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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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February 7, 1996

Called to order at 4:30 p.m.

I. Roll Call

Senator's Present: Ellingson, Blake, Filkins, Hanson, Helgeson, Mashlab, Halverson, Crep/Proxy Lewis, McBride, Murzyn, Hayden, Abbas, Hulstein, Klinkner, Olson,Wiederholt, Yunginger, Hiller, Jones, Anderson, Gerard, Daniels, Tullaren, Janssen.

Staff Present: President Wallace, Vice-President Chase, Speaker Guzek, Chief of Staff Harmon, Treasurer Benson, Coordinator Hanson, Coordinator Benson, Coordinator Abbas, Coordinators Drganc.

II. Approval of the Agenda-approved as amended.

Approval of the Minutes- approved as submitted.

III. Presentation-Aviation Program/Airport Referendum

Johnathon Bayer, president of MSU Aviation Club informed the Senate that the vote on the Airport Referendum is Tuesday. The vote is basically to make improvements at the airport. The terminal is 25 years old and the plumbing, runways, etc. need repairs. They want to use the money set aside for the Civic Center (revenues from the 1/2% sales tax). The Civic Center has done very well so there are excess funds not being used. The referendum is to use the extra 6 million dollars over 4 to 5 years. There has been a lot of public complaints, because people are misunderstanding. It is important to remember there is not a tax increase, it is using money that is already there. Mr. Bayer encouraged all students to vote for this, these improvements have to be made, and if we don't use this money it will have to be raised through taxes, which will effect students. 250-300 aviation students use the airport for flight instruction. The airport brings in a significant amount of money for the city. MSU has one of the fastest growing aviation programs in the state and these improvements need to be made in order to ensure this continues. Senator Yunginger asked how much rent would go up, Mr. Bayer explained that it could be a significant amount. Senator Abbas asked if these funds could be used to pay off the Civic Center bonds. Mr. Bob Richter, from the City Council, said that is a possibility. However, he said that the airport is a regional facility and is an important asset to Mankato. Senator Abbas asked if this will compromise the Civic Center in terms of renovations that come up. Mr. Richter explained that there is an intent to set aside money in a fund to overt this should the Civic Center's success decline. Mr. Richter commented that if the city wants to be able to keep in pace with the growing needs of the community we need to have an airport facility. Senator McBride said that he supports this and feels that it will better the community. Proxy Lewis asked if any of the airport carriers are assisting. Mr. Bayer explained that they are being subsidized as it is and that the airport carriers would not be willing to do this. Mr. Richter commented that of the 6 million dollars proposed to be used 2/3 of it is being paid through by the State of Minnesota. Federal Funds are also are no longer available which has caused financial difficulties. Senator Helgeson asked how long the current extra 1/2% tax will be in place, Mr. Richter responded. Vice-President Chase commented that all students can vote with their Mav Card even if this is not your permanent residence. Speaker Guzek read Bill 02-07-G1. Senator Hanson said that he is in full support of this. Senator Yunginger said that he feels that we must look at the motion first. Senator Klinkner believes we need to analyze this referendum because 60 percent of the students at MSU would be affected. Vice-president Chase wants us to think about the students in the long run. President Wallace said we want to bridge the gap between the university and the community, she doesn't see where this couldn't be an issue. Senator Filkens said we were asked by the community to help with this issue and that she believes that we should support this. Senator Hayden believes that we should vote for this. Senator Abbas commented that he would like to take a closer look at this. Senator Olson called the question, President Wallace seconds. Motion passes. Resolution 95.96R8 passed.

Resolution of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 02-07-G1/ Resolution 95.96R8

Title: Airport Referendum

Date: February 07, 1996

Sponsors: Ed McBride, Heather Gerard

Resolved: That the MSSA/Senate is in full support of the yes vote for the improvements at the airport.


Dean Early made a presentation on the accreditation. On March 5th there will be an Open Forum. Many different campuses are involved and each has received valuable information. Senator Hanson thanked Dean Early for coming to the Senate Meeting. Senator Filkens asked what we can do. Dean Early replied that we should just talk to these people. We are going to use this to better our University.

