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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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May 22, 1996



Senators: Ellingson (8-0-0) Blake (4-4-0) Filkins (8-0-0) Hanson (8-0-0) Mashlab (4-1-3) Halverson/Ebel (4-0-4) Jacobean (5-1-2) Robertson ( 8-0-0) Sharma (8-0-0) Crep (6-1-1) Daniels (6-2-0) Lewis (7-0-1) Hayden (8-0-0) Bakke (8-0-0) Klinkner (8-0-0) Yunginger/Weir (1-0-7) Hulstein (7-1-0) Harmon (8-0-0) Vye (6-1-0) Waibel (7-0-0) Haycraft (7-1-0) Anderson/McFarland (6-0-2) Rittierodt (7-0-0) Arenz (Janssen (8-0-0)

Staff: President Wallace (7-1-0) Vice President Chase (8-0-0) Speaker Majeske (8-0-0) Coordinator Abbas (2-6-0) coordinator Benson (6-2-0) Coordinator Drganc 6-1-1)


ATHLETICS - Athletic Director Don Amiot/Athletic Director Georgene Brock

Funds requested would go to cover costs of Gender Equity, Bi-annual Football trip to Colorado, supplies for Soccer (not in budget), increase in travel expenses

for Tier I sports, increasing Sports Information to aid in increasing participation

and for expenses incurred for football camp.

Student Allocation Committee (SAC) Chair - Michelle Murzyn

Gender Equity was a one year recommendation

AD Brock - Gender Equity requested $34,886 for 95/96. Requesting

additional $15,796 for 96/97

REPORTER - Editor-in-Chief, Renee Berg

Reporter requested $44,800 for 1997. $1,746.00 decrease from 1996.

Budget was passed unanimously by Communications Board and Newspaper

Committee. Quality and good business must count. Plan to gross $180,000

next year, requesting only $44,800.

Joe Spear- Newspaper Committee. Recommended $8,000 for Editor

Salary. Fee was arrived at by 3% cost of living increase. Editor works

50-60 hours per week. Approximately $4.00 per hour. On campus student

salary $5.30.

SAC - Vice Chair Steve Erickson

Benefit of being Editor should outweigh monetary value.

Robert Hayden - Did Reporter feel it could become self-sufficient?

Renee - No intentions of being self-sufficient because it allows them to

have 1) Work study 2) Union space

Senator Ebel-What is the current Editor's salary? $6500.

Vice President Chase - Why did you take the job? What played in your

mind? $6500-$8000. Sales person was to bring in large amount of revenue.

How much did sales person cost Reporter?

Renee Berg-Took job because loved the Reporter and felt she could do a

good job. Her parents help her with her finances. Display adds have

increased. Classified adds have not increased as much, looking at changing

fees so different fees for business and student.

Senator Hayden-Move to extend time for questioning. Second. Passed.

Senator Waibel-What is the percentage of income from the new Sales Rep?

Renee Berg-The year before was a political year, remained same as during

political year.

Vice President Chase-Last year $16,989.50 surplus. This year $7,000

What happened to $10,000.

Business Manager Jane Tastad-Advertising money comes in at different

times. Currently not $7,000 but 0. Money is spent on equipment

and conference if there is a surplus.


590 students involved in ISA and ISO. Organize cultural events to familiarize

others with customs. For example Bangladesh Night, Pakistani Night,

Chinese New Year etc.

Indian Student Association, Pakistan Student Association receive no funding.

Requested $23,000 to do new events, add Cricket. Pay for attending

tournament and hosting tournament.

SAC - Chair Michelle Murzyn

Is this a formal appeal? Requested $18,350. SAC gave them 10% increase,

generous at this time.

Senator Waibel - How much growth has organization had over past year?

This is a new organization.

SAC - Chair and Vice Chair object to appeal.


Received $175.00 from sponsors for advertising. Aggressively did

fundraising $440.00 at Barnes & Noble. Students are published, provided

working opportunities from many disciplines. Worked with Coordinator

Tkach to bring in money. Effort was there. Two years ago no $ was brought

in. $600.00 in 1996.

Richard Terrell - no other group was cut 50%. Should not punish for success.

Precedent for future groups. Different groups should be allowed.

Jim Van Amber - submitted to MUSE. Community is involved - why cut?

What is point?

Ed Micus - Alumni. Increased awareness in alumni. This is money well spent.


