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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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February 14, 1996

I. Call to order at 4:03 p.m.

Senators Present: Blake, Ellingson, Filkins, Hanson, Helgeson, Mashlab, Halverson, Nasim, Crep/Proxy Lewis, McBride, Murzyn, Hayden, Abbas, Hiller, Hulstein, Klinkner, Olson, Wiederholt, Yunginger, Jones, Anderson, Gerard, Daniels, Janssen, Tullaren.

Staff Present: Wallace, Chase, Guzek, Harmon, Hanson, Abbas, Drganc, Tkach.

II. Agenda approved.

Minutes approved as corrected.

III. Student Forum-no students wished to speak.


Marcus Anderson spoke in favor of KRNR. Rumor had it that they

Sheryl Crow would be at the Civic Center. They have agreed to host 6 bands. Went to ask for $2000 from student allocations to secure the Civic Center.

They are doing a lot of fundraising, however, the problem is that no one knows about it. He is looking for some sort of endorsement because what they are bringing to the civic center could benefit students as well as the community. The date has been changed the date to March 24, 1996.

IV. Appointments-Semester Conversion Michelle Murzyn, Ensuring Cultural Diversity Committee, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Mohammad Abbas, Student Affairs Yasamu Kabiri, SOAFC Ingrid Ellingson. All approved without objection.

V. Officer Reports

A. President Wallace-Please make sure that you clean up the office before you leave the room. With elections coming it is important to stay focused until the years end. Please remember to keep this in mind and not bring partisanship into the office. A new policy has been developed regarding the Coordinator's Speaking Rights. A senator may yield time to a coordinator if he or she so chooses to speak on their subject area. However coordinators are not allowed to solicit senators for time and may only speak if what they have to say hasn't already been discussed. President Wallace said that notes passed at the Senate Table must be directly related to the debate on hand. Coordinator Drganc has agreed to be the page. Coordinator Drganc asked who will be making final decisions on the Senate's Office Space for Phase III. President Wallace said that we are going to try to put all of the ideas together. For Rally Day tomorrow meet in the office at 9:30. The theme is "Higher Education is costing us the shirts off our backs." Please wear comfortable clothes.

B. Vice-president Chase-Vice-president Chase sent around an information sheet last week regarding the projects the Senate is working on. Only 4 people signed up which is very disappointing. We have a quarter and a half left and we are on the verge of making a dramatic difference at Mankato State. We need to pull together, we can't do it alone. If there are interests not on the sheet please write them on the back of the sheet. The President's Council/Maverick Assembly is where the 150 Recognized Student Organizations are going to be pulled together to create a second body to the Senate. This will cause us to pull together for a greater student voice, do more programming, and make it more effective. There is a meting at 3:00 p.m. on Friday in the Senate Office please come if you are interested. The Technologies Committee is involved in very interesting talks anybody that is interested in being on the committee talk to Vice-president Chase. Please try to participate in the RHA Blood Drive. New senators please talk to Vice-president Chase about committees. Yield to President Wallace. President Wallace added that if we are going to get stuff done we need everybody's help. Everyday she sees the same faces, she would like to see new people getting involved. Please try to volunteer any extra time you have. If you have committed to meetings and committees you need to be there and if you can't be there then resign.

C. Speaker Guzek-Happy Valentine's Day, thanks for making it today. We will be having a new agenda format, please make sure if you want items on the agenda that you put them on the list on the Speaker's door or give them to Cheri or the Speaker by noon on Wednesdays. Items will not be allowed to be added to the agenda with the exception of presentations. Open Senate Seats are Graduate Studies and Science Engineering and Technology. Next week we will be having fitness hearings for Senator Smith and Senator Nasim. Next Wednesday we will be having a brief orientation for the new and old senators, it will take approximately one hour. There will be a bowling outing next Tuesday. New senators please talk to Speaker Guzek about your responsibilities as a Senator.

D. Chief of Staff Harmon-no report.

VI. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-no report

B. Campus Enrichment-no report

C. Legislative Affairs-Please e-mail your representatives.

D. Public Affairs-Chair resigned. They will be having floor orientations for all of the residence halls. Senators should sign up with Coordinator Drganc if you would like to help. They will be doing increased advertising for home ride. They will also be changing the board down in the Union and if anyone would like to help, let Senator Filkins or Coordinator Drganc know. Senator Anderson asked if they are doing things in the residence halls please let each other know so they can work together.

