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March 3, 1996

Called to order at 4:00 p.m.

I. Roll Call

Senators present: Blake, Ellingosn, Hanson, Helgeson, Mashlab, Haverson, Henschel, Robertson, Proxy Lewis, McBride, Murzyn, Hayden, Harmon, Hiller, Hulstein, Klinkner, Vye, Yunginger, Jones, Anderson, Gerard, Daniels, Janssen, Tullgren.

Staff Present: Acting President Klinkner, Acting Vice-President Hanson Speaker Guzek, Coordinator Hanson.

II. Approval of the Minutes-motion to table approval of the minutes until

the next meeting. Motion passes.

III. Presentation-Senator Michelle Murzyn and Senator Ed McBride presented an appeal which they have requested the Constitution Committee to interpret. See attached.

IV. Student Forum-Ms. Amy Arenz read a letter that she has submitted to the Senate. See attached. Senator Murzyn asked Ms. Arenz what she feels the Senate should do in regards to this matter. Ms. Arenz said that she feels that Coordinator Tkach should be asked to resign and that he should possibly have to pay back the expense of this trip. Senator Harmon asked Ms. Arenz what she

felt Coordinator Tkach did wrong. She said that she feels he was not abiding by the MSSA's Constitution. Senator Yunginger said that Coordinator Tkach is not receiving pay and University policy was not broken. Ms. Arenz said she believes that Mr. Tkach did do something wrong and asked how she can have faith in our organization when we allow things like this to happen. Senator Gerard said that Coordinator Tkach may not be receiving pay but he still did use student fees to go. Senator Hiller thanked Ms. Arenz for coming. Senator Hayden said that he feels that this entire matter should be referred to the Ethics Committee, right now we do not have all the information needed. Mr. Pete Waibel said that he has run for the Senate three times and feels that the Student Senate is here to represent the students. He feels that many of the senators are here to represent themselves rather than the students. Acting Vice-President Hanson said that he would love to have more people come up

here and speak their mind. Senator Helgeson said that no amount of time spent today is going to resolve the issue and recommended that Ms. Arenz return when everyone is here. Senator Helgeson asked if Ms. Arenz would ever consider running for a Senate seat, she said she would. She feels that our organization is a vital and intricate part of our campus. Senator Vye commended her for coming today and speaking to the Senate and went on to ask how we can make people more aware of what we are doing. Ms. Arenz said that she feels that we need more advertising and we also need to work on making the advertising of more interest to students. Mr. Waibel asked that Speaker Guzek read the first amendment to the Senate because he feels that we do not have the right to object to people speaking. Former Senator Olson said that at the beginning of both this and last quarter he was enrolled as a student. However, due to fines his classes were dropped. What he did was wrong and he apologizes. He hopes to run for Senate again next quarter.

V. Appointments/Elections-None

Senator Yunginger asked that people make sure that they phrase points of information in the form of a question.

VI. Officer Reports

A. Acting President Francis Klinkner-Acting President Klinkner met with Dr. Healy on Thursday to discuss Phase III and the Health Services Renovation. Dr. Healy said that Henry Morris is meeting with the various offices that will be a part of Phase III to discuss the detailing of their office space. Dr. Healy hopes to have a recommendation for President Rush pertaining to whether or not Health Services and Phase III should be separate projects by March 12. Acting President Klinkner moves to refer President Wallace, Vice-Presient Chase, former Senator Olson, and the entire issue pertaining to Washington D.C., the SAC Allocation for that trip, and any other individuals that the Ethics Committee sees fit, to be referred to the Ethics Committee, Senator Yunginger seconds. Acting President Klinkner feels that because the people involved are not here it is not right to discuss this issue without them. He feels that this is why the Ethics Committee is here and we should utilize them. Senator Yunginger said that he strongly believes we need to look at this issue. Senator McBride said that he feels that this is a good idea, however, he feels it is entirely too vague. He has some definite problems with the President of this organization misleading us. There are five or six issues here and he wants some definite answers. He wants things addressed. He is holding off a lot of what he knows because he does not want to accuse President Wallace of things when she is not here. Acting Vice-President Hanson feels that a special session is not necessary. Senator Murzyn comments that we have students here who want answers, they want accountability. We are talking about $500.00 here. Senator Murzyn went on to comment that as a representative of the student body she does not feel comfortable telling her constituents that we will not be addressing this issue until April. Acting President Klinkner said that President Wallace said that if the Senate considered Special Session it would have to held on Tuesday or early Wednesday morning. Acting President Klinkner withdraws his motion. Senator McBride said that he disagrees with Acting Vice-president Hanson because he feels that this is a time sensitive issue and needs to be dealt with immediately. He does not want to be part of an organization that is lead by someone who is not telling the truth and will resign if we do not have a special session. Senator Harmon agrees with Senator McBride's statement.