Poetry Editor-

Magazine has historical importance. To cut is to cut tongues out. Variety is

important. To cut would be to eliminate magazine dear to many people.

Format in changes discussed..

SAC - Steve Erickson

Reasons for cutting (not content) only fundraised 2% of budget $579.00 out

of $7,420. Not actively achieving funds. Review was asked to peruse

funding. They felt is would detract. Money is for students enrolled, not to


Senator Hanson - agree with Renee that administrative fees increase

but students have to incur costs.

Rhonda - Has been told that if you want to write go to MSU.

Richard Terrell - More then MSU benefits from writing. There is a trickle

down effect.

Senator Bakke - By a show of hands, how many of you are students?

Many students, faculty and alumni.

Senator Ebel - in regards to your sponsorship-does the River plan more

Barnes & Noble days?

Rhonda - Pursuing funding in many different ways. Grant writing.

Sponsors names are in book.

Senator Hayden-extend time. 10 minutes Carried

Vice President Chase-not interested in cutting programs students are in control of. We don't want to raise fees but what do we do? How do we cut other programs? How do we generate money to make existing pot bigger? How do we tap resources?

Rhonda-Budget has gone down every year. They are good at what they do.

Assume senate is also.

Steven Tkach- Have you contacted others for donations?

Rhonda - we operate through campus printing.

Senator Ellingson - How many non students are published?

Senator Hayden - Purpose of River is to promote University - but no mention of MSU-how can name and MSU be tied?

Rhonda - We will put it in BIG Block letters.

End of formal appeals.

SAC - Chair Michelle Murzyn

SAC has gone through a long process to reach decisions on budget. 18

budget hearings were held. On 5-14-96 these recommendations passed



Dance Ensemble SAC Recommendation $2,000.00

Is there anyone here from Dance?

Senator Hayden - over budgeted for personnel.

Motion carried for SAC recommendation

Ethnic Student Activities SAC Recommendation $19,250.00

Requested 10% increase for more travel. SAC did not fund.

Motion carried for SAC recommendation

Forensics SAC Recommendation $13,500.00

Senator Hayden - we do not pay for food. Did not fund supplemental

Senator Harmon - What is money spent on?

Chair Murzyn - 19 tournaments, travel. They also receive funding from

department for graduate assistant. $12,000 for travel

Senator Hayden - Move to skip line item, second Carried

Health Services SAC Recommendation $696,4455.00

Senator Hiller - How much of increase goes to salaries?

Mike Hodapp - Approximately 80-85% of budget is salaries. $25,000

increase is for salaries.

Senator Hanson - How many staff do Health Services have?

2 Physicians, 1 AL, 9 RNS, pharmacist and nurses. All staff at Health

Services get an increase.

Senator Hanson- Object to line item

Vice President Chase for President Wallace - We shouldn't have to fund salary increases over which we have no control. Should be funded 1/2 & 1/2 with


Senator Klinkner - Salaries are a fact of life. What is Senator Hanson's objection.

Murzyn - The salaries here are lower than at other places

Senator Hayden - Heath Services budget needs to be talked about at the beginning of the year when we have more control.

2nd Speaking Term

Senator Hiller - Health Service has no concerns with us passing their budget. We can cut them.

Senator Klinkner - Staff doesn't need to be here for Health Services. The

students who use it should be supporting Health Services.

Senator Vye - Was happy with the service he got at Health Services.

Senator Lewis - supports Vye's statement.

Coordinator Benson - supports Heath Service, we need it as students.

Senator Waibel - About Health Service staff having lower salaries than

hospitals. What about other universities?

Mike Hodapp - MSU & St. Cloud are only ones with Health Service. St. Cloud

pays more than students do here. Dr. gets $60-70,000. At MSU nurses

and older staff will probably retire in near future and rates of people coming in will be lower.

Senator Hayden - called the question. Second

Called to vote: Motion failed

Vice President Chase - move to amend by addition. Request (in writing)

96 subsidy $666,002.00. Enough is enough, this is way more than we are willing to pay. We need to find an alternative.

Senator Crep - Where is money going?

Vice President Chase - We need a comprehensive program. But we can't pull money out of the air.

Senator Bakke - Moves to table motion. Second

Called to vote: Motion fails

Senator Bakke - Put next year's Senate in this large project, they deserve to have a say in it.

