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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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May 24, 1995

Called to order at 6:17

ROLL CALL: (Present-Absent-Proxy-Late)

Ingrid Ellingson (1-0-0) Tim Hagen (0-1-0) Mona Askalani (1-0-0) Tony Hanson (1-0-0) Rick Dekoter (1-0-0) Bradley Crep (1-0-0) Jennifer Gruber (1-0-0) Chris Davies (1-0-0) Mohammad Nasim (1-0-0) Shelly Benson (1-0-0) Tara Mueller (1-0-0) Michelle Murzyn (1-0-0) Jeff Anderson (1-0-0) Jason Nado (1-0-0) Mohammad Abbas (1-0-0) Kristee Alm (1-0-0) Eddy Guzek (1-0-0) Jason Hulstein (1-0-0) Cary Krusmark (1-0-0) Allen Smith (1-0-0) Mashood Yunus (1-0-0) Anne Retzloff (1-0-0) Mona Soukieh (1-0-0) Megan Daniels (1-0-0) Doran Hunter (1-0-0) Staff members in attendance: President Mona Wallace (1-0-0) Vice President Matthew Chase (1-0-0) Chief of Staff Matt Harmon (1-0-0) Treasurer Eric Tungland (1-0-0) Student Affairs Steven Tkach (1-0-0)

Approval of agenda

Side notes: Give name when you speak.

Seating arrangement - we want people to sit near to other senators in their constituency


Kris Esser: My piece of advice to you. Life is like a mountain. It is your job to climb to the top. There are some people who are always looking at the top, others look at the pretty rocks and forget the top of the mountain. Keep everything in perspective pay attention to the top of mountain and not every little stone on the way

Jerry Flynn: Keep in touch with your constituencies. Trust your committees to do their jobs. You're chosen to do this. Please choose also to stick it out.



There will be a mandatory orientation in the Fall. The Saturday following the first day of classes - the whole day.

Speaker elections next week Wed.

Special meeting Wed. June 7th, 1995

When you need a break - please move for a break.

Student Open forum for Phase Three next week Wed. in Ostrander.

Dr. Healy Bar-B Q tonight we will caravan.

Vice President

Please tonight speak as quickly as you can.

Tonight there will be two pro and two con on each issue


Next week your plaque will be here and placed where you should sit.

We ask that you bring all resolutions to the committee before it is voted on. They will be one brought each week and questions on intent entertained. The next week there will be debate and voting.

Please try to dress nicely or with something MSU

After a resolution is voted on we need to be as one voice behind the outcome.

Please don't quit.

Mona: ask the speakers indulgence. The by-laws require that orientation happens before Classes meet I'll let you know next week.

Presentation from Frank Viggiano-

The legislature is going to be forcing us to semester within the next few years.

There is going to be a credit cap for aid. We did pass the Higher Ed. omnibus bill. We got rid of the HECB that will save money time and effort. Faculty took a beating at the legislature. we are planning on working closely with faculty in the future.

We are negotiating in giving the students an equal say in SAF. Legislative auditors are doing a nation wide audit on SAF. Tuition increase there will be a meeting this summer on this. I want to invite all of you to our summer workshop at Moorhead State.


(in writing) all approved



SAC report

Chair Louis no meetings for rest of year.

Motion that was tabled until today about health service fee. Motion out of committee to have a separate Health Service Fee based on a per student flat fee instead of a per credit model. This fee will become effective F.Y.1997. The policies, procedures, will be setup by Health Services, Student Affairs, Student Allocations Committee (S.A.C.) and M.S.S.A. Health Services will follow the normal allocation process for determining the Fee as the A.C.C.

This will make it more equal and will allow for some of the other necessary things needed for that.

President Wallace: suggest we table this until next week.

Senator Mueller move to table until next week

Senator Daniels second

Motion Passed

Senator Mueller: reason for tabeling is to give senators a chance to review material and talk to constituants about it.

Motion out of committee to fund Fencing club $1417

Chair Louis: This needs to be done now.

This is the tournament where they qualify to go to the olympics.

Senator Guzek: Did they do any fund raising?

They have done some. They had money out of pocket $500 registration and $200/each for food and other necessities.

All six people are students and are competing

Senator Alm: They can not budget for nationals.

Senator Daniels move question

Senator Tkach second


Main motion Passes 24-0-1

If you want to be on SAC - have time to do it. It is a major time commitment.

Union Board: (In writing)

President Wallace: Rules of operation amendment to allow motions to be made out of reports.

Senator Tkach seconds

Senator Mueller: Is there any by-law change that needs to be made.

Vice President Chase: No, this is a addition to Robert's Rules

Senator Retzloff: I'd like to offer a friendly that all motions out of reports be put in writing.

President Wallace: Point of Information the motion is that it can be done out of reports.

Chair Louis: under reports you can not give a motion. the exception is committees.

Dir. Majeske: PPP only one friendly can be attached to any motion.

Senator Alm. Move to amend that the speaker may not speak on the subject matter prior to making the motion.

Senator Daniels seconds Move to a vote Amendment Passes


Vote on main motion.

Passes 24-0-1

Tracy Majeske MSSA/Senate handbook Transition Director

Parliamentary Procedure

Senator Abbas: I move to adjourn No second


Senator Guzek I've never seen this table this full I very excited about next year.

President Wallace: I will not be offended I do not stand on ceremony. you can call me by any of my names. You are required to be on two committees. Please let us know how to reach you over the summer.

Senator Tkach; Don't just love your title don't lose touch with how you got here.


Senator Mueller: clean up after you leave.

Dir. Majeske: where should we met to car pool to Healy's

President Wallace get your name on the sign in sheet.


Senator Guzek: Move to adjourn Senator Alm seconds

Passed 8:03 pm