B. Acting Vice-President Hanson-The Accreditation Team came and they felt that were key issues that had not been addressed to this day. They came up with three main things and told the University that if they were not completed when they come back in the year 2000, we would lose our accreditation. They feel that the faculty and the administration have little contact with other areas of the campus and feel this is a hindrance. Senator Hayden said that the Accreditation Team commended the Senate for our involvement on campus, and our ability to answer their questions. They were extremely impressed with the Senate and the students of the University. Acting Vice-president Hanson said that they were very amazed and impressed with all that the Senate does.

C. Speaker Eddy Guzek-Speaker Guzek apologized to all the students and the Senators for what happened with the By-law amendment. He will be showing more leadership in the future. We have an Off-Campus Seat open and a Graduate Studies Seat Open.

VII. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-Thank you to all three people who came to the meeting.

They discussed the Accreditation and how this will help academic affairs. They also discussed the ACC.

B. Campus Enrichment-no report.

C. Legislative Affairs-no report.

D. Student Affairs-They are working on many issues. The student body will be voting on ring designs. They are also working on creating a Mankato State University Channel. Acting President Klinkner has been working on the Renter's Association. Speaker Guzek read Bill 03-06-G1. Senator Helgeson said that they believe that this is important because it allows technological capabilities. Of the 250 home pages surveyed in the nation the City of Mankato ranks seven. He personally thinks that because MSU is continuing its' efforts to be involved with the city they should have a dynamic home page like that of the city. Senator Murzyn asked how much this technology will cost and who will determine what will go on it. Senator Yunginger replied it will cost $100.00 and everyone will be able to provide input on what should go on this page. They will be soliciting questions and ideas from everyone about what goes on the Home Page. Senator Murzyn asked if this is financially feasible, Acting President Klinkner said that the Budget Committee will review this and then recommend to the President if they feel that the financial resources are available. Bill 03-06-G1 passes unanimously and becomes Resolution 95.96R11, Senator Murzyn abstains.

Resolution of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill Number 03-06-G1 Resolution 95.96R11

Date: March 6, 1996

Sponsor: World Wide-Web Subcommittee

Title: MSSA Home Page

Whereas: Current technology dictates the employment of all venues for the spread of information and to increase other's awareness; and

Whereas: The M.S.S.A. has established the need for an M.S.S.A. Home Page on the World Wide Web; and

Whereas: The M.S.S.A. World Wide Web Home Page should be one of the finest on the internet; and

Whereas: The development, maintenance and updating of a Home Page using HTML, is a time consuming, laborious task; therefore be it

Resolved: That the M.S.S.A. purchase a copy of Adobe's Page Mill to enhance and improve the quality and timeliness of the M.S.S.A. Home Page, subject to the approval of the President .

Senator Hayden asked if the television channel will be just on campus or will be throughout the city, Senator Anderson said she has just begun working on this.

G. Union Board-see written report. Introduced Bill 03-06-G2, Ms. Blakley, Union Board Chair, said that the committee has many concerns about this issue and that is why they decided to simply undertake a trial period. Acting Vice-president Hanson pointed out that we need to trust our committees and their decisions. Senator McBride calls the question, Senator Gerard seconds, motion fails. Senator Hanson calls the question Senator Jones seconds, motion passes. Bill 03-06-G2 passes and becomes Resolution 95.96R12.

Resolution of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill Number 03-06-G2 Resolution 96.96R12

Date: March 6, 1996

Sponsor: Union Board

Title: Direct T.V.

Be it resolved: That the MSSA/Senate approve a one-year trial of Direct T.V. in the Centennial Student Union; and be it further

Resolved: That Direct T.V. be reviewed in Spring Quarter of the 1997-1998 school year; and be it further

Resolved: That this review process specifically address the students view on how they like or if they want Direct T.V. in the Union.