E. Cultural Diversity-Next Wednesday will be the Senate's Cultural Diversity Day. As student leaders at MSU we need to be a part of diversity because it is an important thing. If you don't pay attention to this you will have many problems in the real world. Coordinator Abbas would like us to bring food from different cultures, please bring something. We will be eating at the usual dinner break. If you would like to wear traditional dress please do so. Coordinator Abbas has been meeting with the administration and several student organizations dealing with Cultural Diversity. Next week is very important. Charles McDew will be coming on Tuesday the Pan African Conference begins on Wednesday. The opening reception will be at 6:00 p.m. at the Holiday inn

F. Student Affairs-Earth Day is coming up, Coordinator Tkach would like to have a few people from the Student Affairs Committee to work with SDP & A. Coordinator Tkach would also like us to attend RHA meetings to help bring down the barriers between RHA and the Senate and would like members to write down one item of concern of to their constituents and present it at next weeks meeting. Senator Yunginger is working on a Home Page for the Senate including things like our agenda and other issues we are working on. A world wide web committee is being created out of student affairs. Pete Waibel with the work of others has found a historic bridge in New Ulm that they would like to have placed at Mankato State. Coordinator Tkach introduces motion, Vice-president Chase moves to refer to cabinet, Senator Jones seconds. Vice-president Chase says he feels the best people to handle this is Campus Enrichment. Senator Yunginger said he objects because he feels this is a time sensitive matter and would like to give a presentation. President Wallace said this work is supposed to be done in committee she recommends that this be moved to committee. Senator Abbas moves to refer back to committee, Senator Hanson seconds. Senator Hayden calls question, Senator Murzyn seconds. Motion passes, question called. Senator Yunginger moves to appeal the decision of the chair Proxy Waibel seconds. Motion passes. Vote on calling question, motion passes question called. Vote on referring back to committee, motion passes, Senator Yunginger votes yes. Senator Yunginger moves to reconsider vote to refer this back to committee, by lack of a second motion fails. Senator Hanson moves to caucus for five minutes, President Wallace seconds, motion passes.

Called to order at 6:03 p.m.

G. Union Board-see written report. President Wallace asked what there reply was about customer friendliness, Blakley said they only told them who to address complaints to. President Wallace asked about the slowness of cashier lines, Blakley said they said they are trying to keep food fresh and if people don't show up that is not there fault. There is an e-mail box regarding Aramark complaints which she will post in the office. President Wallace asked if there were suggestion boxes being put up, Blakley responded that they are working on this. Senator Helgeson said that he would like the Aramark manager to come to a meeting to address our concerns. Senator Helgeson said that if he (the Aramark Manager) would like to have employment at this or any campus in MN it is in his best interest to come to a meeting. President Wallace said that we need somebody here to sit down with to let them know that we are not the only campus in the state having problems with them. President Wallace suggests that we get on our e-mail and find out what other schools are having problems with Aramark. Senator Hayden said that he would like RHA invited to this. Senator Klinkner asked that Larry be invited to our next meeting. Speaker Guzek responded that he will invite him. Vice-president Chase said that we have a group dealing with this issue right now and if you are interested in this issue please see Vice-president Chase. Senator Helgeson asked if it is appropriate to boycott Aramark, Vice-president Chase said that is not inappropriate and that the executive branch has a plan that can be put in place at any time. Vice-president Chase recommends to the Senate that we hold off and wait until we have more information. see Vice-president Chase, Blakley, or Coordinator Tkach if you are interested in this group. Coordinator Tkach said that he would like the Dining Services Committee present at any meeting with the Senate and RHA. Senator Hiller said that he wished the Senate would reconsider this vote. Blakley said that she would like to see this reconsidered. Speaker Guzek said he will not invite Aramark Management until a later date.

H. SAC-Senator Murzyn is working on re-doing the SAF Policy. If anyone would like to offer input or suggestions please let her know if you are interested. At Budget-Sub Meet and Confer the budget plan was discussed. As it looks now tuition will increase 4%. However, this is not final, it depends on several factors that have yet to be determined.

I. Constitution Committee-no report

J. Communications Board-no report

K. RHA-They are working on the Blood Drive. Please try to support this if you can give blood please do so, if not please volunteer time. Proxy Waibel asked if RHA has discussed another Joint Session, Senator Anderson said no. President Wallace asked if RHA is discussing floor orientations. Senator Anderson said no. Senator Helgeson said the Chief of Staff is working on another Joint Session, Senator Anderson added this has not formally been brought up.

