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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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MARCH 12, 1996


Called to order at 5:00 P.M.

I. Roll Call

Senators Present: Filkins, Hanson, Mashlab, Halverson, Henschel, Robertson, McBride, Murzyn, Hayden, Harmon, Hiller, Hulstein, Klinkner, Vye, Yunginger, Jones, Anderson, Gerard, Janssen

Staff Present: President Wallace, Vice President Chase, Speaker Guzek, Coordinators Benson, Abbas, Drganc, Tkach

Speaker Guzek asked that Mohammad Abbas be providing officer. No objections.

Senator Klinkner moved to committee of whole. Senator Harmon second.

Senator Klinkner moved to allow everyone to speak more and gallery to speak w/less Parley Pro so we can get out what is needed.

Senator Hanson: Is there going to be a speaking time limit?

Senator Hayden wants to add an addendum to agenda for Open Forum on topic.


Ruled Out -of Order

Senator Hanson Called question, Senator Harmon second. vote on Committee of Whole

passes 20-1-0

Senator Yunginger and Mashlab recognized.

Time limit discussed.

I. Resolution #1 Senator McBride moved. 2nd Senator Gerard. Introduced

bill to speaker. Resolution is not considered. Discussion followed.

Senator Yunginger objected because moved to Ethics Committee and should be ruled out of order because disciplinary action can't take place in Committee of Whole.

1. Objection to consideration. 2/3 vote of body against to keep motion from floor.

(Page 265 Robert's Rules of Order)


Yunginger continued discussion. If not voted down by 2/3rds I'll take 2nd objection.

Speaker Guzek-Point of Order ( page 70) Discussion on motion and pertinence to meeting.

Presiding Officer Abbas - 2/3 vote in negative will not allow motion to be tabled.

Senator Murzyn - Roll Call vote

Senator Harmon - can't call Roll Call in Committee of Whole.

Senator Filkins-Point of Information-why don't we find out what's going ton before voting.

Presiding Officer-Rules no Roll Call by hands.

Vote to Table motion: 6-15-1

Guzek-disappointed. By moving to Committee of Whole we can't take action

Senator Gerard-I thought we were here to get answers for constituents not to argue procedures.

Senator Hayden - Maybe best way to handle this is for President Wallace to read Press Release.

President Wallace- see Press Release

Senator McBride-Objection, we just heard it, we all know about it.

President Wallace continues with Press Release. Hand vote showed most had not heard it.

Senator Hanson- yielded time to gallery

John Jensen-The trip was intended for students and you should check legality of constitution. This to me is a clear case of fraud.

Greg Hilson-I haven't had a lot of experience with senate but I heard leaders, accountability and answers. The big issue is accountability not just Mr. Tkach's student status. What's miscellaneous expenses? I have never seen anyone get $ for miscellaneous expenses. People need to be accountable and take responsibility for actions.

Sara Tatmen-Steven didn't know he was not enrolled. He did think credits carried over and it wasn't deliberate.

Senator Henschel- It's funny we were so gung ho when they were gone and now we are beating around the bush.

Senator Yunginger-I don't think it is wise to ask for a resignation before facts are presented and Ethics Committee decides on the issue. I will fight until the Ethics Committee comes back w/report. Then action is okay. Yield time to Senator Hayden

Senator Hayden read statement (see Robertson/Hayden letter)

Senator McBride-This is a smoke screen and if sounds good but it doesn't dismiss the fact that it has occurred. I brought it to Eddy because that is what I thought we were supposed to do. I brought three things to be debated and we are not doing our job because we are here to talk to the issue not dance and get quoted. I won't be apart of any organization that doesn't allow people to get answers. I don't see how we will get to the bottom of this w/o doing it now. Ethics Committee doesn't have rules they just want to jump in and go and we should be able to handle this ourselves.

It's going to go to next quarter.

Senator Filkins-why wouldn't this be brought to President Wallace first?

Speaker Guzek-I went to the people above the people doing something wrong. You go to the

people above to find out what to do.

Mike Slone-Senate is like a military. You go to the person above you and if that doesn't work then you go above them.

Speaker Guzek-the Speaker is the top, so I went to Student Affairs which governs all so I didn't b break the chain of command.

Penny Rosenthal-The issue is student $ where it was spent and what it was used for. This is the issue not debates on people to go to D.C.

Senator Gerard -

Gallery creates conversation-Penny Rosenthal asks question. Time yielded to be answered.

President Wallace-Airfare, hotel, ticket for Metro to get to & from. Personal $ was taken for personal purchases.

Senator Gerard -

Senator Yunginger-If we are going to talk about the budget. Let's see the budget

because I am no knowledgeable to talk about such an issue.

Senator Murzyn-Point of Information. Are we allowed to recess in Committee of Whole?

2nd Mashlab

Senator Yuninger-Point of Parliamentary inquire. Senator Harmon 2nd. Appeal of Chair.

(Pg. 527-Committee cannot adjourn or recess but an move to caucus.

Vote to recess 6-11-2 Fails

Senator Gerard-There is so much on my mind that has been bothering me. I need questions answered.

Question: Tkach promised me $50.00 to be a Recording secretary for Student Affairs.