Motion to recess for seventeen minutes, motion passes

Called back to order a 6:07.

Proxy Lewis asked about extra space in Phase III. Ms. Blakley said no decision has been made. Proxy Lewis asked about KRNR moving into the extra space, Ms. Blakley said they are looking at moving to the Warren Street Building. All complaints about ARA should be in writing and dropped in the comment box at Stompers or e-Mailed to ARA at ARAMARK Suggestions at MS1.

H. SAC-No Report

I. Constitution Committee- In regards to the appeal involving by-law amendments the committee made the following interpretation:

ìThe initiation of an amendment to the MSSA Bylaws shall be treated as a main motion. (Amendments can be made, can be referred to committee, etc.) Regardless of form a majority vote on the main motion will send the amendment to a second reading. At the second reading, amendments and discussion can take place. If an amendment is made to the Bylaw amendment the amendment process shall revert back to the initiation stage. Grammatical amendments, at the Speakerís discretion, will not send the proposal back to initiation.î

J. Communications Board-No Report

K. RHA-See written report. Senator Yunginger asked about how to go about having another joint session, Speaker Guzek explained that no vote from the senate is necessary to do that.

L. Urban Affairs-No Report

M. Technology Taskforce-Senator Hayden reintroduces Bill 02-14-P2. Senator Helgeson said that every year these people get their funding. We are simply asking that they commit to a 5-year plan. We are putting a leash on them so that we can regulate what they do. Senator Hanson calls the question Senator Gerard seconds motion passes. Bill 02-14-P2 passes and becomes Resolution 95.96R13 (see attached.) Senator Hanson thanks Senator Helgeson for working so hard on this issue.

VIII. Old Business

A. Election Rules/Bill 02-27-P2-Senator Murzyn moves to table this issue until the Constitution Committee renders an opinion regarding the Constitutionality of this Bill. Motion passes and Bill 02-27-P2 is tabled.

IX. New Business

A. Accountability-Speaker Guzek read Bill 03-06-P3, Senator Hayden seconds. Senator Yunginger said that he feels that this will help promote accountability. Senator Hayden said the intention of this is to require us to do our jobs. While he agrees with this he feels that details need to be worked and encourages this to be tabled. Senator Murzyn moves to table this until April 3,1996. The motion to table Bill 03-06-P3 until April 3, 1996 passed with Senator Yunginger voting no.

Bill for a Resolution of the

Mankato State Student Association


Bill Number 03-06-G4

Date: March 6, 1996

Sponsor: Senator Yunginger

Title: MSSA Accountability

Whereas: It is the Mankato State Student Association's Responsibility to govern itself; and

Whereas: Ideally, the Mankato State Student Association is accountable to the student body;


Whereas: Article II Sections 1 and 2 of the Bylaws clearly defines what unacceptable attendance is, and the process which deals with unacceptable absence rates; therefore be it

Resolved: That all Ad-Hoc, Standing, and Sub-Committee Chairs report back to the Senate the attendance of their respected regular meetings that were held during Winter Quarter; and be it further

Resolved: That appropriate action be pursued with Senators that have shown unacceptable attendance rates; and be it further

Resolved: That the Committee Chairs report back to the Senate on the first regularly scheduled meeting of Spring Quarter; and be it further

Resolved: That this process be continued after Spring Quarter 1996.

