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February 21, 1996

Called to order at 4:02.

I. Roll Call

Senators Present: Blake, Ellingson, Filkins, Hanson, Helgeson, Mashlab, Halverson, Crep/Proxy Lewis, McBride, Murzyn, Hayden, Hiller, Hulstein, Klinkner, Olson, Wiederholt, Yunginger, Jones, Anderson, Gerard, Janssen, Tullaren. Staff Present: Vice-president Chase, Speaker Guzek, Chief of Staff Harmon, Treasurer Benson, Coordinators Hanson, Benson Drganc, and Tkach.

II. Approval of the Minutes-approved as corrected.

III. Presentation-Mr. Dustin Hookom came from the Student Advisory Council, he decided to present this today after seeing the legislation from the RHA/MSSA Joint Session regarding an Academic Advising Center. The Student Advisory Council is about individual professors working with students to improve their teaching. This was started by Daryl Bussler in Educational Foundations. It is based on the concept of students and teachers working together to improve the instructor's teaching styles and methods. Students are also given the opportunity to provide input on deciding both curriculum and what goes on in the classroom. This is being set up department wide in The Education Department. The goal of this is to provide constructive criticism and feedback. Students talk to the instructors about what is being done well and also what should be improved. The agenda is developed by the student chair who runs the meeting. The student chair works one on one with the particular faculty member being evaluated to determine this agenda. It is also important for the meetings to be structured so that the meeting remains constructive. It is necessary to continually have new membership in order to have a flow of new ideas. The meetings are held once a quarter and last a few hours. Senator Helgeson asked if the Academic Affairs Committee had dealt with this issue, Mr. Hookom said that it had not. Senator Yunginger moves to refer to the Academic Affairs Committee, Senator Murzyn seconds. Senator Hayden said that he feels Academic Affairs is the appropriate group to be handling this. Move to a vote, motion passes unanimously.

Fitness Hearings-Mohammad Nasim, Allen Smith-Speaker Guzek said that neither of them has come to any of the meetings this quarter. He has tried to contact both of them for thirty days but has been unable to do so. Mohammad Nasim and Allen Smith were removed from the Senate.

IV. Student Forum-Mr. Dave Hatt, President of the Student Events Team, stated that the Special Events Committee is in the process of planning a Spring Parade. He added that October 7-11 will be Homecoming Week and that the Homecoming Game will be October 12. Domecoming will be October 19. Vice-president Chase asked if the Recognized Student Organizations have been informed, Mr. Hatt said that they will be informed. Vice-president Chase said he will announce it at the Maverick Assembly/President's Council Meeting. Senator Murzyn introduces Bill 02-21-G1. Senator Murzyn said that she is in full support of this. She feels that it is essential for students, faculty and staff to get involved in the MSU Community and the Mankato Community and feels that the Parade is an excellent way to accomplish this. Bill 02-21-G1 passes unanimously and becomes Act 95.96A30.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 02-21-G1/ Act 95.96A30

Title: Spring Parade

Date: February 21, 1996

Sponsor: Senator Murzyn

Be it enacted: That the MSSA/Senate is in full support of the Student Events Team's Spring Parade and encourages all students, faculty, staff, and Recognized Student Organizations to be involved.

V. Appointments-Jeff Robertson ACC Committee and Technologies Committee, Sarah Tatman Student Allocations Committee, Matt Chase Elections Committee, Paul Helgeson ACC Committee and Technologies Committee, Senator Yunginger objected on the grounds that the President was not here.

V1. Officer Reports

A. President Mona Wallace-President Wallace wished that she could be here, however, she is sick. There are funny things going on in the office, things have been missing such as personal items and posters. If this continues to go on the office will be closed everyday when Cheri leaves.

