider the students involved.

K. RHA-Shannon Patrick came and spoke regarding some of the proposals they are considering for next year. RHA is holding off on hosting MN Unite night, however they are considering hosting it next year. Everyone is encouraged to attend a RHA meeting, they are in CSU in 203 or 201 they will be meeting Monday the 22nd at 4:00 p.m. Senator Hayden feels that Residential Life needs to start treating students as adults.

L. Urban Affairs-Senator Preusser has been ordered on to active duty and will be going to Georgia. The city is currently working on proposals regarding the airport. They want to use the excess revenues from the Civic Center tax to fund the airport. They would like the aeronautics club to be an integral part of doing this. Vice-president Chase said that if anyone wanted information regarding the airport issue see him.

M. Steering Committee-The Steering Committee is searching for a replacement for the Academic Affairs Coordinator Position.

N. MSUSA Committee-There will be a sign up in the office for the MSUSA Conference. There will be six other universities present so it will be a good time to meet other students and interact with them.

VII. Old Business-None

VIII. New Business-None

IX. Senator Reports-Senators Hanson and Murzyn, see written reports.

X. Open Forum- Senator McBride commented that all the comments about images and keeping the office clean were personal remarks from him, not his committee. Mr. Pete Waibel, a student, gave a report regarding the committee on the recruitment and retention of students. There will be a meeting Monday the 22nd at 2:00 p.m. in the First Year Experience Office. President Wallace asked that everyone please submit their schedule to Cheri. President Wallace thanked Mr. Preusser for all of his hard work and wished him good luck. Senator Anderson and Senator Jones are going to be having a Open Forum to hear the concerns of their constituents. Senator Klinkner commented that Senator Olson and he will be holding an off-campus student open forum Tuesday January 16 at 4:00 p.m. Vice-president Chase is extremely proud that senators are holding these open forums, he asked that they please post the dates in the office. He will be asking for a constitutional review of the RHA's jurisdiction. Senator Hanson moves to close Open Forum by role call vote. Senators Filkins, Hanson, Preusser, Crep, McBride, Murzyn, Hayden, Nado, Klinkner, Jones, Anderson, Gerard, President Wallace, Vice-president Chase voted yes. Senator Abbas votes no. Motion passes.

XI. Announcements-Senator Hayden announced that he had an article written about him. Coordinator Benson was admitted to Graduate School at Winona State University. Senator Abbas encourages all to attend the Pan-African conference, a variety of people will be there. Senator Hanson moves to close announcements, Senator McBride seconds. Motion passes.

President Wallace moves to adjourn, Senator Murzyn seconds, motion passes. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.