Motion - Called to vote: Passes

Senator Maslab - Recommendation Second Bakke

Senate recommends that Health Services be a separate line item on the students tuition billing.

Senator Hanson - This is a good idea.

Senator Hiller - Agrees

Senator Klinkner - yield to Hodapp on plausibility

Hodapp - Yes, it is possible

Vice President Chase - Amend by addition: By November 1, 1998. Flat

Fee can be in place at this time.

Motion Carries unanimously

Motion Carries on SAC Recommendation as amended.

INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS SAC Recommendation $425,700.00

Senator Haycraft - Yield time to gallery.

Reggie Patterson - The importance of the extra funding for travel to Colorado. Bus would take 16 hours, miss three days of class. We represent MSU, we need to be respectable and travel as other schools do.

John Hebgen - Does not understand why travel to Colorado is questioned. Last year Fall camp was delayed by three days. That was a one time change. they

need camp to prepare for season. Gender Equity can not be fixed in one year.

Need money to be equitable.

Senator Bakke - move to allow time to continue Carried

Senator Klinkner - Wasn't Gender Equity asked for only one time?

Hodapp - Last year Senate said it would release money when University met funding obligation.

Wallace/Chase - This is a one year allocation.

Senator Hanson - Gender Equity needed. Can't it be accomplished in one year.

Senator Hayden - Move debate to end of line items. Motion fails.

Vice President Chase - Thanks to Hammes/Flynn-they helped match Gender Equity. We felt Athletics needed extra funding. It was a gift not a guarantee. De we want to raise fees?

Read Athletics funding match of 9/21/95 (in writing)

Gender Equity costs money. It is a burden.

Can we afford? Unfunded mandate from OCR - University should

pay not students. This is not a cut, it is what was agreed to last year.

Budget is at lowest, but attendance is at lowest.

Senator Jacobean - Can we increase attendance revenue in Women's Athletics.

AD Brock - Are trying to promote, Putting more money into Sports Information.

Senator Klinkner - Colorado is a conference game-can athletics come before SAC to request extra from reserve? We supported Hockey-how will increase affect other programs.

AD Brock - No Hockey will help support Gender Equity.

Why do you need $15,000 more this year?

AD Brock - Increased participation/travel. We received $124,000 extra in scholarships for Gender Equity from Hockey.

Senator Ellingson - Do people who travel pay anything?

John Hebgen - Meal money comes from pocket beyond $12.50. No lodging

pd by students.

Volleyball - We now have JV program. Additional costs.

Coordinator Benson - Believes in Athletics but cuts are across the board.

Senator Hiller - The problem is that we have the same amount of athletes

but less student to support.

Senator Vye - Do all players go on trip?

John Hebgen - 48 travel

Senator Hayden - extend debate - passed

Senator Hayden - There are 512 people participating in athletics, if you want to play - pay.

Senator Vye - Do you need 48?

AD Amiot - The Conference sets 52, we take less.

Senator Filkins - Do people come that don't play?

Reggie Patterson - You need backup players incase of injury.

Senator Waibel - Why can't you take a bus instead of a plane?

AD Amiot - Buses would cost about $11,000, plane $15,000

Vice President Chase - Meal allowance should be increased, but activity fees should not pay. The men fundraise, but the women should also.

Fund Athletics

Moved and Seconded for roll call vote

Budget passes SAC recommendation carried

Move to 20 minute recess. Passed.

Hayden - move the Reporter & SDP &A to the top

Seconded by Haycraft

Vote - Motion carries.

Reporter is First


SAC recommendation read

Hayden - Yields some time to the gallery

Godderud - informal advisor to the reporter...Thinks that the full request should be granted...editor increase is warranted...Reporter is a credit to the University and they deserve this

Mrja - Chair of newspaper committee...The committee was created to make sure that the Senate didn't misuse it's power of allocating funds. The committee fully supported the budget the Reporter submitted to SAC. The editor increase is just a cost of living adjustment.

Hanson - Yields to Abbas..opposed to an increase in the salary of the editor...

Hanson continues - opposed to the editor increase...the president of MSSA works just as hard gets less money than editor

Hiller - Move to recommend that SAF funded be put on the front page of the Reporter.

Seconded by Hanson

Hiller - thinks SAF funded should be bigger and on the front page so the students know where their money goes.