Why do you promise something you can't deliver?

Question: How long are we going to lie to the public?

Question: How can we have a senate based on students and the biggest coordinator not even a student.

Senator Jones - Read Article 8. on duties of Student Affairs Coordinator. Anyone

responsible for representing senate in my view point should be a student.

Vice President Chase-talked on budget for D.C. We took $900.00 but actually we took

$270. $630 was taken out for taxi and transportation. Mr. Jones states students should be represented by students but the constitution doesn't agree. We are at a sentencing table and we haven't even had an investigation or determined what's been violated. Discussed statement on constitution in Press release. See Constitution reading.

Senator Janssen-move to caucus 5 minutes. 2nd Yunginger. Passes


Senator Klinkner-I wanted this session to ask questions, let ask questions, cause you are annoying me. People said they went to the Press using proper channels, I would like to point out I was Acting President and I didn't know until after the
Reporter did.

Amy Arenz-

1. Senator McBride state purpose of this session.

Senator McBride-to clear the issue and to justify allegations.

2. I would like to ask President Wallace as to why she didn't follow up on his registration.

President Wallace-I told him to and then due to circumstances it slipped my mind

so I take responsibility.

3. Tkach-why didn't you register?

Tkach-see written statement

4. Constitution contradicts itself.

Senator Klinkner-you're right, it contradicts itself. The official word isn't what everyone perceives.

President Wallace-made statement. Had a call been made this could have been avoided. This body can do what they move to Senate and let's do something and ask questions. The only condition is no disciplinary action can be taken.

Discussed Constitution terms.

Senator Halverson-Was it your interpretation of the Constitution to not be registered student and serve. Do you feel you have acted in best interest of students?

Senator Tkach-yes, I do feel I've acted in the best interest of the students. I was using nothing but the constitution to make my interpretation.

Speaker Guzek-No one is saying he's a bad guy. The constitution needs to be changed.

1. Why haven't you picked up your stipend check for $175.00 that has been waiting for

you? Read statement in brochure.

2. $ spent. 9 students actually 8-1. We didn't leave anyone in dark when it came to Reporter. Everyone was allowed to comment.

Blakley-yield to gallery

Chris Davies-Read definition from senate dictionary. Discussed as to being registered as a student and registered for classes.

Senator Mashlab-Move to suspend rules

Senator Yunginger-objection, once suspend, no way to get back and we become meaningless.

Vice President Chase-it states in our constitution we follow Robert's Rules of Order.

Tara Schneider-concern to the way things have happened. Why necessary to inform then vs. when they returned.

Senator Jones-cannot move to adjourn.

Speaker Guzek-by moving to committee of whole we can't discuss main motion. Administration is laughing at us hard and we are losing power big time. I believe 100% in what I did and now I feel shunned. I guess doing it right doesn't mean much. I've devoted 2 yrs. of my life to this organization and this organization giving me a confident boost and when I can't serve students then it's time to leave. I love MSSA and I love to serve students. But now I don't believe in it and if I can't then I should leave. But I'm tired of being told that there's political agendas behind what's being done. I encourage people who care to walk w/me now.

Speaker Guzek, Senators Henschel, Murzyn, McBride, Gerard quit and walk out.

President Wallace-Concern is issue was taking issue to Reporter before talking to us on it and getting facts. Commented on facts stated in preceding.

Senator Hayden-

1. I feel everyone thought that what everyone's done was right. To themselves but

it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks.

2. When committee returns w/suggestion that's what I think is the best time to make a decision.


Mike (Mav Assembly) Shows senate is trying to work w/students not what others have claimed

Tara-Challenge you to stay together and finish the year together. Finish it on the same side. Don't divide, join and go together. Serve students in best and most possible way.

Senator Anderson-Discuss feeling in the office and here

Tkach-Discuss his reasons for stance and follow-up.

Senator Hanson-Motion to move out of committee of the whole 2nd Hayden

Vice President Chase-Objection

Senator Hanson withdraws motion.

Senator Klinkner-while I know that I fight people I defend beliefs and respect people for deferent beliefs. I never ever intended to drive anyone from this body and I beg for their return to the body.

Senator Hayden-

1. Talked about issues now facing the senate and its members. We now have nothing to discuss and let Ethics deal w/it for now.

Vice President Chase- can respect those who left. But what was done to offend them? There were no accusations thrown to anyone today, especially the accusers.

Senator Janssen-Question to Mona, Matt & Steven on what should be done

Blakley-Discuss where Senates been and where it's going and why do we have one?

We can't get motions passed because we are not being taken seriously and w/o participation

how can we be taken seriously.

Senator Vye-Did questions get answered.

President Wallace-Some, Parley doesn't get questions answered unless directed some didn't get answered to satisfaction.

There's no senate w/o debate and I'm not offended from not being able to defend myself. I didn't tell Eddy how mad I was. I did tell him I would like to sit down and move to getting senate together.

I do want opposition to answer accusations before being found guilty.

Vice President Chase-Discuss Tkach's involvement on going to D.C. and recall

(pg. 143 of Constitution)

Move to Adjourn. 2nd Passes.