B. Vice President Matthew Chase-Vice-president Chase said that the Elections Committee is going to be up and running. The committee consists of the following members: Senator Filkins, Coordinator Tkach, Jacque Lewis, and Senator Hulstein. They will be meeting soon members please let him know your schedule. He is preparing for the Maverick Assembly/Presidents Council Meeting. The tentative plan is for it to be organized into 13 categories: by colleges, the Greeks, Recreational Groups, Religious Groups, Honorary Organizations, Residence Hall Government, Special Interest Groups, and International Stunned Groups. If you have any suggestions let him know. The meeting is at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, please come. Lobbying went very well. We are even in the Session Weekly, the legislative booklet that comes out every week. We made the papers and we made a difference. We also made a huge difference on the minimum wage bill. Eight representatives said that after seeing students out there they reconsidered their position and voted in favor of it which is fortunate because it only passed by five. However, this still has to go to the Senate and the Governor. Thanks to everyone that came. If you can possibly help on Monday night (with the Maverick Assembly) please try to come, the meeting will not last longer than one hour. Senator McBride asked where the Ethics Committee is at. Vice-President Chase said they were appointed last week and that the chair, Senator Helgeson, will be contacting the committee members to set a meeting time.

C. Speaker Eddy Guzek-Dave Cowan, himself, and the staff are working on trying to work on ways to make the Senate Meetings shorter and more efficient. The orientation will be next week. Thanks to everyone for coming bowling.

D. Chief of Staff Matt Harmon- Chief of Staff Harmon attended Rally Day last week he is glad to know we had an influence. Last Friday Mr. Weibel, Senator Hayden and himself met with Mary Dowd about rewriting the weapons policy.

V11. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-Academic Affairs had a very productive meeting. The meeting time has now changed to 1:00 on Wednesdays for the rest of the quarter. Senator Hayden presented numerous items regarding the ACC. Coordinator Hanson met with Vice-president Orr yesterday and received some new information regaling all of the majors and their current enrollment which has an extreme influence on budgeting decisions. If anyone is interested in looking at this it will be in the office.

B. Campus Enrichment-no report.

C. Legislative Affairs-Senator Klinkner and Senator Yunginger have found out that the bill outlawing student associations from lobbying the legislature died in committee. Coordinator Drganc said that the Tuition Relief Bill is in a joint meeting right now and will still be going to full committee. Please e-mail your representatives and encourage them to support this. Vice-president Chase said that Minnesota State is taking a vote on a policy dealing with alcohol on campus. Minnesota State has the authority to allow alcohol on campus on an as needed basis. We could have made a change here and made an impact but we didn't. Vice-president Chase went on to add that the Tuition Relief Bill is up in the house in committee, please e-mail your representatives. What the bill says is that the excess revenue the state has will be spent for tuition relief. We need this to be targeted to public institutions, which some of the legislation in the Senate does not do, it wants it to go to all institutions. At the federal level their are initiatives by President Clinton to privatize work study, so you could do work study off-campus. Vice-president Chase personally does not like this because the university would control what jobs students would get. President Clinton has also proposed offering a $1000.00 scholarship to students graduating in the upper 5% of their high school class, however, most of this money would end up going to private institutions. President Clinton is also talking about a deduction for education however it does not help those in the lower classes which are the people who we want to see having the opportunity to go to college.

D. Public Affairs-no report

E. Cultural Diversity-Coordiantor Abbas is working on meeting with the administration regarding Cultural Diversity Issues.

F. Student Affairs-They have been getting pressure to get the phone line going which is where you call a number which is all voice automated that allows you to get information about sports, find out if classes are canceled, order pizza, get information on health issues, etc. Last year they did a survey and a high percentage wanted it, now they just need to get it going. Diane Kalis did a presentation on commencement. Commencement will be in the Civic Center which holds 4800 people, 1300 students are graduating with 4 guests each so it will fill up fast. There will be a sub-committee working on this to determine how to implement this. Senator Klinkner is working on getting the Renters Association up and running to ensure that renter's rights are not violated. Everyone please try to attend the RHA Meetings Monday at 4:00.