Mrja - This kind of tinkering should not happen

Berg - Editor's salary increase can be justified by the fact that the Reporter makes more money than Senate. Regards to the motion...thinks its absurd that a senator wants to dictate what goes on the front of the newspaper

Godderud - the SAF funded and things like that usually go in the place that it is right now on the fourth page

Hodapp - All SAF funded activities must indicate that they are funded by SAF, but the rules don't say where the SAF logo has to be on the publication

Motion withdrawn

Klinkner - The reason people get involved is because they need the experience, not because of the money. The president of MSSA is taking a cut because there is no money. The Reporter gets recognized for their accomplishments, they can print them on the front page. The Senate does not. Is opposed to the editor increase..but will vote for SAC's appropriation.

Flynn - What was the "thankless job" thing in the request?

Murzyn - No

Flynn - They are not asking for an increase, they are asking for a decrease. The editor increase comes out of ad revenue, not SAF fees.

Hammes - Thank the Reporter for coming in with the decrease. But, they are being cut because there is less money and there is room for them to make the money up.

Tastad - The awards that they won were printed on page 7. We are asking for a decrease what is the problem.

Chase - Why give an increase when SAF are going for the roof. This is not about telling the Reporter what to put in the paper...There is not enough money to go around...enough is enough is enough...they have a way to generate revenue...we want them to generate more...People get involved to get experience, not for the money. It's not about politics, it's about money, the students want the fees cut. There just isn't enough money.

Godderud - The request is a decrease and as far as the editor's salary increase, Renee would like to pay her bills.

Ad manager - the Reporter made up the money that they don't usually get during non-political year, this shows more of an ad improvement than the numbers show

Abbas - The MSSA is also a professional body, too.

Flynn - You want the Reporter to make the SAF bigger then why doesn't the Senate put SAF funded on every set of minutes that it sends out. If we are balancing the budget why are you giving increases to other people?

Filkens - I understand both sides....they have brought in a lot of revenue...they are trying to be you think that they deserve the money that they're asking for...that is the question...not what you think about what should be in the paper.

Janssen - move to strike the second line of the SAC recommendation


Hayden - objects

Bakke - this sounds like micro management

Murzyn - ceiling amount of salaries...would need to make a new policy

Speaker rules motion out of order

Mashlab - call the question

Hiller - seconded

Vote - motion fails.

Hayden - Idea going around senate office...allocate 20,000 of reporter budget to be used only for advertising in the Reporter by Maverick Assembly

Murzyn - SAC considered this and that it is not an appropriate time to consider this issue.

Arenz - Thank SAC for doing a good job...Reporter should make suggestions to SAC on who should be cut so the Reporter can get all there money...Senate was cut...People should be grateful for what they've been given.

Hanson - Object to the non-professional manner in which people have been acting.

Hiller - calls the question


Vote- motion fails

Bakke - If we're not going with SAC's recommendation then we need to decide what to do

Klinkner - Question for Hodapp or reporter...$7,654 carry - over where is it from

Hodapp - from 1994

Janssen - Reporter should get all of their requests. They deserve the money they ask for.

Chase - we have to cut in the areas in which can best take the hits. This program that can take the $1700 dollar cut.

Hodapp - Enrollment projections...same amount of money as we had this year

Hayden - recommend to the body that we pass budget as is...if we have any money in the end that we give it back to the reporter and the River Review.

Mashlab - what is approx. Net income you have generated in the last two years

Tastad - 1994-5 $228,762.15...

Speaker - Vote on the line item of the reporter

Waibel - roll call vote


Vote - Motion carries

With rights Hayden and Bakke - in writing

SDP &A budget

Klinkner - divide the question - impact to be a separate question


Vote: motion carries

Speaker - requesting information if this is possible

Murzyn - they have ONE budget.

Janssen - move to reconsider


vote: motion carries

Janssen - Let's do it next year

Hayden - dividing the question show that we are concerned about their budget.

Speaker - previous motion

motion fails

Speaker - all in favor of supporting SAC's allocation for SPD &A

vote: motion carries

Hayden with rights

Waibel/Hanson - Motion to move Minnesota river review to the next item on the budget


Speaker - calls a vote

vote: motion fails

International Student budget

Chase - Why are two areas of them being the international students...Independent student organizations can do more with a bigger bang for your buck...If anybody has been to any of their events, they put on one hell of a program..I'd give them this budget

Hanson - Ditto...this is an increase because they deserve it...I have never heard anything bad about any of their events...Let's pass this budget, and move on

Abbas - Bangladesh students could not have a Bangladesh night because of funding...everybody comes to those nights, not just the ethnic group being represented. Our money should go for this

Hayden - explain the difference between international students and the ethnic student activities

Hodapp - ethnic is the American ethnic cultures....International is people from different culture

Filkens - called the question


Vote: motion fails

Ebel yields to Hossain - We are not getting enough money to put on all the different events that we want to. We raise as much money as we can for our events.

