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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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May 1, 1996

Call to order at 4:01pm

I. Roll Call (Present-Absent-Proxy)

Senators: Ellingson (5-0-0) Blake (2-3-0) Filkins (5-0-0) Hanson (5-0-0) Mashlab (2-1-2) Helgeson (0-4-1) Halverson/ Ebel (2-0-3) Jacobson (5-1-1) Robertson (5-0-0) Sharma (5-0-0) Crep (3-1-1) Daniels (4-1-0) Lewis (5-0-0) Hayden (5-0-0) Bakke (5-0-0) Klinkner (5-0-0) Weir/Yunginger (1-0-4) Hiller (4-1-0) Hulstein (4-1-0) Harmon (5-0-0) Vye (4-1-0) Waibel (5-0-0) (5-0-0) Haycraft (5-0-0) Jones (5-0-0) Anderson (5-0-0) Rittierodt (4-0-0) Arenz (5-0-0) Hunter (2-3-0) Janssen (5-0-0)

Staff: President Wallace (5-0-0) Vice President Chase (5-0-0) Speaker Majeske (5-0-0) Coordinator Abbas (2-3-0) Coordinator Benson (4-1-0) Coordinator Drganc (3-1-0)

Agenda Approved as is

II. Approval of the Minutes 4/24/96

Addition or corrections: strike the word "anal" on Jones senator report approved with corrections

III. Student Forum

Eddy Guzek.. the T.E.A.M/Greek day on the mall. Extending an invitation to everyone. Check it out! Especially Matt and Mona . Vic Swenson and Steven Tkach in the gallery today

IV. Appointments - none

V. Presentation - ACC Budget-Wayne Sharp

SAC recommendation for ACC. Resolution was passed for the ACC. Mr. Wayne Sharp is here today to talk about the budget.

Klinkner: Sharp explain what the dollar that is proposed to raise is used for new technology for the computer lab. In a nut shell, there is a four year replacement plan for the computers to update the computers.

Chase: Laser printing? Allocated $2000 to the laser printer area so that the students have better access to the lasar printers. Look into a Mav Card devise to use instead of the lasar punch card.

Chase: More use for IBM? Sharp: observed that. Once windows was brought in and the students have learned to use it, it has balanced the usage between IBM and Apple.14 new IBM bought this year.

Chase: Residence Halls hooked up to the system. Sharp: H hall hooked up and this summer I hall and hopefully Gage will be hooked up soon.

Chase: $1 increase on student fees for ACC. Sharp: The percentage of our budget is about the same as for student activity dollars.

Chase: possible enrollment decline? What will happen? Sharp: making sure the equipment is there for the student is first. The software is next.

Hanson: Student Help paid out of fees? Sharp: M&E budget is used and runs out after winter quarter so the money is needed for student help spring quarter for the center to run.

Hanson: none facilitated 24 hour computer lab? Sharp: keep coming back to the fact that things are stolen even with it locked. Gage will be the sample of the 24 hour computer lab.

Klinkner: maintaining the same hours? Sharp: basically unless we need to cut the budget in staff. The hours are generally going to stay the same.

Jacobson: Cutting back on software? Sharp: Teaching students how to use the different programs is what we want to do and that is why we have the variety of programs and licenses are needed for these programs.

Hanson: how heavily have you pushed for more programs? Sharp: Have talked to the different departments about this.

Moved by Bakke and seconded by Chase for a roll call vote because it deals with the budget.

Motioned carried: 16-0-7-1

VI. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Ethics Committee = **

Motion being voted on at this time in secret ballot is as follows: revocation of driving privileges, in effect for as long as Senator Jones remains a member of this body.

motion passes

B. Academic Affairs

Passed out of committee: recommendations

Teacher of the Year Award - passes unanimously #05-01-02

Renaming the Teacher of the Year Award- passes #05-01-01

Moved by Wallace and second by Filkins to recess until 6:20 pm. Recess at 6 pm.

