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February 28, 1996

Called to order at 4:01 p.m.

I. Roll Call:

Senators Present: Blake, Ellingson, Filkins, Hanson, Helgeson, Halverson, Proxy Lewis, McBride, Murzyn, Hayden, Hiller, Klinkner, Wiederholt, Yunginger, Jones, Anderson, Gerard, Janssen, Tullaren.

Staff Present: President Wallace, Vice-President Chase, Speaker Guzek, Coordinator Benson, Coordinator Abbas, Coordinator Drganc, Coordinator Tkach.

II. Approval of the Minutes-minutes approved.

III. Presentation:

Elections Committee-Speaker Guzek introduced Bill 02-28-P1. Vice-president Chase said that this ensures that everyone receives a ballot, and that they are only given one. Senator Yunginger asked why this bill allows the Constitution Committee to look at the ballots. Vice-president Chase responded that as of now the ballots are not sealed, this simply says that if the election results are questioned this provides a way to go about it. Move to a vote, Bill 02-28-P1, passes unanimously and becomes Resolution 95.96A32.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill Number 02-27-P1 Act Number 95.96A32

Date: February 28, 1996

Sponsor: Elections Committee

Title: Election Ballots

Whereas: The MSSA/Senate is committed to fair elections; be it therefore

Enacted: That the MSSA/Senate shall adopt the following rules:

1. All general, special, and vacancy elections shall use a secret, preprinted, and secured ballot.

2. The Elections Committee shall ensure that all students in general and special elections receive and submit only one ballot.

3. The Senate Speaker shall ensure that all voting Senate members shall receive and submit only one ballot during a vacancy election. The Senate Speaker, or a non-voting designee, shall collect all vacancy election ballots.

4. All general and special election ballots shall be secured and sealed by the Elections Committee.

5. All vacancy election ballots shall be counted by the Senate Speaker and at least one, non-voting, witness. The witness shall submit his/her name for the written record.

6. All vacancy election ballots shall be sealed and secured by the Senate Speaker and the witness.

7. Secured and sealed ballots shall be held for a period of 365 days, at which time they will be destroyed.

8. Only upon the written request of a participating candidate, the Constitution Committee, or a majority of the Senate may ballots be audited. The Elections Committee shall perform the audit.

Speaker Guzek introduces 02-28-P2. Vice-president Chase said that the Elections Committee will be deciding how long the campaign will be, the Constitution allows a period of 2-5 weeks. The Elections Committee is allowed to call actions by parties out of order, and may than bring this to the Senate to determine sanctions. Vice-president Chase explained that absolutely no violations of the rule regarding campaigning or campaign material in the office will be tolerated. Senator McBride said that he feels item 8 is a violation of his first amendment rights, and he feels it should be taken out. He feels we are creating division by doing this and is concerned that the members deciding the sanctions may not be impartial. President Wallace said that this rule is there so that we do not have an advantage over students at large. Senator Filkins said that this is important for Cheri's purposes. Senator McBride said that the item about campaign material seems fair, but he feels that item 8 is violating his rights. Vice-president Chase said that the Constitution is very clear in saying that there are certainly limits on speech. Senator Hayden said he is concerned about restrictions on what you can and can not say. He feels that this body should not be telling senators what they can say. Senator Yunginger moves to table for one week, Senator McBride seconds. Motion passes and Bill 02-27-P2 is tabled for one week.

Bill for an Act of the

Mankato State Student Association


Bill Number 02-27-E2

Date: February 28, 1996

Sponsor: Elections Committee

Title: Election Ballots

Whereas: The MSSA/Senate is committed to fair elections; be it therefore

Enacted: That the MSSA/Senate shall adopt the following rules:

1. No "campaign" activity of any kind relating to the elections may begin prior to the first day of the Elections Campaign Period.

2. "Campaigning" is defined as any or all attempts to promote one's candidacy or party and shall include any attempts to discredit an opponent.

3. Candidates may file for General or Special Elections beginning January 1 and ending one week prior to Election Day.

4. Parties or groups supporting at least one candidate may not recruit candidates or supporters unless candidates and the party have officially filed with the Elections Committee.