G. Union Board-see written report. Coordiantor Benson asked when Phase III will actually happen. Ms. Blakely, the Union Board Chair, said that if the 32 week process is cut out groundbreaking will be late summer. If it is not cut out groundbreaking will probably not be for a year. Coordiantor Benson asked about Health Services. Ms. Blakely said that Dr. Healy, Vice-president of Student Affairs, needs to uncouple the two in the program statement, to do this she needs President Rush's signature. Ms. Blakely added that she has heard from Greek members that they want to be upstairs by the Student Senate and the Reporter, however, Mr. Morris, the Director of Student Development and the Union, has said he does not support this. Ms. Blakely is working on getting something formal from the Greeks that she can bring to the Union Board.

H. SAC-Speaker Guzek reads Bill 02-21-F2. Senator Hanson asked how they are getting there, Senator Murzyn said that they are getting there by state vans. The Cheer Team Captain stated that it is a national competition being held in Florida in April. Senator Anderson urged everyone to support this. Coordiantor Tkach urged everyone to support this. Move to a vote, Bill 02-21-F2 passes unanimously and becomes Act 95.96A31.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 02-21-F2/Act 95.96A31

Title: MSU Cheer Team

Date: February 21, 1996

Sponsor: Student Allocations Committee

Be it enacted: That the MSU Cheer Team be given $3750.00 for transportation to the NCA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Team National Championship.

I. Constitution Committee-no report

J. Communications Board-see written report. Senator Hanson asked what award the Reporter won. Senator Filkins respond that they won the best overall newspaper award. Senator Yunginger asked if KRNR has any updates for their event at the Civic Center. Senator Filkins responded that they are having problems with their promoter they will hopefully have more information shortly but at this time there is no date set. Senator Klinkner asked if they are still accepting applications for the Reporter Editor/MN River Review Editor/KRNR General Manager. Senator Filkins said the deadline has passed. The Reporter will be going to a National Newspaper Conference. They are using surplus budget funds from last year to finance this.

K. RHA-no report

L. Urban Affairs-no report

M. ACC-They met on Monday they will be meeting next Monday at 2:00 in 203. The administrators were concerned that the students may not really want laser printers and would like a survey done which he has developed, and would like to distribute to 400-500 students. Coordinator Tkach said that he will be willing to help Senator Hayden with these. Coordiantor Drganc suggested that social research classes help with this. Senator Helgeson said that he also feels that the survey is too long and he strongly encourages that they employ the resources that they have on campus to help improve the wording.

VIII. Old Business

A. MSUSA bylaw-Hayden offers an amendment, Yunginger seconds. Speaker Guzek said he will not accept the amendment and declared it invalid. Senator Yunginger said that he would urge a member of the Senate to appeal the decision of the Speaker to the Constitution Committee. Senator Murzyn calls the question, Senator Olson seconds, motion passes. Move to a vote on the bylaw amendment, amendment passes (see attached).

Vice-president Chase moves to refer the entire issue and its procedure to the Constitution Committee, Senator Yunginger seconds. Senator Hanson calls the question, motion passes. Move to a vote on referring to the Constitution Committee, motion passes. Senator Hanson moves to recess for fifteen minutes, motion passes.

Called back to order at 6:26.

B. Bill 02-14-P2 5 Year ACC Commitment-Academic Affairs Committee passed Bill 02-14-P2, however, the Senate needs to wait for SAC's Recommendation.

C. Election Procedures-Speaker Guzek read Bill 02-14-P3 dealing with Elections Procedures. Senator Yunginger withdraws his amendment. Senator Hayden offers an amendment, Senator McBride seconds. Senator Yunginger said that it is very important to have fair election procedures. Senator Helgeson said that in national elections the candidate is not allowed to view the ballot and that he would not like individuals to be able to find out how he votes. Senator Klinkner offers an amendment, Vice-president Chase seconds. Senator Klinkner withdraws his amendment. Senator Hanson amends to include that the candidates may not be present at the opening of the ballots, Senator Hayden seconds. Coordiantor Drganc said that this is inconsistent with the current election policy. Senator Klinkner moves to refer the amendment and the main motions to the Elections Committee. Vice-president Chase calls the question, Senator Mashlab seconds, motion fails. Senator Helgeson said that the issue here is that elections are very important and that how this comes out and what we do with this is going to dictate to others how they see us. When legislation comes out it should be well written and well worded so that we can simply modify it. Senator Klinkner moves to amend the motion to refer this to the Constitution Committee, Senator Janssen seconds. Senator Klinkner said that Elections Committee is set up to deal with spring elections, not mid-year vacancies. Vice-president Chase objects to this because he feels that the Constitution Committee should not deal with this issue. Senator Murzyn calls the question, motion passes. Vote on amendment to the amendment to refer to Constitution Committee, amendment fails. Senator Hanson calls the question, motion passes. Move to a vote on referring this issue to the Elections Committee, motion passes.

