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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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April 3, 1996

Call to order at 4:06pm by Acting Speaker Chase

I. Roll Call

Senators present: Anderson (1-0-0), Jones (1-0-0), Klinkner (1-0-0), Yunginger, (1-0-0) Hiller (1-0-0), Harmon (1-0-0), Hulstien (1-0-0), Vye (1-0-0), Janssen (1-0-0), Hunter (1-0-0), Hanson (1-0-0), Filkens (1-0-0), Ellingson (1-0-0), Blake (1-0-0), Mashlab (1-0-0), Crep (1-0-0), Halverson (1-0-0), Robertson (1-0-0), Hayden (1-0-0), Bakke (1-0-0)

Sentors absent: Helgeson (0-1-0)

Staff present: President Wallace (1-0-0), Vice President Chase (1-0-0), Coordinator Abbas (1-0-0), Coordinator Benson, (1-0-0) Coordinator Drganc (1-0-0), Acting Coordinator Hanson, Acting Coordinator Anderson

II. Approval of the minutes

Harmon ask that in the future that minute dates are on the agenda. Murzyn only resigned as recording secretary, and senator please make note in minutes. The minutes say that she resigned from all committees but SAC chair

Tabled minutes by Bakke for one week and seconded by Hayden

Vote: passed 13-4-3 to table

Point of Order. Hiller, brief announcement will be done during open forum. Senator Filkins ask to move Communications Board to before fitness hearings and cancel senator report. Harmon inappropriate to have (/) there before senate. Abbas, add me to reports - Cultural Diversity.


III. Student Forum

Chris Hiller asked that we should conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner so we sound more professional and look more professional because of the situations that have been going on lately

Penni Blakley petition from city council concerning spending $7 million on new office buildings. This petition will be picked up on Friday afternoon. This petition is against spending the money on new office buildings.

Communication Board Report: Special mtg. at 8am on Wed morning for KRNR about the progress that they have been making this year. Fred Vette and Marcus Rodgers. Questions should be answered in the minutes .. see minutes from Communication Board Mtg. Wed 4-3-96. Marcus Rodgers: KRNR most make significant progress in order to be funded for the 1996-97 school year. Restructured music and advertising. Ad rates are more available to the public. Format style is constant, reorganized it. We have changed music over the past year. Brand new music such as alternative music less than 3 or 4 months old and metal. There is also a salsa show.. extra music that students are requesting, older music, more identifiable music. Management team has changed over the past year. 7 people from KRNR are working professionally. Magazines are soliciting to them. Report the play list to them, nation wide17 new record companies to play KRNR music. They are focusing on more independent bands, and brand new bands. New music all the time, lots of mail in constantly. We do care about what is going on. We have had to get rid of a lot of stuff that was dragging us down. 30 to 40 calls a day from bands about their music. FM frequency is being worked on right now. Friday 5 to 8pm on KMSU. The show has been on for Sept. 1995. KRNR response was great, and have fined tuned this time on KMSU. The other step is that asking for a budget increase for better equipment for the station such as a FM transmitter and DAT. Once they go FM, there is going to be more training that is needed for their staff. The league is more foreign to them. Increase is for the equipment needed to be able to go FM. Please don't dismiss the larger budget that we are requesting. Fred Vette and I talk about this every week. Fred Vette: several months ago when senate requested that KRNR make significant difference was done. We sat down with Ron Korvas, Marilyn, Marcus and myself to see what we can do immediately. 300,000 people can hear this station. We just wanted to get you up to speed on what is going on.. Questions.. Hiller, 17 new companies. I'm curious what the differences from the old companies that you were dealing with. Rodgers: larger range of companies.. representing more states than just the big cities

Hiller: Promotions how do people find out about it? More PR is needed to improve it. Rodgers: There has been no allocations for PR in the budget. Nobody really thought about it. Flyers, banners, mailings will hopefully in the coming year, have more money budgeted. This is the biggest problem that we have.

Wallace: referred to minutes page 2 of Communication Board Minutes of April 3, 1996 about $1,800 self-generated money.. Rodgers said that they have already exceeded the $1,800 for next year.

Hayden: message was posted on the computer system, who did this and asked for suggestion. Talk show and meet the needs of listeners. make sure that programming is important, meeting the needs of the students. Rodgers: majority of the student prefer that they play alternative. We have to have a music format that reaches the majority of the students. Have changed it to the request of the students.

Yunginger: approval for status for FM? Vette: number of different licenses. Frequency are all taken in this area. process for this would be finding a frequency first around $5-600 and then apply $2-3000 and other cost. total cost of this would be $15-20,000 year to year and half. follow-up by Yunginger. How often do you need to be re licensed.. Vette: every 10 years

Point of personal privilege by Harmon.. There is this clip board floating around with people's name's social security #'s and ID #'s. This is not appropriate. Chase: we will talk about it later.