5. Parties or groups supporting at least one candidate may not solicit donations or funds of any kind unless candidates and the party have officially filed with the Elections Committee.

6. Parties may change their party name at any time during the filing period.

7. All candidates shall attend a mandatory meeting prior to the Campaign Period.

8. Absolutely NO campaign material shall be stored, nor campaign discussion, recruitment, or work shall be done in the Senate office or the Coordinator's office. Any one violation of this rule will permanently disqualify that individual's candidacy for the current election. Any one violation of this rule will eliminate the respective party from all campaign and recruitment activity rights. The members of that former party may organize a subsequent party with a different name.

Vice-president Chase presents the MSSA 1996 General Election Intent-to-File Application. Senator Hayden moves to strike the question asking how many hours you expect to volunteer, Senator Hanson seconds. Motion passes unanimously. Move to a vote on approving the application, application approved.

Student Affairs-Coordinator/PrePaid Admission Task Force-Senator Klinkner presented the findings of the PrePaid Admission Task Force and their subsequent recommendation.

All recommendations pass and become Act 95.9633.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill Number 02-27-G3/Act 95.96A33

Date: February 28, 1996

Sponsor: Pre-paid Admissions Task Force

Title: Pre-paid Admission

Recommendation 1

The MSSA and the Student Affairs Committee recommends the continuation of the

pre-paid admission program for the athletic department and SDP&A.

Recommendation 2

The MSSA and the Student Affairs Committee recommends that the following events be eligible for pre-paid admission funding:

--Athletics: All home games that require an admission charge for non-MSU students.

Recommendation 3

The MSSA and the Student Affairs Committee recommends that the following events be eligible for pre-paid admission funding:

--SDP&A: All events that take place on campus which require an admission charge for non-MSU students. Events taking place off campus are not eligible, except events that take place at the Mankato Civic Center. In the case of civic center events, students shall receive a discount equaling the pre-paid admission amount. These students will also be counted in the annual attendance for SDP&A events.

Recommendation 4

The MSSA and the Student Affairs Committee recommends that the funding formula for pre-paid admission be changed to the following:


#of students attending qualifying events x $4 = ppd admission funding


#of students attending qualifying events x $2 = ppd admission funding

Attendance numbers will be submitted to the Student Allocations Committee Advisor each spring during the regular budget process. Both the Athletic Dept. and SDP&A shall use the student ID. hand held machines to determine student attendance. Student attendance for FY 96 will be used to allocate funds for FY 97, FY 97 for FY 98, etc.

Recommendation 5

The MSSA and the Student Affairs Committee strongly encourages SDP&A to look into sponsoring or co-sponsoring events at the Mankato Civic Center.

Mini Mavs Activity Report-Coordinator Heather Blake stated that the program is trying to get new ideas and new things going. They are also going to try to let more people know about this service that is available.

IV. Student Forum-no students wished to speak. Former Vice-president Flynn, in reference to the Student Affairs Presentation, asked if due to this new recommendation there would be a decrease in the amount of money for Pre-Paid Admission. Senator Klinkner said that this is possible. Senator Helgeson said that this is merely coming in line with a production/result-driven movement. Senator Klinkner said there is no question in the Athletic Director's Mind that attendance will go up, so they are not concerned.

V. Appointments/Elections

Michelle McCann Student Affairs Committee, World Wide-Web Student Affairs Sub-Committee Steve Yunginger Francis Klinkner Robert Hayden Paul Helgeson Steve Janssen, Student Allocations Committee Nathan Prowty, ACC Ken Scott, Technologies Committee Ken Scott. All approved without objection.

Motion to caucus for three minutes, fails. Andy Henschel and Jeff Robertson elected to the Science Engineering and Technology Senate Seats. Motion to caucus for three minutes, motion passes. Matt Harmon and Gabe Vye elected to the Off-Campus Senate Seats. Coordinator Benson served as the Non-Voting Witness.