Bill of the

Mankato State Student Association


Bill 02-14-P3

Title: Election Procedures

Date: February 14, 1996

Sponsor: Senator Abbas

Whereas: The MSSA/Senate is committed to fair elections; and

Whereas: The MSSA/Senate recognizes the necessity of established guidelines when filling Senate vacancies;

Whereas: In the past, vacancies were filled without the established procedures; be it hereby

Enacted: That the Senate adopts the following guidelines:

1) Design of a special ballot for the purpose of elections. The design of the ballot will be secured by the Speaker and used for all vacancies.

2) On election day, the Speaker will print the necessary number of ballots only.

3) When conducting the balloting, the Speaker ensures that each Senator will receive only one ballot.

4) The Speaker will personally collect all ballots, ensuring that each Senator voted only once.

5) All ballots will not be destroyed, but placed in an envelope secured by the Speaker until the last Senate Meeting of the year.

6) Only on the request of the Constitution Committee or the majority of the Senate can these envelopes be opened.

Amendment 1: Replace all language regarding opening of envelopes at request of candidate with the following: Envelopes may be opened at the request of the candidate. This must be done in the presence of the President, Vice-president, and the Speaker. When the inquiry is completed is completed, the envelope must be resealed by the Speaker.

Amendment 2: Candidate can not be present at the time of the opening of the envelope.

IX. New Business

A. Financial Aid Report-the meeting is tomorrow Senator Jones will be giving a report at the next meeting.

B. E - Mail Mailing List-the e-mail list is in the office by the computer.

C. Student E - Mail Access-Senator Hanson introduced Bill 02-21-G3. Senator Hayden said that their is an internal initiative to stop students from being included in the e-mail which he is very concerned about. Vice-president Chase moves to refer to the Cabinet and the ACC Committee, Senator Jones seconds. Senator Hayden agrees with this. Senator Gerard calls the question, Senator Murzyn seconds, motion passes. Move to a vote on referring this to the Cabinet and the ACC Committee, motion passes.

D. Career Development-Senator Mashlab said that he has some concerns about the Career Development Center at MSU in regards to Jobs Services. Senator Murzyn moves to refer to the Student Affairs Committee, motion passes.

Bill of the

Mankato State Student Association


Bill 02-21-G3

Title: Student Access to E-mail Network

Date: February 21, 1996

Sponsor: Senator Hayden

Whereas: Access to E-mail service is of paramount importance to the educational success of the students of Mankato State University; and

Whereas: This access is being jeopardized by an internal initiative to make the new E-mail system available to only faculty and staff; and

Whereas: This limitation on students access would unduly hinder the educational success of Mankato State University Students; and

Whereas: This lack of access could result in lower retention and recruitment; and

Whereas: The Mankato State Student Association/Senate must make all efforts to assure that the needs of the students are represented; hereby be it

Resolved: That the Mankato State Student Association/Senate hereby requests that all Internet and E-mail Access solutions include access by all students.

E. E-Mailing List for MSSA-Speaker Guzek read Bill 02-21-G4, Senator Hanson seconds. Senator Hayden said that this will create one e-mail address in which all information sent to senators or sent out by senators would then be sent to the entire Senate. This is a way for us to communicate with each other and our constituents. Senator Hanson said that this will help get out our message. Senator Hayden said that this will not cost the Senate anything. Move to a vote, Bill 02-21-G4 passes and becomes Resolution 95.96R10.

