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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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April 10, 1996

I. Roll Call - Called to order at 4:02pm


Senators: Ellingson (2-0-0), Blake (2-0-0), Filkins (2-0-0), Hanson (2-0-0), Mashlab (1-0-1), Helgeson (0-1-1), Halverson (2-0-0), Jacobson (2-0-0), Robertson (2-0-0), Sharma (2-0-0), Crep (1-0-1), Daniels (2-0-0), Lewis (2- 0-0), Hayden (2-0-0), Bakke (2-0-0), Klinkner (2-0-0), Weir/Yunginger (1- 0-1), Hiller (2-0-0), Hulstein (2-0-0), Harmon (2-0-0), Vye (2-0-0), Waibel (2-0-0), Haycraft (2-0-0), Jones (2-0-0), Anderson (2-0-0), Rittierodt (2-0- 0), Arenz (2-0-0), Hunter (2-0-0), Janssen (2-0-0)

Staff: Pres. Wallace (2-0-0), VP Chase (2-0-0), Spkr Majeske (2-0-0), Coor. Abbas (2-0-0), Coor. Benson (1-1-0), Coor. Drganc (2-0-0)

II. Approval of the Minutes 3/27/96 4/3/96

Minutes for the meeting of 3-27-96 passed.

Minutes for the meeting of 4-3&4-96 were tabled

III. Student Forum (No Student forum)

IV. Appointments

Bookstore Advisory - Fernando Mashlab, CD Asst. - Magno Guillem Acting Student Affairs Coor. - Kristy Anderson

V. Presentation - LTC Vulcan, ROTC

Discussed ROTC and what it offers to the university and the students that it serves.

VI. Officer Reports

A. President Mona Wallace - Discussed Delegate Assembly. Explained that caucusing is allowed at the assembly, she also stated that she would vote with the delegates for who they choose for chair and vice chair. Written reports will be required by all those attending the Delegate Assembly.

B. Vice President Matthew Chase - No Report

C. Speaker Tracy Majeske - See written report

Please do not bash the senate and the opinions of your fellow senators, stated by Pres. Wallace. Question Harmon: Are there going to be a set number of recipients for the awards? Yes.

VII. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs - See Written - Discussed the proposed ACC committee, Moved to caucus by Pres Wallace, seconded Harmon. Motion to table item to new business item D by Klinkner, seconded by Hayden - Passes.

B. Campus Beautification - No Report

C. Elections Committee - See Written Rules attached.

Discussion from Hanson & Drganc. Political materials not allowed on campus. If their is a supporting group they need to be approved by the elections committee.

Objection to section 2 by Waibel. Later withdrawn.

Section G & H pass.

Art. V section 1 to 3, Objection Harmon. Change public place to public forum. No objections to the change. Concern from Hayden on the definition of public forum and public place.

Discussion w\ Coor. Drganc and Pres. Wallace regarding Art. VI Section 8, the way money is to be spent in regards to the campaign and recruiting time. Rule 8 & 9 do not coincide. Objection by Hanson on rule 9, rest of Art. VI passed.

Objection to Art. VII Sec. 2. Coor. Drganc would like to suggest changing candidate to representative. Vye: Replace all candidates or representatives. Harmon: Also add independent to candidate. Amendments pass.

Hanson removed obj. to #9, Klinkner states his obj. to #9.

Art. VII Sec. 2 - discussion - passed


Art. VI Sec. 9 - Klinkner: I feel that sec. 9 should be stricken. Further discussion. Motion to strike Art. VI Sec. 9 by Hayden, seconded by Klinkner. Further discussion given by Klinkner. Motion Passes. Hiller votes no.

Harmon There are many flaws in the election rules and this should be considered for another week. Filkins: I just want to come to the defense of the elections committee, they have worked very hard. Pres. Wallace: I can't believe we want to send this entire document back to committee after we spent over 1 1/2 hours agreeing withthe document. ... We have ample opportunity to review the document from other committees and we pass their legislation. Hayden: We trust our committees to come up with motions and pass them with little debate. Motion on the rules - Passes.