Called back to order at 6:22 pm

C. Elections Committee - in writing... read minutes from April 25,1996

Tues, May 5 from 12:30pm to !:30pm Vice presidental debate, 2 to 3:30pm presidental debate. Mall if nice and if it is bad weather, in Stompers. Absentee ballots have not been decided. Biographies will be in the CSU newsletter and in the showcase by the tv lounge. Biographies will not be in the reporter. Also defacing of some of the posters of the candidates is being done, please watch out for this.

D. Student Affairs - resolution of Vic Swenson Student Friendly nonimee

Resolution # 05-01-03. resolution passed

ARA: there is a complaint sheet in the office and a box in stompers to write up your complaints. Diane Solinger will be at the next student afffairs meeting to talk about the weapons policy.

Commencement: Senator Jones has been working on the parking and busing shuttles for graduation.

E. ECDC - in writing

Resolutions from committee. Resolution #05-01-04. Resolution passed

Resolution #05-01-05.

Hayden moves and Bakke seconds to move this resolution to the academic affairs

Hayden believes that this course outline needs to be dealt with by academic affairs and that committee is designed for this.

Wallace: This task force is made up and more faculty and student involvement that is needed. This committee has worked very hard and all they want us to do is support this and let them do their work.

Hayden withdraws his motion to refer this to committee. Speaker Majeske says that Hayden needs to rise and withdrawl this motion.

Hayden withdraws this motion. So moved.

Call to question by Waibel, second by proxy Ebel. Roll call vote was called by Waibel and seconded by Proxy Ebel. Roll Call vote was out of order. Resolution #05-01-05 passed.

F. Bookstore Advisory - no report

G. Fundraising Committee - let you know that there will be a fund-raiser on May 15 and we will be selling snow cones. Volunteers are needed. Sign up sheet will be on the sitting room door.

H. Other (written)

** in writing

VIII. Old Business

A. Bylaws-2nd Reading

Being moved to Article V, Section 1, Subdivision 6. See written By-law.

Klinkner: There was an amendment to this by-law which outlined the membership of the board. Wallace moves to recess for 5 minutes and Chase seconds.

Recess for 5 minutes

Call back to order at 7:25pm

Urban Board membership by-law Amendment

by-law was passed unanomously

IX. New Business - none

A. RSO status:

Resolution Sponsored by Wallace and seconded Harmon #05-01-06

Bakke believes that this motion is ridiculous.

Klinkner is speaking as a student. I have participated in one of their events and I don't believe that the RSO's are knowledgeable of this policy and I doubt that any wrong doing of this organization was not intentional. I believe that this matter should be tabled.

Ebel: Agrees with Klinkner and all RSO's should know the policies.

Arenz: Is this just for the current RSO. Speaker: Yes

Wallace: If this document would have been in the hands of the senate at the beginning of the year, then this would have been done at the beginning of the year. There is no personal gain with this issue. If I could get into the computer tonight, I would. Ignorance of the law is a problem and I believe that what is in writing should stand.

Moved by Waibel and seconded by Ebel to table. Called out of order.

Anderson moved to table until next week and Waibel seconded. Motion failed.

Guzek from the gallery: I DARE you to take away our organization!

Malcolm points out other section which makes motion out of order.

Motion is out of order

Wallace rises to withdraw motion. Removed from the table without objection


X. Officer Reports

A. President Mona Wallace - in writing

B. Vice President Matthew Chase

Elections committee has come up with little signs that says "no campaigning"

Rodney Gibbs the student who has been accused of attacking another MSU student. This case has been controversy because of the race of the person being accused. He really needs your support.

Student Friendly commission award, ranks the offices on campus. Looking for people to be on this committee.

Thank you petition to the state legislative for the tuition relief.

Card for Ann Cox, MSUSA Leg. affairs coordinator. She has just undergone major hip surgery

Congratulation to Mo Abbas for the great work with ECDC.

One person to organize the adopt a highway cleanup. Julie Ebel volunteered.

