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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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April 17, 1996

ROLL CALL: (Present-Absent-Proxy-Late)

Senators: Ellingson (3-0-0), Blake 2-1-0), Filkens (3-0-0), Hanson (3-0-0), Mashlab (2-0-1) Helgeson (0-2-1), Halverson (1-0-2), Jacobson (3-0-0), Robertson (3-0-0), Sharma (3-0-0) Crep (1-1-1), Daniels (2-1-0), Lewis (3-0-0), Hayden (3-0-0), Bakke (3-0-0), Klinkner (3-0-0) Weir/Yunginger (1-0-2), Hiller ((2-1-0) Hulstein (2-1-0) Harmon (3-0-0) Vye (3-0-0) Waibel (3-0-0) Arenz (4-0-0), Hunter 2-1-0), Janssen (3-0-0), Haycraft (3-0-0), Jones (3-0-0), Anderson (3-0-0) Rittierodt (3-0-0)

Staff: President Wallace (3-0-0), VP Cjase (3-0-0), Speaker Majeske (3-0-0) Coordinator Abbas (1-2-0), Coordinator Benson (2-1-0) Coordinator Drganc (2-1-0)

Approval of Agenda

Additions to agenda : Strike Sen. Hayden's report and Sen. Bakke's Report

Agenda stands approved as corrected.


Fitness Hearing Gage A Senator. (Landon Jones) I skipped the meeting two weeks ago and had misunderstanding last week. I have had good Attendance previous to that.

Senator Vye= If you are found fit will this happen again

Senator Jones= No

Jones retains his seat

Sentor Hiller Move 3 min. Caucus 2nd Hayden

Passes at 4:14pm

reconvene at 4:16

SAC Chair Murzyn brought the initial SAC budget Recommendation (maintenance budget) Henry will be here next week. (In writing ) Read it.

Appointments: Lenora Hudson-Financial Aid, Chris Rapsch-Financial Aid, Marc Ritterot-

Academic Affairs, RHA, Eric Bakke-Constitution Committee, Julie Ebel-Recording Secretary,

Amy Arenz-Registrar's Search

All passed with out objection

V. MSUSA Reports(all in writing)

President Wallace.- Congratulations to Vice President Chase Vice Chair Elect for MSUSA

Sen. Anderson (In writing)

Coordinator. Benson (in writing) "Go Beavers."

Sen. Klinkner (in writing)

Sen. Vye (in writing)

Coordinator Drganc (in writing)

VP Chase (in writing)

Senator Hayden= To the delegates, Was it a success?

For the most part delegates saw it as a big success.


President. Report.

Unveiled new MSSA banner donated by former MSSA President Randy Wanke.

At MSUSA I had problems with the Board of Directors that will be sent in writing to the Chair of MSUSA. I have asked MSUSA to request that Minnesota State expedite the examination of Phase III proposal.

VP Report

If we can there was an appointment that was forgotten Amy Arenz

Handed out temp permits.

Dave Abel is Faculty President of Mankato. He is up for IFO President of Minnesota.

Tracy Majeske is working on Senate Yearbook and might need support. Also people to help work on future of student activities.

Be prepared to be lobbied by SAC about budget. You have a month to be prepared for the budget meeting. The Gov. put his Chief of Staff on Minnesota State

Thanks to Tracy for the Handbook in front of you.

?'s Senator Klinkner- What about problems with Checking account on MAV card

VP we aren't sure what is going on, I will look at it.

First bank sent out mail saying that every check over 8 would cost .50 cents.

Senator Vye- We did get it on the platform of MSUSA to look in to Aramark .

Senator Hanson moved to recess for 20 min. Waibel seconded

Passes at 5:42

Convened at 6:02

Speaker's Report (in writing)

New cheat sheets and parliamentary pro reference books do not mark on these the ref. books can be checked out and you will be charged $5.00 if it is destroyed. There is also a new handbook that you all have. Look these over and know the information in them.

President. Rush did approve the Class ring proposal.

Cheri asks everyone to please clean out mail boxes. Do not use it as your own personal filing cabinet. Student Friendly nominations are available to be picked up.

It was previously passed by this senate that we are required to wear our name tags all day on Wednesdays and to Dress up for Senate meetings.

If interested Malcom has put together a list of all motions brought up, in this years student association.

VII. Staff and Committee (in writing)

Academic Affairs - Sen. Hanson

Campus Enrichment - Coordinator Benson

Elections Committee - Chair Chase There will be a very important meeting that you are invited to which may have a major affect on election rules and deals with the First Amendment.

Student Affairs - Sen. Anderson We are getting more ashtrays put up around buildings especially at Maverick Hall. We have a resolution about contracts (in writing)

Sen Ritterierodt- We need to look into getting larger ashtrays outside

Contract resolution out of Committee. Sen. Hayden spoke on this first.

Senator Hayden- what this says is that if after a student sees the book and don't like what it says they can get out of their contract.

President Wallace friendly amendment to add the stipulation that Student have a week after getting the book to get out of contract.

POO (Harmon) In future can the Speaker not put the maker of a motion on the spot.

Senator Klinkner call question

President Wallace seconded


Senator Klinkner moved to refer back to committee. Vice President Chase seconds for sake of discussion.

Senator Hanson called question Pres. Wallace seconded. Passed

Vote on referring to committee. Fails

Discussion on main motion continues

Senator Klinkner called question, Senator Hanson seconded. Passes.

Vote on main motion with friendly. Passes

Ethics Committee-(in writing)

Speaker passed Gavel to VP.

Majeske-"If it's a personnel issue then according to State Law it is a closed meeting"

Pres. Wallace- What I do not want to happen is for there to only be the interested parties sitting in a room with the committee and those being questioned. I want the entire student body to be able to come if it is open.

Senator Hayden: The ethics committee does not pass judgment_we just want them to be able to investigate this matter thoroughly.

Tracy took the Gavel Back

Union Board- Peni Blakley

POO - Klinkner I object to open Forum during reports

Chase- "I strongly object that the University asks for space in the CSU for M&E offices while denying the same request of

Come to Communications Board Meeting on Friday at 10:00 Sen. Filkens

Sen. Hanson moved for 10 min. recess. Sen. Waibel seconded. Passed at 7:47 pm

Called back to order At 7:58 pm