Klinkner: thanked Rodgers and Vette for coming and appreciate all the answers to the question that the senate has had.

Hanson: wanted to let them know that he respects them to sticking to the play list. Rodgers: biggest fear is that other radio stations are worried about KRNR going FM because they would steal from their audience.

Wallace: Understand and agrees with Hanson, every student pays their activity fees, do want you to keep in mind that you need to reach the entire university. Suggestion by Wallace. Rodgers, this is a very serious issue. we are trying to get people more involved.

Wallace: follow up.. need to advertise this availability for people to come and work

Hayden: Understood that if you don't listen to the music, is not welcome to DJ. Rodgers: not true. Requirements for some positions

Gallery: Flynn: Congratulations on the improvements

Rodgers: Feel free to come and see me about KRNR. Anytime that I am in my office. Next staff mtg. on Tuesday. More than welcome to come to them. We will drop to talk to you.

Fitness Hearings: Doran Hunter

Senator Hunter: explanation by Hunter why he has been gone.. was gone for whole quarter. My fault and I except my actions. I declared my major and didn't know what to do. Also academic issues.

Hanson: Do feel that you will be able to perform your duties as a senator this quarter? Hunter: yes

Klinkner: Did you talk to anyone about this issue? Hunter: Yes I did. It was my fault that I did not talk to Former Speaker Guzek at this time.

Anderson: How can you still retain your seat.. Chase, the constitution

Yunginger: What are some projects that you would like to work on? Hunter: Major issues such as financial aid, credit card venders out of the union.

Harmon: What point did you declare a major and when did the speaker contact you? Just recently Former Speaker Guzek, passing in the hall. The beginning of last quarter I declared my major

Blake: what will change if you stay on senate? I realized that I really want to stay in senate.

Halverson: Who's responsibility is it for this problem? The current speaker

Vye: Were you notified? No.

Yunginger: Was it bad advise? I think it was just a miscommunication

motion for a 3 minute caucus by Yunginger, seconded by Wallace. motion fails.

Mashlab and Blake recognized by Yunginger

Vote: Hunter stays..16-3-2

IV. Appointments

ECDC Asst. CD Rep: Kristy Anderson

Public Affairs: Stephanie Halverson

Communication Board: Eric Bakke

Elections Committee: Ingrid Ellingson

Motion for a ten minute recess by Wallace and seconded by Yunginger at 5:24pm Motioned passed. Note that Hayden objected to the recess because there was no debate on the issue

Readjourned at 5:40pm.

Hanson: referring to the gallery and we recessed and I find that extremely rude.

Wallace: the reason for this recess was because of night class and so that elections would not be interrupted.

V. Elections Candidates: see written notes

A. S.E.T: Mrinendra Sharma (Labu)

B. Education: Jim Jacobson

C. Crawford: Marc Rittierodt

D. McElroy: Amy Arenz

E. Social & Behavioral #2: Jacques Lewis

F. Social & Behavioral #3: Megan Daniels

G. Off- Campus #5: Tim Haycraft

Note that Lewis strongly opjects to Mellen running without him being present for Off Campus seat. Hanson also did not vote for the first off-campus election.

H. Off- Campus #7: Pete Waibel. Hanson did not vote.

I. Speaker: 14 votes for majority. - Tracy Majeske

Motion to recess for 15 min. Hanson second Waibel. Passes.

VI. Officer Reports

A. President Mona Wallace: in writing

Requested a moment of silence for Ron Brown. The retreat went well. The discussion was on the projects and since no one added any I'm assuming they are complete. I will be meeting with the coordinators and new speaker to determine what areas can work on these projects. I met with Dr. Healy. They have a new veterian's transfer credit policy which is currently being reviewed by the faculty. VP for Ac. Aff. search meetings for student interviews are every Tues. & Thurs. this month. I need to appoint 2-3 students to the committee working on the Student Health Service Flat Fee. I have new info on phase 3. Please look at the sketches so we can discuss it at a later time.

Questions: Vye Veterans how do credits transfer? Anybody who has military credit, Not sure if will hire for Student Affairs needs to talk to Krisite, Hayden--Phase 3 has information regarding, Anderson--pizza available

B. Vice President Chase: 5 year budget plan for ACC, working on it. Parking permits--no appeals, Wed 2pm, gold lot by library. Bakkism, Wiabelism-left out and shunned, Questions: Mashlab very glad Chase not speaker

C. Speaker--RSO Student Nurses passes

Jeff Danak--President of Sailing Club, not all officers are known. Hanson shows reports, Yunginger moves to approve Sailing Club, pending SDP&A, Hiller seconds, Filkins/Waccale calls question passes, Approval vote passes. Unamoius.