Chase would like some help with some flyers being put up.

MCI needs a person to manage the Mav Card account for MSU.

C. Speaker Tracy Majeske - in writing

XI. Senator Reports

A. Senator Jacques Lewis - reminder that the Social and Behavioral Dean wants next years Senators to meet with her. Had a constituent inquire about the drop and policy.- in writing

B. Senator Halverson -Julie Ebel - Meet with the LGBC about Eliminate hate Day. Is meeting with RSO's. Met with a GAGE A floor that said they had never seen a Senator this year. Has met or will meet with LGBC, R.A.I.S.E., SAGE, family life child dev., Council for Exceptional Children . Ms Weir congratulated her, because she talked to students that had seen her working with the Women's Center.

C. Senator Amy Arenz- in writing- Thanked Senator Hayden for the pretzel over dinner recess.

D. Senator Eric Bakke - Spoke of the philosophical thoughts of the process of the Ethics Board. Believes that students should set the moral standards for Senators, and the body shouldn't. The Senator should only second guess the will of the students only in extreme cases. However, he said that the Senate had greater latitude in the Senators they themselves have selected.

E. Senator Kristy Anderson -in writing. Attend NACURH for the RHA. It is a national leadership conference. Apologized for moving around a lot during the meeting. Will try to keep in line in the future.

F. Senator Robert Hayden - in writing (LATER) - He has participated in Library allocation process. The library continues to fall into the pit of obselecance. Believed that the ACC budget was 95% good, glad to see it pass this evening. He has been named to the Board of Directors of the Computer Professional for Social Responsibilities. Was interviewed by WJON from St. Cloud and the Mankato Free Press.

XII. Open Forum

Pete Waibel - Human Resources search has been narrowed to 5 candidates. Two have already visited campus. The last three he encourages members to go, the times and dates are posted in the Senate Office. On a separate note. He expressed his anger over tonight's deliberations dealing with the RSO status of T.E.A.M..

Julie Ebel - Was offended by members of the RSO that said they could no longer read stories to children. She wanted it noted for the record that she was very upset that the organization especially ripped on Mr. Waibel.

Eric Bakke - I must constantly check my own worth. He wants the Senate to know that if he calls on the Senate to examine itself, he wants it to know that he will do it first to himself.

Robert Hayden - Wants to make sure that in the future a clear distinction be made between the Teacher of the Year and the Student Friendly Award. Friendly is good, but shouldn't be mistaken for good teaching. Also felt that the Senate look foolish in dealing with tonight's RSO status debate.

Kerry Weir - has watched with a close eye, the actions of people lately. Everyone please remember they are Senators and need to remain impartial.

Francis Klinkner - Tuesday, 3:00 is the Libertarian meeting.

Matt Harmon - When he seconded the motion to remove T.E.A.M.'s RSO status he was in error. He said that he did jump the gun. He says that his decision was made in haste. It was inappropriate. However, the comments of members of T.E.A.M. was offensive and repulsing.

Amy Arenz - Extremely disappointed with this body at this time. We must remove our "hats" and remember we are here for this year. Forget about next year's politics. This issue is not T.E.A.M. being legitimate. It is over SDP&A not doing their job, nor being a resource for RSO's.

Jacques Lewis - Rechecked Debate times.

Matthew Chase - Justice cannot be served by injustice. Remember we must remain impartial in all we do. If we have been wronged, (by T.E.A.M.) we cannot undo it by wronging them. We can only do more harm. I am upset at the injustice done to me by certain members of T.E.A.M.. I was upset over the injustice, and to repeat that is wrong.

XIII. Announcements

Peter Waibel - Human Resources candidates meeting, AGAIN - please come.

Robert Hayden - Will be meeting with Diane Sollinger over Residential Life's Weapons Policy prior to Student Affairs Committee next week.

XIV. Adjournment

Moved by Hayden (Halverson proxy second). Meeting Adjourned at 9:08