VP of International Student Association - We help people here understand what our cultures are about...we want to do our programs better, that's why we need the money

Dr. Lee - We didn't ask for all the money that we could have...I know money is tight...I hope the senate will consider strongly approving their budget.

Mashlab - international students bring revenue to MSU but they also bring culture...some of their events have been canceled because of budget cuts so please fund their budget.

Hiller - calls the question


Vote : Motion Passes

Speaker - voting on the international student's budget

Vote : motion carries unanimously

Inter murals

Waibel - how many people involved with intramural sports

Murzyn - answers question

Hanson - move to causes for 4 minutes


Vote: motion passes

Majeske: Senator Hanson makes motion to reallocate $1000 from Inter murals to the Minnesota River Review. Hiller seconds

Klinkner: Can't support the motion because 3500 students make use of Inter murals. It goes against everything we've been saying this evening. They were cut $2000 two years ago against their request. They shouldn't be cut more

Filkins: Yields time to Murzyn

MUrzyn - a lot of people use that

Hodapp - 3500 are the organized events

Harmon - Supports money for river review, this still leaves them short of their goal...they will be 7,000 dollars short..cannot support taking the money form inter murals

Hayden - how many issues of MRR are published

MRR rep. - 2500 & 3000 there are two issues

Hayden - everybody has to share the pain of having cuts

Murzyn - the operating budget of 7,000 was considered a s a different issue

Hiller - $1,000 out of here is a misquito bite, but the MRR had more than that taken out of them. We need to salvage this program.

Ebel - supports this motion...doing what we're doing is like saying that we want to get rid of this program.

Louis - disagrees with this motion...propose that we take the money from KRNR

Janssen - move to amend so that the motion would read move to remove $1000 from inter murals

seconded - blakley

Filkens - if we cut $1000 from inter murals and put it too MRR they would still be under $3500.

Hanson - MRR was specifically stated because we wanted to clarify when this money would go because of the previous recommendation to give all extra money to the Reporter

Hayden - take money out until the end and then start reallocate it.

Chase - agrees with the amendment to the amendment because we need this money to be used somewhere else.

Janssen - why not just give it to MRR because we will probably give it to them anyway.

Speaker - pass the amendment

vote ; motion carries

Hanson - call the question

Ebel seconds

Vote: motion carries

Speaker - all in favor of removing $1000 from inter murals

vote : motion carries

Speaker - all in favor inter murals at $47,000

vote: motion carries

Hayden - motion to recess

Hanson objects

Speaker - Jacobean motion seconded by Ebel

Hanson call the question


vote: motion carries

Speaker - changing the order of the line item

vote: motion carries


Filkins - yields to the gallery

Paul Benson - KRNR manager...are making steps to go to FM frequency...KRNR gives students a chance to get experience in the radio area...

Filkens - KRNR has really been trying to fix the problems that they experienced this year...please don't punish the radio station for what the manager did

Hanson - agrees with Filkens

Benson - to become totally FM...two year process to find a frequency...a lot of money to change over ...Approx. $25,000.

Hayden - We own KRNR and we should take an opportunity to get our voices out...if we reduce their funding...we lose our voice...the students voice

Harmon - move to amend the KRNR allocation to $35,000

hayden seconds

Harmon - cannot support it if it doesn't resemble a real radio station

Hayden - yields to harmon

Harmon - no comment

Filkens - agree with this motion

Waibel - agrees that we need the radio station but if we don't know where the money goes then he does not support this.

Steve - Half their allocation will be withheld until they get up and running

Proxy Weir - call the question


vote:motion fails

Jacobean - doesn't support this

Klinkner - KRNR is one of my favorite programs...agrees with we raise activities fees...well then we might as well raise them to the roof.

Bakke - moves to table the issue of funding the FM conversion until the next Budget meeting

Chase seconds.