Resolution of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 02-21-G4/Resolution 95.96R10

Title: E-Mail Listing for MSSA

Date: February 21, 1996

Sponsor: Senator Hayden

Whereas: The convenience of e-mail communication allows for a communications medium conducive to the goals of the MSSA, and

Whereas: The need for inter-senate communication is hampered due to the busy and irregular schedules of MSSA members, and

Whereas: The need and ability for constituents to communicate with the MSSA is a primary concern, therefore be it

Resolved: That the MSSA request the creation of an e-mail listing by MSU Computer Services to which all MSSA Senators are subscribed, and be it further

Resolved: That the MSSA requests that Computer Services create a simple, single-word aliases for forwarding accounts on VAX 1, Krypton, and any other general purpose computers, that will forward e-mail to this e-mail mailing list, and be it further

Resolved: That the MSSA requests MSU Student Affairs to write this information within the Student Handbook (Basic Stuff) and any other on-line or off-line medium that would be appropriate.

X. Senator Reports

A. Kristy Anderson, Robert Hayden, Francis Klinkner, Stephen Yunginger, Landon Jones, Chad Wiederholt-see written report

B. Heather Gerard-I have been planning to meet with all floors at their floor meetings to hear their concerns, etc. I have also been tentatively planning a survey so I can get a better idea of what they believe is important. I need more help with planning the spring formal. It's May 11th, I only have two and a half months to plan this so if you have any time whatsoever I would appreciate your help.

C. Ed McBride-Senator Murzyn and I have been meeting with our constituents and their recognized student organizations. We have had a great response in the form of questions, suggestions, and a commitment to sharing their concerns in the future. We have made posters which turned out great. Unfortunately most of them were taken from the office and the original was defaced. Anyone with any information on this please see me confidentially.

XI. Open Forum-Senator Helgeson said that he was very upset that about the way the office looked this morning and by the fact that Cheri had to clean it up. We need to grow up and behave, she is not a housekeeper. Coordinator Benson said that she called Speaker Guzek out of order because she felt people were repeating what others were saying. We need to be professional and listen to what others are saying so that we don't have to keep repeating ourselves. Our academics need to come first, it is ridiculous for us to be here this long. We need to work together to make our meetings more productive. Coordinator Drganc is very happy to be allowed to speak, however, she does not like being cut off and not being able to have a chance to say what she needs to say. The Maverick Assembly/President's Council Meeting is Monday at 6:00 we need everybody's help. We need to start working on a float for May 17th. She would also like to get orientations up and running for spring quarter. For people running in the spring it is a good way to get out and meet people. Thanks for getting out on Lobby Day and Rally Day and going to meet your representatives. Please continue to e-mail them. Vice-president Chase said that the Reporter is self-sufficient in 80% of their funds. We have the other newspapers from the State Universities in the office, take a look at them, they are not nearly as good as the Reporter. Thanks to Senator Jones for taking responsibility for his actions. We refer a lot of things to committees, we need to do this and we also need to trust our committees. Although we are a deliberative body we do not need to hash out every little bit of wording here, that is what committees are for. Legislation should only be brought to the Senate Floor if it is time sensitive. Senator Hayden said that he would like us to use our time efficiently. Cheri is ordering name tags tomorrow please let her know if you want one. Ms. Blakely said that she is chair of one of the Senate Committees and feels that she is not being trusted. She often wonders why she puts in all this time and effort when the Senate then just tears it apart. Anybody who has any ideas on Phase III please see her and she will bring it to her committee. Senator Mashlab said that he would like to see that all the things coming out of the Senate Meeting being put in the Reporter in an outline so that the whole student body has access to this information. Senator Murzyn thanked Ms. Blakely for all of her hard work with the Union Board. Yunginger moves to close open forum, motion passes.

XI. Announcements-move to close announcements, motion passes.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55.