Proxy for Yunginger

Responses from Rush: in writing

Francis did pre paid admission stuff (for the record).

VII. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs--attendance in writing, FYE, speaker Walt Wolff, Table tent for major fair, flyer in office, ACC-new business, Academic Vice Pres. search comm. in progress, bios for candidates posted in mail boxes,

questions--Hayden-revealed to acc. affairs, teachers report to FYE about who attends class, objection by Tony, issue dropped, Wallace asks about if issue will be brought to senate floor, Hayden objects

B. ACC: Laser printers, "No way in hell we can go to laser printing" no time to implement, revamping budget, good compromise in Hayden's opinion, distribute schooling process, go to whatever printer is accessible, purchase more laser printers, reconstruct physical lay out of computer center, get some sort of cash card for printing, best we can do this year.

Questions: How do you know what printer to go? --Anderson This is for laser printers not others, Software not actual machine, Chase--Thank You Bob!

C. Elections Committee--Tuesday and Thursday 5pm Candidate mtg. 5pm Thurs.

D. Student Affairs--move new business Bill #04-03-R3--(CLASS RING) written. Question called-passes. Vote-unanimous.

WWW--bios for project needed.

E. SAC--reaffirmation of DC funds for Tkach sac vote 7-1. Senate vote-passes.

F. Ethics Board--Kass, The matter of Alleged vehicular misconduct by a senator will be dealt with at a later time. There is a greater need to deal with the Staff student status issue. All of our board meetings will be closed as they do deal with personnel issues.

G. Union Board--Paul Benson vice chair, Budget approved and forwarded to SAC, Phase 3 written.

H. Communications Board: moved to earlier in the agenda

I. Ensuring Cultural Diversity--written

VIII. Old Business

A. Bill #03-06-G4 MSSA Accountability: Yunginger asks unanimous consent for withdrawal- done

IX. New Business

A. Bill #04-03-P1 (Conference Committee): Bakke, Klinkner-Move to amend the bill by deletion where everywhere MSSA/Senate is written read it Senate. Bakke accepts as friendly. Klinkner says both bodies are important because we need Rush's support. Anderson--RHA says they will pass. Wallace asked about speaker appointment, Bakke responds with Harmon Article 7 section 3 Chase. Hanson moves to table Yunginger Vote-division-tabled until next week.

B. Bill #04-03-R2 (Student Discount at Bookstore): Chase bookstore already agreed to do it. $7000 cost to bookstore. Thrilled to have current manager of the bookstore. Klinkner moves to accept by unanimous consent second Hayden, passes by unanimous consent

C. Bill #04-03-R3 (Class Ring): Under Student Affairs

D. Bill #04-03-R4 (Computer Usage Policy)- FIRST READING

X. Senator Reports: all in writing by Friday at noon

A. Hanson

B. Bakke

C. Filkins: Canceled

XI. Open Forum: Klinkner--never before expressed bodies conduct. With less professionalism as night went on. Tired of people all trying to shape up. Vindictive if it continues.

Hayden--I need to object to acting coordinator Hanson FYE teacher reports when students skip or grades start to slip, Wolf agreed that he would inform incoming students know in a form of pamphlet.

Bakke: Mr. Sunshine, formally congratulate Speaker Majeske,

Chase: Thanks you for staying, senators it is almost midnight.

Jim Jacobson thank you because I was right about you, Yunginger, Harmon, Klinkner, Bakke thanks for keeping me in line,

Hanson: Encourage communication about FYE

Waibel: Hayden, Wallace, Chase, Mashlab, Thank you all.

Harmon: Thanks for Hayden's comments on FYE, Chase must learn to pass the gavel, Tkach in hospital, I had to leave to walk the dog. Steven says hoped the senate meeting went well, he sat up for 4 hrs, and got to eat. He misses us!

Abbas: If we stay it will be meeting of double date, Thank you Chase for making me look good as speaker.

Majeske: On the agenda, be in by noon on Tues.

New senators meet next week.

For Reporter "The student senate is starting over today, I hope the students of the university, give the senate a chance."

Hayden: Steven-looked as if he was on his death bed. What's going on in Senate Steven asked.

Hanson: introduced Mike Mellen

Mellen: as a constituent passion, give and take, standing up for your views, dedication, Who are these people doing this? I don't know why but I'm glad you are.

Yunginger: Move to close open forum Hanson seconds.


Anderson: same faces every time there's long meeting,

Mashlab: thank you

Lost quorum

Filkins/Hiller closed open forum

XII. Announcements: Hayden in Rolling Stone

Mashlab/ Wallace close announcement

XIII. Adjournment Anderson/Wallace 12:01am Thurs. 4/4/96