L. Urban Affairs-Referendum for the Airport passed.

M. Technology Task Force-purpose of them is to act as a liaison between technology oriented people and the Senate. Senator Helgeson introduced 02-14-P1. Senator Helgeson said that it is beyond him why an institution as high of quality as MSU can consider the service being provided at the ACC acceptable. Senator Hayden said that students currently pay 1.00 per credit which comes out to about 350-400 thousand dollars per years. Laser printing would cost an additional 25,000 per year. Vice-president Chase asked if this is true it will increase speed and labor time. Senator Helgeson said that there is an increase in speed and printing but not necessarily in the program. Vice-president Chase said that after the initial costs that there is a very minimal difference in cost. Senator Helgeson said that corporations throughout the country have already determined that laser printing is the best way to go. Senator Yunginger said that he feels this would be wise to pass unanimously. Coordinator Tkach said that he is for this but he feels the cost should be dropped down. Senator Hayden said the way thinks are being done now is very labor-intensive. Senator Klinkner calls the question, President Wallace seconds. Motion passes. Bill 02-14-P1 passes and becomes resolution 95.96R9 unanimously. See attached. Senator Helgeson motions to recess for five minutes, motion passes.

Called back to order at 7:03. Senator Helgeson gave a first reading on 02-14-P2. (see attached). Senator Hanson said that he feels this is a good idea. Senator Murzyn moves to refer to SAC and the Academic Affairs Committee President Wallace seconds. Senator Hayden said that ultimately it will be referred to the ACC after the Senate approves this. Amends to include this will be done by next Wednesday. Senator Yunginger seconds. Senator Helgeson calls the question, Vice-president Chase seconds. Motion passes. Previous question called. Amendment passes. Hanson calls question, Wallace seconds, motion passes. Move to a vote on the motion to refer to SAC and Academic Affairs to be completed by Wednesday, motion passes.

This week the Technologies Committee is meeting at 2:00 in the Coordinator's Office in regards to the E-mail Policy, anyone interested is welcome to come.

VII. Old Business

A. 2nd Reading MSUSA Bylaw-Senator Klinkner read the Bylaw. Question called, motion passes. Motion passes, goes on to a third reading.

VIII. New Business

A. Procedure for Filling Vacancies-Speaker Guzek introduced Bill on Election Procedure. Senator Klinkner seconded this for purposes of discussion. Coordinator Abbas said that we need to conduct fair elections. Senator Murzyn moves to table until next week, motion passes.

B. Historic Stark Township Bridge-Proxy Waibel gave presentation on the Historic Stark Township Bridge, see attached. Referred back to the Student Affairs Committee.

IX. Senator Reports-no reports.

X. Open Forum-Senator Yunginger said that he can not find the MSUSA E-mail directory. If anyone finds it please let him know. Senator Yunginger is also wondering why people are coming to this body when they are sending time-sensitive issues back to committee. Senator Yunginger objected to President Wallace's comments regarding committee work. President Wallace said that she understands the timeliness of this issue, however she is the one that has to answer to the administration when we pass vague resolutions and acts. President Wallace feels this is a wonderful idea, however, we need to think about what we are saying and doing. President Wallace went on to comment that she is not going to let something come out of the MSSA that is in this shape. President Wallace said that we need to have posters approved by herself Vice-president Chase, Cheri, or Coordinator Drganc to ensure that they are proper. Please behave appropriately at Senate meetings, we have an image to uphold. Senator Klinkner said that he understands President Wallace's concerns about the bridge and further explained they don't have very many facts so that is why they left it vague. Senator Abbas commented that it is up to us to get facts on issues before be vote. It is very important for us to get information on issues. Senator Abbas feels that we need to bring the facts in, he also feels it is unethical to hold a committee meeting without all the members of the committee being present. Senator McBride said that we need to keep in mind that committees only meet once a week for about an hour. This idea didn't exactly need Senate approval, maybe next time we should just go talk to the administration. We need to respect each other, it is not necessary to yell. Proxy Waibel clarified that they were simply trying to get more information about the bridge. Motion to close open forum, motion passes.

XI. Announcements-Senator Hayden said this weekend he is going to the academic freedom conference if anyone wants to go let him know. There is a sign up sheet for nametags on table in the office. Thanks to Coordinator Drganc for making everyone Valentine's. President Wallace moves to close announcements, motion passes.

Move to adjourn motion passes, adjourned at 8:30.