Chase - move to amend -

Speaker - not in order

Vote on Bakke motion: motion fails

Flynn - How many people LISTEN to KRNR they are the ones who benefit

Benson - 15,000 people who have cable are all potential listeners

Chase - SAC has done a great job...we should fund all the way or no way...don't raise not support the Harmon motion, go with SAC

Filkins - get SAC to get some info and hard numbers about Feb. or Jan. next year...let's table it until then

Abbas - agrees with Filkens

Hayden - if we do this, we will have to raise fees....we should consider everybody else in the pot too if we are going to raise fees. We need to invest some money to get some money out of this.

Klinkner - I move to suspend the rules


vote: motion carries

Klinkner - I move to raise the SAF $ .08

Hayden seconded

Klinkner - Pays for KRNR, MRR, and Reporter. If this passes or fails, we can address these issues quickly.

Hayden - A lot of the learning here takes place outside the classroom....if we raise fees we can make sure everybody gets what they want....this is the cost of learning even though I hate to raise fees.

Chase - Cannot make a program better by throwing money at it. We need a comprehensive program before we start raising fees. SAF should not be raised. we should follow SAC's recommendation

Bakke - a strong enough case has not been make to raise fees

Hanson - This is totally out of line and jumping the gun...there are no needs to be looked into and this is not the right time. We should not raise fees.

Jacobean - agrees with Chase and Hanson

Harmon - not in favor of raising SAF.

Benson - the $25,000 is an actual number that has been researched. KRNR has not been flushing money down the drain.

Filkins - call the question


vote : motion passes

Speaker - all in favor of an $.08 increase

vote : motion fails unanimously

Harmon - withdraws his motion

Robert Ray - The real leadership for KRNR this year came from the people who are working there get to the point of FM we could have that in by next Wednesday.

Hiller - call the question


Vote: motion fails

Waibel - we just turned down an opportunity to make our campus more the $25,000 a one time shot

Bakke - we have to follow SAC's recommendation from here on out

Proxy Ebel - Vote in favor of the subsidy

Speaker - all in favor of SAC recommendations for KRNR

Vote: motion passes

Mini Mavs

Bakke - the other sources of revenue will be perused vigorously.

Chase - Letter from a Jean Peterson....agrees with voucher system... want to cut the program...child care is a good program, but is a lot of money for a few students.

Coordinator Blake - its affordable evening care for students...numbers have increased..cannot go with something that is not guaranteed to cannot put yourself in these peoples shoes it affects so many lives positively...Hugs and Kisses starts at 1 1/2 years....only on a drop in basis...a student needs consistent evening child care.

Steve - put in voucher system right away...

Bakke-for Mini Mavs program is a jewel for the Senate. Of all the programs this has the biggest impact. More students with children not less in the future. Promised SAC to make this program work. I will make this my top priority for next year.

Hanson-ludicrase to cut this for another. Numerous students that have children that use this program. Will vote this down.

Motion on the floor is SACs recommendation

Ebel-consistancy for child care is very important. Cut mini cut students.

go with sac. This will be a main focus for me.

Tkach-my focus can't drop this. Created a letter for help. Pass this

Jacobean-talked to Jean Peterson suggested efficiency. thought we could be more efficient we cannot cut this. Peterson felt for the number hired we were not getting wnough out of the service.

Hayden-no one wants to cut child care what is the cheaper mechanism. We cut now start a fire to be aggressive and cut money in a year if they do not have enough. thinks we can do this cheaper. Cut now and get more money later.

Janssen called to question and Hanson second.

Blake-merging? have them come to MSU and the people are often ignored.

20% of our population and only going up. Word of mouth will bring numbers up we need to link child care with education

Flynn-Where will the fire be lit. non traditional students normally do not get involved in regular programs. Cost and convenience were the derivatives that drove this program.

Chase-I am a non-trad. Health Services has gone up since 1992. This is emotional. I believe in child care but I agree with MSU administration when

they said this program would not work.

Jacobean-Not just the single parents who are having problems

Blake - Rassmusen is night care..tuesday and Thursday night

Janssen - call the question


vote : motion carries

Speaker - all those in favor of funding Mini Mavs at SAC recommendation

Vote : motion carries

Minnesota River Review

SAC recommendation

Hiller : change allocation to add the $1000 to MMR budget

seconded by Hanson

Jim Redman - one of the themes of the Senate is to increase your self generated funding. A 52% cut would kill us...even this amount would not be enough.