VI. Officer Reports

A. President Mona Wallace-welcome to all new senators, thank you for all your willingness to get involved. She apologizes for missing last weeks meeting. Several members have complained to her about things missing from the office, most of us are over 18 and we should know better. If you have any information regarding this please bring those individuals forward for fitness hearings. It is important for us to keep the current Senate Issues separate from the campaign. President Wallace introduced the following official rule:

Absolutely NO campaign material shall be stored, nor campaign discussion, recruitment, or work shall be done in the Senate office or the Coordinator's office.

Please be courteous and respectful to others. The following is the attendance policy for Washington D.C.: Any unexcused absences for senators attending will result in them being brought to a fitness hearing. Any unexcused absences by staff or committee members at large will be referred to the Ethics Committee. Any absences by an Executive Officer will result in a fitness hearing or an impeachment process, whichever the Senate desires. While she is gone Francis Klinkner is in charge and has full presidential power. Those of you who have been asked to sit in or take charge for members in D.C. please stay on task. Cheri will have a number where we can be reached in case of an emergency. Please be good to each other while we are gone. They are still planning to break ground for PHASE III in the spring. Heather Gerard is working on the Spring Formal/Casino Night to be held May 11, 1996. If you would like to help her please let her know she needs assistance. The Semester Conversion Steering Group is up and running they met with Dr. Rush and his cabinet on Monday. They are looking at combining the Career Development Center and the Counseling Center. They have referred this to the Student Affairs, if you have any concerns in regards to this issue please see Coordinator Tkach. During the week they are gone no one will be allowed in the office after 5:00 p.m., it will re-open on March 7, 1996. All persons attending the lobby trip should submit a written report by the first Senate Meeting of Spring quarter in regards to what they feel they accomplished while in Washington D.C. Senator McBride stated that he feels that President Wallace is abusing her power by instituting these rules and closing the office.

B. Vice President Matthew Chase-Vice-president Chase congratulated President Wallace for making these tough decisions. The office is a privilege one that he can't believe the University even allows us to have. We want this Senate to be a good Senate, we want them to be remembered. The office is to conduct office business, elections are personal business. As representatives of the student body we need to talk about issues sanctioned by the Student Government. Congratulations to the new senators, we do a lot of good things and have made a big difference. We have an impact, that's not forget why we are here. Coordinator Tkach has raised more than $6,000.00 for the Student Association, a big thanks to him. Coordinator Benson said that this year's Senate must stay focused. Coordinator Abbas said that he has been here since 1990 and has seen what happens when they go to Washington D.C. It is not yet the next election. We need to remember that we have to be willing to work with others. President Wallace said that she will not support one party or the other, she will remain neutral. She believes in letting the students decide what they want, and letting them decide who they feel is best for the position. Vice-president Chase is committed to a fair election, he is here because he is committed to every part of this organization, he cares. He will be here to make sure that this is a fair election. He is very disappointed that the Elections Committee Recommendations did not pass today. He is in agreement with Senator McBride that the secrecy should be taken out of campaigns. We all have the same mission, to help the students, let's not forget that. Senator McBride said that in not supporting any candidate he feels it is just as important not to talk against another candidate. He hates being treated like he is a fool, he knows what is going on. He is also concerned that Senators Klinkner and Hanson were picked as replacements for political reasons. Vice-president Chase said that he appointed Senator Hanson because he knows that the Accreditation Team is coming and Senator Hanson is fully aware of what is going on. Vice-president Chase also feels that Senator Hanson has direct knowledge of everything that is going on with the Accreditation Team and feels he has picked the best person for the job. President Wallace said that her choice was based on either Senator Klinkner or Speaker Guzek. She has known Senator Klinkner longer and knows his leadership ability, ability to work with the administration, etc. What he is doing next year should not matter. They wanted to do what's right, not give in to political pressure. President Wallace went on to comment that since 1988 these election rules have been the same. In the past things were discussed in the office because there were no sanctions. She is trying to protect the interests of those not involved. Don't make this sound like it is a political play because it isn't. She is leaving here anyway next year, and she resents the implication that Senator McBride feels she is trying to manipulate the election.

Move to recess, motion passes. Called back to order at 6:45 p.m.

