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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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April 24, 1996

I. Roll Call

Called to order at 4:00pm


Senators: Ellingson (4-0-0), Blake (2-2-0), Filkins (4-0-0), Hanson (4-0-0), Mashlab (2-0-2), Helgeson (0-3-1), Halverson (2-0-2), Jacobson (4-0-0), Robertson (4-0-0), Sharma (4-0-0), Crep (2-1-1), Daniels (3-1-0), Lewis (4- 0-0), Hayden (4-0-0), Bakke (4-0-0), Klinkner (4-0-0), Weir/Yunginger (1-0- 3), Hiller (3-1-0), Hulstein (3-1-0), Harmon (4-0-0), Vye (4-0-0), Waibel (4- 0-0), Haycraft (4-0-0), Jones (4-0-0), Anderson (4-0-0), Rittierodt (4-0-0), Arenz (4-0-0), Hunter (2-2-0), Janssen (4-0-0)

Staff: Pres. Wallace (4-0-0), VP Chase (4-0-0), Spkr Majeske (4-0-0), Coor. Abbas (2-2-0), Coor. Benson (3-1-0), Coor. Drganc (3-1-0)

II. Approval of the Minutes 4/10/96

Minutes are approved. The Minutes for 4/17/96 will be tabled next week.

III. Student Forum - No Discussion

IV. Appointments - Julie Ebel, Communications Board - Gabe Vye and Chris Hiller, Renters Association Board.

V. Presentation - SAC/Student Union Budget - Henry Morris

Fencing Club - Michelle Klinert

SAC presentation is written...asking for $1.3 million dollars...hope to make the difference up in revenue. Henry Morris explained the proposed increase. No further discussion on union budget. Motion carries and budget for FY 96-97 passes.

Fencing Club and class...continuting problem with the fencing club and fencing class. The PE department is using the equipment and the people to teach the class. Yet, they are not being paid for the position nor are they recieving money for the use of the clubs equipment. The question raised is where are the dollars going that students pay for the class? Issue to be researched by the Academic Affairs Committee.

VI. Officer Reports

A. President Mona Wallace:

Bomb threat from last week....

Ethics committee results

Helgeson will be resigning his senate seat tomorrow morning

Sign up for MSUSA

MSUSA board increase before Minnesota State

Francis Klinkner will take the 6th paid spot to MSUSA spot.

Move to caucus for 2 minutes by Wallace and seconded by Waibel.

B. Vice President Matthew Chase

Mav Card

MCI working with the MavCard is looking for someone to join their team

C. Speaker Tracy Majeske

Thank you letter from Cheri.

Letter from Halverson to appoint Julie Ebel as a quarterly proxy.

Ideas for Senate banquet for the end of the year.

VII. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs

Guidelines for the semester transition

ACC will be discussed by Hayden later

B. Parking Advisory

In writing

C. Elections Committee

Meeting tomorrow at 5pm.

There will be 5 topics to be discussed.

I encourage everyone to stay calm.

D. Student Affairs will be in writing

Motion to amend by Wallace and seconded by Chase

Motion carries

E. Communications Bd

In writing

Conduct of (former employee MR) as former KRNR manager

F. Ethics Committee: in writing

G. Union Board: in writing

Motion for 20 minute recess by Hanson and second by Ebel

Division has been called....16-4-3-0

H. Other (written)

I. ACC-Robert Hayden see written

Recommendation out of committee passed

Chase: Why do you oppose the budget and when will it be presented?

J. Cultural Diversity-see written

Anderson: Reminder tomorrow is Chicano, Latino symposium tomorrow.

VIII. Old Business

A. Bylaws-2nd Reading

Is in writing

Appeal the decision of the chair by Bakke and Harmon seconds

regarding quorum

Move to vote by secret ballot by Janssen and seconded by Mashlab

Waibel objected to the secret ballot

Motion fails....10-3-4-3

Move to reconsider by Robertson and seconded by President Wallace

Can not be reconsidered by Robertson

IX. New Business


Motion made by Chase to establish award and seconded by Anderson and Arenz.

Hanson: Are there going to be more than one award?

Chase: I don't really care.

Ebel: Would this also apply to T.A.s?

Chase: sure

Hayden: I think it is teaching we need to recognize.

Hanson: Do you mean teaching in the classroom?

Vote on the motion passes

X. Senator Reports

A. Landon Jones: in writing.


XI. Open Forum

Hayden: Policy regarding contract release for same sex couples....see l letter.

Hanson: I am pleased to see that we are almost out of here at 7:30pm.

Wallace: I am impressed with the new speaker and the way she is running the meetings. I am sorry I am kind of giggly tonight but I am getting a little anxious...Thank you for keeping us on track.

Speaker: Nominations are due 5pm is next week

Move to close by Klinkner and seconded by Mashlab

Motion carries

XII. Announcements

Move to close announcements by Hanson second by Ebel

XIII. Adjournment

Move to adjourn by Waibel and seconded by Wallace

Adjourned at 7:47pm