Rhonda - want to become self - funded...made tremendous leaps in that direction this year...hope you allocate the more money to us

Filkins - what are your goals for fund raising

Rhonda - list of MN Art councils that give money just to fine arts...ultimate goal is to be self funded. a 3000 run costs 3000 dollars. This doesn't take into account a lot of costs.

Ebel - supports the extra money to be given to MMR

Hanson - supports the motion...look for more cuts to give to MMR...Encourage Rhonda to work with Tkach on fundraising

Hayden - move to amend the amendment make it $6,710

Seconded Ebel

Hayden - let's decide how much we are going to fund them and let them go home. We'll find the cuts later.

Hanson - accepts the amendment

Speaker - all in favor of accepting the amendment as amended

Vote ; motion carries

Spirit Cheerleaders

SAC recommendation read

Speaker - all in favor of passing SAC Recommendation for Spirit Cheerleaders

Vote : motions carries

Hanson : move to Recess for 10 Min.


Vote :Passes

Music Ensembles

SAC recommendation read


Chase - move to previous question


Vote :motion carries

Speaker - all in favor of passing SAC recommendation

Vote : Motion Passes

Post season tournaments

Hodapp - Travel fund set up for post Season funding...not filled the fund. recently...SAC committee recommends it comes out of reserve.

Speaker - all in favor of post season tournaments as SAC recommends

Vote : motion carries

Recreational sports

Chase : move to amend by addition (?) Written

Something for consideration by the Senate...this says that we support all clubs equally.

Speaker - As coach of hockey team it is frightfully alarming look at groups who had a wide range of funding...some fund 20% some 80%...could we level this out a little bit....Tier system as far as level of the sport. Hockey has asked for some money ....we could only receive $600...with this motion will be $1700...funds Ice time...looking for other avenues for money....but would like the ice time to be funded by students because it is a large chunk of our budget. Hoping to urge other sports to fund more of their budgets so that everybody is treated more fairly.

Waibel - supports the motion

Hayden - how will this amendment work. will each sport get 1 14th of the money

Majeske - funding will be based on participation ...every sport will possibly get the same percentage of their budget funded...clarified by Chase

Bakke - move to amend by addition to total of Each Rec. sport's operating budget

Seconded by Ebel

Klinkner - % of their budget is funded based on their operating budget..wording needs to be clarified.

Hayden - can we do this since we couldn't with Student Events Team

Hodapp - yes we can

Janssen - What is senator hayden unclear about?

Hayden - everything

Klinkner - Did rec. sports ask for this?

Murzyn - no, they haven't had any input on this

Hanson - call the question

Ebel seconded

Speaker - amendment to the amendment

Vote : fails

Speaker - amendment to main motion

Called the question and seconded

Vote : passes

Speaker - now voting on the amendment

Vote : motion fails

Speaker - now on the main motion SAC recommendation

Hayden - moves to reduce rec. sports budget by $1000


Hayden - they raised money last year without anticipating any money to be fundraised...we're looking for money, let's take it here

Murzyn - SAC opposes this motion...rec. sports can't afford it

Janssen - let's move this to the end so we can take a better look at it

Ebel - motion to move this to the end

Seconded by Waibel

Vote : motion fails

Ebel yields to hayden - it looks like they can give this money away somebody clarify this.

SAC - we can't stand up for all these should have looked at this before.

Hanson - call the question

seconded by Ebel

Vote : motion passes

Speaker - all in favor of the motion to reduce rec. sports by $1000 dollars

Vote: motion has failed

Speaker - back to original motion -

Ebel - call the question

seconded by Harmon

Vote : motion passes

Speaker : all in favor of funding rec. sports as SAC recommends

Vote : motion passes

Senator Hayden voted against this motion

Chase - wants to look at each individually budget

Janssen - move to pass all budgets as is except Student Senate

seconded by Bakke

Janssen - think we should get on with it

Bakke - agrees

Hayden - we need to look each budget individually...otherwise we're doing a disservice to the students.

Janssen - withdraws motion

SAC Administration

SAC recommendation read

proxy Weir - let's trust our committee's...but what are the salary positions funded by SAC

Mike - mike's salary, and two others

Speaker - all in favor of the SAC recommendation

Vote : motion passes

Student organizations

SAC recommendation read

Speaker - all in favor of SAC recommendation

Vote :motion carries

Waibel - note for the record that Waibel did not get his question answered so he abstained from the vote


SAC recommendation read

Hanson - Thanks to whoever cut the Presidential Stipend, I would have done it myself but I didn't know about it until recently.