IV. Appointments/Elections

Appointments: Ethics Board; Senator Helgeson, Mrinendra Sharma, Brian Kass, Kerry Wier, Emily Holloran, Mary Ann Williams, Academic Affairs Valeny Katesnikov, Fundraising Team Senator Wiederholt, ACC Senator Janssen, University Retention Senator Anderson, MSSA NC Accreditation Welcome Committee; Senator Klinkner, Senator Anderson, Senator Hanson, Senator Guzek, Senator Anderson, Public Affairs Senator Janssen, Senator Anderson Assistant Student Affairs Coordinator, Washington D.C. Lobby Trip Vice-president Chase, Coordinator Drganc, Coordinator Benson, Coordinator Abbas, Coordinator Tkach, Senator Filkens, Allison Plathe, Madno Guillam. Acting President during D.C. Lobby Trip, Francis Klinkner. All approved without objection.

Senator Yunginger requested all elections be by ballot. Senator Yunginger moved for a three minute caucus, motion passes. Stephanie Halvorson was elected to the College of Education Seat. Heather Blake was elected to the Allied Health and Nursing Seat. Chelcy Tullaren was elected to the Undeclared Seat. Motion to caucus for four minutes, passes. Chris Hiller was elected to the Off-Campus Seat. President Wallace moves to recess for ten minutes, Senator Murzyn seconds. Motion passes.

V. New Business

A. E-Mail Directory-please get your e-mail address to Senator Yunginger if you want it on the e-mail directory.

VI. Old Business

A. SAC Lacrosse Team, President Wallace moves that the SAF Administration Fund repay the SAF Fund the $682.42 used for meals by the Lacrosse Team. Move to a vote, motion passes unanimously.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 02-07-F2/ Act 95.96A24

Title: Lacrosse Team

Date: February 07, 1996

Sponsor: President Wallace

Be it enacted: That the SAF Administration Fund repay the SAF Fund the $682.42 used for meals by the Lacrosse Team.

B. Low Income Housing-President Wallace does a second reading on Bill 01-17-G5 Senator Murzyn seconds. Passes unanimously.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill: 01-17-G5/Act 95.96A25

Title: Overcoming Poverty Together

Date: February 7, 1996

Sponsor: President Wallace

Be it enacted: That the Mankato State Student Association support the Overcoming Poverty Togetherness Single Parent MSU Student Housing Project.

C. Student Attorney-second reading on Bill 01-10-F2, President Wallace seconds. Passes.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 01-10-F2/Act 95.96A26

Title: Use of the Student Attorney

Date: February 7, 1996

Sponsor: Vice-president Chase

Whereas: In 1994 Ms. Sager, an MSSA Member, requested use of the student attorney for representation; and

Whereas: The MSSA Student Attorney has referred said client to other legal representation;

Whereas: Student Activity Funds cannot be used for legal assistance other than the MSSA Student Attorney; therefore be it

Enacted: That jurisdiction of said request be denied, and subsequently its' funding.

VII. Student Forum-no students wished to speak.

VIII. Officer Reports

A. President Wallace-President Wallace apologized for missing the RHA/MSSA Joint Session, unfortunately she had a personal problem. She also apologized for not attending Lobby Day, her academic matters prevented her from doing so. This weekend we hosted the MSUSA Conference, it was very successful. Everyone was very impressed with our office, our meeting rooms, and our campus. Thank you to Representative Dorn and Joe Metro for speaking, and thanks to Jen, Shelly, and Kristy for all their hard work. Please write to your legislators regarding proposed legislation for this session. The International Students insurance is going to be provided by the same company next year, they are going to be more flexible with the payment plan. The academic freedom conference is February 17, if you would like to come sign up with Jen by the 12th. There are e-mail addresses of all the legislators in the office, we are also trying to get these up in the ACC. If you would like to nominate a teacher of the year the forms are due Friday. March 22 is the last day to nominate someone for Chair or Vice-chair of MSUSA. Vice-president Chase was nominated by President Wallace. They will be leaving for the Washington D.C. Lobby Trip on February 29 and returning on March 6th. Please let Mona or Matt know if you want issues brought up. MSUSA Delegate Assembly is April 13-15. This is where The Articles of Operation are reviewed and revised, the budget is made, budget priorities are set, and the Chair and Vice-chair are elected. We can have eight delegates, the process is open to seven senators. The sign-up will be on Mona's door. The remaining seat will be saved for a student at large. Senator Gerard is working on a committee for a Spring Formal if you want to help please let her know. Hopefully this will become a annual event. If you e-mail your legislators please send a follow up copy in case they don't receive your e-mail.