B. Reporter Article-Introduced Bill 03-06-G4. Senator Yunginger feels that they are here to get the answers. Senator Yunginger said that we all have concerns about this and he feels that the Ethics Committee is the appropriate group to deal with this. He understands that this is important and feels it should be taken care of in a timely manner, however, we can only do so much today. He urges the Senate to pass this, this is a tough issue. It is important for everyone to stick to their guns and do what is right. Senator McBride said that he wants it to be on the record that we are actually doing something. Senator McBride goes on to comment that the Ethics Committee is very newly formed and does not have procedures developed to deal with an issue like this. This is a very important issue and is important enough for Special Session. He can not believe that President Wallace did not know that Steven Tkach was not a student, or the Coordinators, or the Vice-president. Senator McBride approached Speaker Guzek and asked him to look into this issue. People want to know what is going on, this is timely. We need to go into the new quarter with this issue resolved. Our credibility is being questioned here. Let's not drag this issue out. If she has lied he will be the first person to put her to a vote of no-confidence. We owe it to the students we represent to deal with this issue. Senator Klinkner agrees with most of what Senator McBride has said and feels that this is timely and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Senator Klinkner is friends with many of the individuals involved and feels that he would be biased when any kind of a vote comes up. We designed an un-biased Ethics Committee to deal with this issue and he feels that they should deal with this. Senator Helgeson said he would like to see a Special Session next week and then go from there. Senator Murzyn said that it was hard for her and Speaker Guzek to deal with this issue. They are also friends with the people involved and have had to put friendships aside. Speaker Guzek says that he refuses to say that the Senate wimped out because they have friendships involved. It is time for us to put politics aside and do what is right. Senator Hanson said that he wonders why this was addressed at the time it was. If we could have addressed this at a much sooner date we wouldn't have to go through this right now. He has lost focus to what the issue really is. Senator Daniels calls the question, motion fails. Senator Gerard said that she wants her questions answered personally. How can anyone be unbiased, everyone has heard about this issue. Senator Hiller said that there has been a lot said but we have constituents that we need to be accountable to. He thinks it is our duty to get the opinion of our constituents, the people who we are representing. Motion to call the question, motion passes. Move to a vote. The following senators voted yes: Blake, Hanson, Halverson, Robertson, Proxy Lewis, Hayden, Hiller, Hulstein, Klinkner, Vye, Yunginger, Jones, Janssen The following senators voted no: McBride, Murzyn, Gerard, Daniels, and Tullgren. The following senators abstained: Helgeson, Mashlab, Henschel. Senator Murzyn voted no because she felt that if there were no conclusions reached at Special Session that this then should be sent to the Ethics Board. Bill 03-06-G4 passes and becomes Act 95.9635.

Act of the

Mankato State Student Association

Bill Number 03-06-G4 Act Number 95.96A35

Date: March 6, 1996

Title: Reporter Article of March 5, 1996

Be it enacted: That the allegations and concerns raised by the Reporter Article of March 5, 1996 be referred to the Ethics Committee; and be it further

Enacted: That the Ethics Committee will investigate these matters and report back to the Senate no later than the second meeting of Spring Quarter; and be it further

Enacted: That additional specific concerns should be addressed to the committee in writing; and be it further

Enacted: That this issue not be brought up on the Senate Floor until the Ethics Committee completes its' investigation and reports back to the Student Senate.

Petition submitted for Special Session on March 12, 1996.

Move to recess for ten minutes, motion passes.

Called back to order at 7:50 p.m.

X. Senator Reports

A. Ingrid Ellingson-Senator Ellingson will be the Special Events Program Chair for the Student Events Team next year.

B. Tony Hanson-see written report.

C. Jason Hulstein-Senator Hulstein is in the process of creating a committee database to be used in the future. Senator Hulstein apologized for the unavoidable class scheduling conflict that occurred this quarter in which he had a class from 3-5 on Wednesday. This problem has been corrected for next quarter. Thanks to Mr. Pete Waibel for occasionally proxying for Senator Hulstein this quarter. Good luck to everyone on finals.

D. Steve Janssen-see written report.

E. Landon Jones-see written report.

F. Jacques Lewis-see written report.

G. Fernando Mashlab-Senator Mashlab has been meeting with Kristi Maruska, the assistant to the Dean of the College of Business, regarding several key issues.

H. Michelle Murzyn-Senator McBride and I have been meeting with our constituents and with various Recognized Student Organizations.

I. Steve Yunginger-see written report.

XI. Open Forum-Senator Daniels is resigning because she is moving in at the Fire Station and by doing so will be losing her constituency. Senator Hayden said thank you to the Senate as a whole for the maturity we have shown in addressing these very complicated issues. Senator Halvorsen said that it is important for us to utilize the power we have. Senator Henschel thanked Senator Klinkner and Senator Hanson for filling in for the President and Vice-president, they did a good job. Senator McBride said that it is important for us to come in here with an open mind on Tuesday. Senator Gerard said thanks to Speaker Guzek for doing such a good job. Motion to close Open Forum, motion passes.

XII. Announcements-Tuesday at 5:00 is the Special Session. Senator Hayden will be appearing in Rolling Stone Magazine.

XIII. Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.