C. Speaker Eddy Guzek-Congratulations to all new senators. Please set up a time to meet with him. He thinks that a lot of the elections issues are getting blown out of proportion. A lot of people are blaming the division of the Senate on elections and using it as a scapegoat rather than taking responsibility for it themselves. He feels that elections are important but he does not believe it is consuming the Senate as others do. If anyone has any concerns please talk to him about it.

VII. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-new senators on Academic Affairs please talk to him about the committee meetings. They will be meeting at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesdays next quarter.

B. Campus Enrichment-Fiscal Affairs met this week and the most important issue that was discussed and is waiting to be passed by the President is the Graduate Assistant Pay. Currently teaching graduates are making $400.00 per credit hour and that is now changing to $425.00 per credit hour of teaching. Non-teaching graduate assistants are currently making $5280.00 per year and now will be paid $5600.00 per year. This bill like I said is sitting on Dr. Rush's desk waiting to be signed.

C. Legislative Affairs-no report.

D. Public Affairs-no report.

E. Cultural Diversity-see written report.

F. Student Affairs-Previously Honors Grads just wore a barely noticeable ribbon. The Bookstore will be donating an honors cord to students who purchase a gown at the Bookstore.

G. Union Board-see written report. Introduced Bill 02-28-G4. Move to a vote, Bill 02-28-G4 passes and becomes Act 95.95A34.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill Number 02-27-G4/Act 95.96A34

Date: February 28, 1996

Sponsor: Student Union Board

Title: Phase III Scheme A

Be it enacted: That the MSSA/Senate and the Student Union Board Accept that the Scheme A Floor Plan shall be used in the Phase III designs; and be it further

Enacted: That this is a general plan and actual designs of specific offices shall be determined at a later date.

H. Student Allocations Committee-Motion to send Bill 02-28-F4 regarding the 5-year Academic Computing Committee Conditions to the Technology Taskforce to be returned to the Senate by Wednesday March 6, 1996. Motion passes.

I. Constitution Committee-they are working on amendments for the Spring Ballot. It is very important for everyone to remember that it is the Speaker's Job to interpret the Constitution and Bylaws during the meeting.

J. Communications Board-Senator Filkins met with the Communications Board last Friday. Marcus Rodgers was supposed to give a presentation about the relocation of KRNR, but he wasn't ready. We will meet at the beginning of next quarter. The Civic Center Concert is still up in the air. Marcus is still trying to have it though. The Minnesota River Review is fundraising. They are going to have Barnes and Noble give them the proceeds from two cash registers one day in April. Senator Filkins will get back to the Senate on the specific date. The Reporter didn't win any awards in San Francisco, but they were very proud of how everyone did. Senator Filkins hopes everyone has a very wonderful week will she is gone.

K. RHA-no report.

L. Urban Affairs-no report.

VIII. Old Business-no old business.

IX. New Business-no new business.

X. Senator Reports

A. Paul Helgeson-see written report.

B. Jason Hulstein-I am in the process of creating a database that will organize the committees of the MSSA/Senate. Although I am doing this as a final project for a class, I picked this topic because I felt it would benefit the Senate. When completed, all committees, committee members, meetings and other pertinent information will be organized by this database. Once this information is entered one will be able to make inquiries and find out information about the particular tables in an efficient and organized manner. This should be completed by the end of the quarter, I will have an update at a later time.

XI. Open Forum-Eric Bakke said that he has learned that it is important to not improperly carry grudges beyond the election because that wastes human resources. Senator Hiller said that he is proud to be a part of the Senate. Senator Yunginger said if anyone has any questions or ideas about plurality voting please see him after the meeting. Senator McBride said that it is very important for everyone to wear nametags. Senator Hayden moves to close open forum, motion passes.

XII. Announcements-Senator Murzyn said there are hockey games both nights this weekend and she encourages everyone to attend. Senator Hanson said that if anyone has any questions about Accreditation please let him know. Senator Hayden said that if anyone has any input regarding the budget restrictions being put on the ACC please come give your input at the Technology Taskforce Meeting. Motion to close announcements, motion passes.

XIII. Adjournment-Motion to adjourn, motion passes. Adjourned at 7:26 p.m.