D. Student Affairs - time yielded to Yunginger got on his soapbox to tell people that they need to get their bios in by today. Pictures will be taken next Wednesday afternoon between 2 and 2:50. Pictures taken the other time have disappeared. Vye: After we turn in bios can we update them? Hayden, Janssen, Yunginger can tell you the exact working of the WWW.

E. SAC - Motion 04-10-F1

Klinkner: Who is the advisor of SOAFC? Melissa Holland. Lewis: Who is the rep. from SAC to SOAFC? He also asked for a balance from SOAFC. Harmon: Resolution to receive SOAFC weekly balance reports? If reports are not received there will be further involvement? Motion passes.

Motion 04-10-F2

See attached Resident Hall resolution. Motion Passes.

F. Ethics Committee - Report was given by Brian Kass. Once we have all the info. we need well get back to the Senate. Pres. Wallace: This issue has to be dealt with. She is concerned that political climate surrounding student bodies lack of results as a tactic to delay. How soon can we expect a result? Committee is meeting twice a week and attempting to be throw so things aren't overlooked. Anderson: When will the driving issue be dealt with? Kass: Other issues are in higher demand for an answer.

G. Union Board - Q: Pres. Wallace: ventilation system high cost project. How much? Blakley: Will get it to Wallace, thought she had.

H. Other (written)

VIII. Old Business

A. 04-03-P1 Conference Committee - Hiller: move to remove from the table, Lewis second. At this time add MSSA back in. Move to vote on Amendment. Passed. Motion was read again Motion passed - unanimously.

B. 04-03-R4 ACC (2nd Reading) (see attached document)

First and second sections pass without objection.

Third section - Hiller: Maybe MSUSA should be defend. Vye: Why apply to use why can't I just use? Hiller: Time limit you can get a user name and have to reapply. Hanson: Are they going to continue? I thought that you were only dropped if not registered.

Forth section - Robertson: Does this only apply to students?

Fifth section - Vye: Will this be available to students?

Sixth section - Proxy Helgeson: Are punishments going to be more severe in comparison to current policy? Halverson: Can we appeal?

Seventh section - Bakke: do you feel this is essential for administrative approval?

Eighth section - Janssen: On VAX can you go on mail server and get info downloaded?

Ninth & tenth section passes

Eleventh section - Proxy for Helgeson: Portion that tells people to put academics before personal life it seems like it's telling people that's what they must do. Further discussion on the section.

Hiller objects to section 4.1. Motion: to strike 4.1 and insert the words academic and educational into 4.2 after the word legitiment. seconded by Jansson. Vye: We want people to be able to do what they want and 4.1 shouldn't be in there. Waibel: This says that academics are first and I object to the motion. Chase: Opposes the amendment. We get mandates for academic computing and it is clear in law and should be in 4.2.

Question was called. Failed.

Chase: use is already going on and academics need to be taken care of first. Vye: No where does it say that I have to do homework before games.

Question called. Passes. - Bakke voted no.

Vote on motion: Passes. - Hiller voted yes.

Now discussed the document as a whole. Hanson: Discussion in Academic Affairs shows that there is a big need for this.

Motion to add a due process clause: Students always have the right to appeal decisions on this policy. seconded by Waibel. Added to document without objection.

Roll Call Vote: Motion Passes.

Hiller appealed the decision of the chair with regards to the no ballot voting. Discussion continued on the logistics behind it. Robert's Rules of Order page 398. New standard set. Hiller removed has appeal without objection.

Filkins moves to table items IX, X, XI, XII, seconded Proxy Jones. Modified to table all but Item E New Business. Passes.

IX. New Business

A. Meeting Protocol

B. Bylaw Changes (Senator Klinkner/Senator Bakke)

C. Awards

D. ACC - Academic Affairs

E. Gag Order - Moved by Hayden, seconded by Bakke. Motion: That the Gag Order regarding discussion on the floor of the March 5 Reporter article remain in place until the Ethics Committee renders its findings.

Motion Passes.

X. Senator Reports

A. Pete Waibel B. Chris Hiller

C. Robert Hayden D. Matt Harmon

E. Eric Bakke

XI. Open Forum

XII. Announcements

XIII. Adjournment - Klinkner moved, Proxy Jones seconded. Passes.

Waibel: I believe this is a severe hindrance of the right of students voices to be heard through their senators.