B. Vice-president Chase-Of the 144 committee positions, we only have 16 open. He has been frequently asked what people can do to help, he has written up some of the areas we are going to be dealing with. Please write down what topics you are interested in so when issues come up he can have you assist.

C. Speaker Guzek-Welcome to all new senators, please schedule an appointment to meet with him. Next Friday their is a canned food drive, if you would like to help please let him know, or if you want to bring food in that would be great.

Recognized Student Organization Initial Recognition/Registration Renewal-

Society of Women Engineers, Cambodian Student Association, Middle Maverick Hall, Council for Exceptional Children, African Student Association, T.E.A.M. All approved without objection.

IX. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-Introduced Bill 02-07-F3. Move to a vote, passes unanimously.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 02-07-F3/ Act 95.96A27

Title: Budget Reform

Date: February 07, 1996

Sponsors: Senators Hayden and Helgeson

Whereas: It is the reposnsibility of the Mankato State Student Association to ensure that all student funds are properly allocated and extended; and

Whereas: The budget procedures of the past have produced problems due to vagueness in the budgets submitted; therefore be it

Resolved: That all budgets submitted for allocations of student funds shall be detailed line item budgets; and be it further

Resolved: That the Student Allocations Committee develop procedures and guidelines so that organizations can comply with this resolution.

Senator Janssen was appointed to the ACC Committee, Coordinator Hanson will be going with Proxy Lewis to the advising Center meeting, if you would like to go meet at the office tomorrow at 10:30.

B. Campus Enrichment-see written report.

C. Legislative Affairs-no report.

D. Public Affairs-Congratulations to all new senators. Coordinator Drganc is going to try to get together with the South Central Technical College's Senate. Rally day is February 15, we will be leaving at 9:30 from the Senate Office, lobby day went very well. Please e-mail your representatives and also please try to get a nametag.

E. Cultural Diversity-see written report.

F. Student Affairs-they have decided on three rings.

G. Union Board-see written report.

H. SAC-Following two acts passed:

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 02-07-F4/ Act 95.96A28

Title: MSU Dance Ensemble

Date: February 07, 1996

Sponsor: Student Allocations Committee

Be it enacted: That the MSU Dance Ensemble receive $1569.51 to attend the American College Dance Festival; and be it further

Enacted: That this money may not be used for meals.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill 02-07-F5/ Act 95.96A29

Title: MSU Jazz Band

Date: February 07, 1996

Sponsor: Student Allocations Committee

Be it enacted: That the MSU Jazz Band receive $867.10 to attend the Elmhurst College Jazz Festival; and be it further

Enacted: That this money may not be used for meals.

I. Communications Board-she is working on the KRNR proposal.

J. RHA-see written report

K. Urban Affairs-no report

L. Steering Committee- no report

M. ACC-Their meeting time is Mondays from 2-4 in Room 203.

N. Constitution Committee-no report

X. Senator Reports

A. Jennifer Filkins-see written report

B. Heather Gerard-see written report

C. Robert Hayden-Introduced Bill 02-07-F6 regarding putting the ACC on a five year budget plan. The committee is doing this so that they will be able to do more long-range planning. Vice-president Chase moves to refer to the Technologies committee, Senator Jones seconded. Vice-president Chase thinks that we need to have goals. President Wallace said that she would like a timeline added. Proxy Drganc moves to amend to include that this must be returned to the Senate by Wednesday February 21, 1996. President Wallace seconds. Amendment passes. Bill referred to Technologies Committee.

D. Francis Klinkner-see written report

E. Kristy Anderson-see written report

XI. Open Forum-Coordinator Hanson said that the Academic Affairs Committee will be changing their meeting time. President Wallace moves to close Open Forum, Senator Gerard seconds, motion passes.

XII. Announcements-President Wallace said that MSUSA passed a motion to increase student wages from 5.30 to 5.45. Senator Hayden asked if Graduate Assistants wages are going up, Coordinator Benson said that Budget Sub-meet and Confer is discussing it. Vice-president Chase clarified the Ethics Board members can be committee members, they just can't be senators. Move to close announcements, motion passes. Motion to adjourn, motion passes. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.