Harmon - move to amend the senate budget to $60,216

seconded by Ebel

Ebel - that thousand dollars can be placed towards somebody else.

Louis - agrees with Ebel, but put the money towards MMR

Hanson yields to Abbas - caution the Senate to know what your doing...most of the Budget goes to Admin. Asst. and the lawyer...don't cut the budget.

Chase - in support of this motion...Because we can do mush more fundraising

Hanson - doesn't see why we should cut ourselves should have been discussed earlier

Filkins - Call the question


Vote : motion fails

Waibel - Klinkner and harmon have found some more fat to cut from the wouldn't be fair to the other organizations if we didn't cut ourselves

Klinkner - as far as this motion goes...maybe Harmon has a clue

Yunginger - What would the students think if they knew that we were spending so much time fundraising...maybe we haven't been able to keep coordinators because we don't pay them enough money ...please go with SAC' s recommendation.

SAC - Senate cannot have a balance budget without this subsidy

Hayden - don't know how to deal with this....have we taken a big enough hit?

Blakley - To make a cut without knowing where it is coming from is dangerous could not support this

Weir - follow SAC's recommendation

Louis - call the question


Vote : motion carries

Speaker - all in favor of the motion of funding at 60,216

Vote : motion fails

Jacobean - motion to cut the senate budget by 200 dollars to be fundraised by Steven Tkach


SAC - this is really unprofessional

Hanson - if Tkach wants to fund raise that's wonderful but we don't need to do this. Let's follow SAC recommendation

Tkach - I'm trying to set a precedent that you can give something back to your senate.

Abbas - you don't know what is going to happen...don't' be making decisions now that the university will think is unprofessional

Waibel - how can we depend on Tkach to make all this money for us

Chase - cannot support this motion..appreciate tkach's ideas but this is unprofessional.

Ebel - withdraws second

motion fails due to loss of second

Chase - I believe in volunteerism and that is why I am here, even though I am the only one being paid here, everyone else is here because they care.

SAC - should have addressed this issue during your budget meeting

Janssen - concerned about being short every year

Filkins - call the question


Vote : motion passes

Speaker - all in favor of funding senate at SAC recommendation

Vote : motion passes


SAC recommendation read

Hanson - Spoke to hustles and Duckett who both said that they agreed to SAC's recommendation

Chase - thanks to Duckett and Hustles ...let's pass this budget

Speaker - all in favor of SAC recommendation for theater

Vote : motion Passes


SAC recommendation read

Hanson - forensics did not express any unhappiness with this budget

Hayden - make a decision about meals

Crep - let's look at this next year..go with the SAC recommendation

Blakley - agrees with Crep

Janssen - call the question


Vote : motion passes

Hanson - Bakke has voted no an all the call the question taken this meeting

Speaker - all in favor to pass forensics budget as SAC recommends

Vote : motion Passes

Hodapp - we have increase of 2,000 dollars and that we use the interest we collect on the SAC money to cover that increase.

Filkens - call the question


Vote : motion passes

Speaker - all in favor of passing the budget in block form by roll call vote.

Vote : motion passes

Roll call vote taken - motion passes unanimously

Rights Hayden - Please be aware of the overall student desire to move ASAP to FM for KRNR also the shortfall in the Reporter Budget should be addressed in a more professional manner

Rights Janssen - voted yes, but I am confused as to the reliability of the Recreational Sports numbers in their budget submitted to SAC

Rights Bakke - Senator Bakke voted yes but remains concerned with the fashion in which Senate acted toward the intramural.

Ratifying elections

Chase - requests ratification -- reads the results of the MSSA 1996-97 elections

Hanson - move to immediate vote

Speaker - all in favor of ratifying the election results

Vote : Motion passes unanimously

Rights Waibel - I strongly disapprove of the ratification of Eddy Guzek's second place finish in the elections considering his misdealing and questionable integrity.

Speaker - reads carol peterson motion

Abbas - speaks on motion

Hanson - seconds motion..suppoets the motion

Chase - she deserves our recognition

Hanson moves to pass unanimously

motion passes

Moved and seconded to adjourn

Vote : motion passes