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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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May 31, 1995

Call to order at 4:19 PM

Roll Call: (Present-Absent-Proxy-Late)

Ingrid Ellingson (2-0-0) Tim Hagen (1-1-0) Mona Askalani (2-0-0) Tony Hanson (2-0-0) Rick Dekoter (2-0-0) Bradley Crep (2-0-0) Jennifer Gruber (2-0-0) Chris Davies ((2-0-0) Mohammad Nasim (1-1-0) Shelly Benson (2-0-0) Tara Mueller (2-0-0) Michelle Murzyn (2-0-0) Jeff Anderson (2-0-0) Jason Nado 2-0-0) Mohammad Abbas (2-0-0) Kristee Alm (2-0-0) Eddy Guzek (2-0-0) Jason Hulstein (2-0-0) Cary Krusmark (2-0-0) Allen Smith (2-0-0) Mashood Yunus (1-1-0) Anne Retzloff 2-0-0) Mona Soukieh (2-0-0) Megan Daniels (2-0-0) Doran Hunter 1-1-0) Staff members in attendance: President Mona Wallace (2-0-0) Vice President Matthew Chase (2-0-0) Chief of Staff Matt Harmon (2-0-0) Treasurer Eric Tungland (2-0-0) Student Affairs Steven Tkach 2-0-0)

Agenda approved as amended

5/24/95 minutes, Wallace moved to approve minutes. Retzloff seconded. Approved.

Presentation by Director Majeske

Took a look at the hand book and looked over responsibilities of senator and what happens in senate. Remember to look over this section.

Senators required to be on two committees and attend meetings

Proxies: can be either a major or minor if you are an academic senator or live in your constituency if you are a residence senator.

Senator Tkach was recognized



Election of Speaker

Vice President Chase read job description.

Nominations for speaker

Senator Retzloff nominated Senator Guzek. Senator Tkach second

Senator Abbas nominated Francis Klinkner

Senator Alm seconded

Nominations closed

Eddy Guzek: "The role I feel is most important is the role of motivating the senators"

Francis Klinkner: One thing that the senate needs to do. is spend evening hours in the senate office. People will have more time to get together and talk.

Senator Retzloff opened up to the gallery for Jerry Flynn to ask a question.

Vote taken by Ballot

Eddy Guzek was voted Speaker.

Senator Abbas asked for final vote

Guzek: 19 Klinkner: 7

Senator Chase moved to move presentation on the MSU Morale Study to after elections and appointments. Senator Retzloff seconds. Without objection stands


Student Union Board: Becky Brown

RHA and Student Affairs: Anne Retzloff

Presentation on MSU Campus Morale by a group from the Anthropology Department.

They found that this university does suffer from a lack of morale.

They discussed problems they saw and solution to those problems they also discussed a timeline in which to implement this.


President Wallace motioned for a 7 min. recess

Senator Soukieh seconded. Approved at 6:00 PM

Called back to order at 6:11 PM.

Vice President's Report-Matthew Chase

at the corner of Warren and Balcerzac there will be signs saying that you can't take left turns any more.

Construction will be going on this summer and parking will be a hassle. Free lot will be here for another 2 years.

Get on committees and we need your schedule for next year as soon as possible

There will be elections next week as there are seats open.

Alcohol and drug policy was ratified.

New bomb threat policy has been drafted

New coordinator position being looked at.

President's Report - Mona Wallace (in writing)

Orientation will be held September 11th Mon. You will be told the place after we figure it out.

Chief of Staff's Report - Matt Harmon

Chief of Staff Harmon: Reported on Intramural Sports Director position.


Student Affairs

Coordinator Tkach gave his resignation as a senator as was requested so he can focus on the coordinator position.


Chairperson Louis:

SAC, through senate, gave a loan to the fitness center and they have paid it back.

we have had our banquet budgeted for the past 20 years.

Vice President Chase who is also a SAC member will not be attending the banquet

money spent is based on SAF guidelines

Union Board

We will have a banquet. The university is looking forward to the new Union Board.

Good luck to all the new members.


Turnover meeting was yesterday. New constitution was ratified.

University Operations is helping RHA with a recycling program in the Res. Halls

RHA was guaranteed $2000 a year.

Steering Committee

Met yesterday extended applications for all coordinators.


Health Service

Senator Chase moved to amend original motion that passed last week

To have, at least three, separate Health Service fee proposals based on a per student flat fee instead of a per credit model made for the consideration of the MSSA/Senate. The proposed policies and procedures will be recommended, by rank, from Health Services, Student Affairs, Student Allocations, and the MSSA President.

President Wallace Seconds

Senator Dekoter called question

Senator Daniels seconded

Passes 17-2-0

vote on amendment Passes

President's council by-law reading

Senator Mueller move to table

Senator Retzloff seconded Passes


Senator Tungland: resigned senator seat


Vice President Chase: There is a meeting next week. 4:00 PM not mandatory please get a proxy.

Senator Mueller - lets keep next week as short as possible.

Senator Retzloff move to close open forum. Senator Mueller seconded

Senator Retzloff moved to adjourn

Senator Dekoter seconded Passes

ANNOUNCEMENTS Senate will meet Wednesday June 7



May 31, 1995

MSSA Orientation will be held Monday, Sept. 11. We will send a letter over the summer to your home. Make sure before you leave that we have your home address or where you want to receive your mail.

I met with several students of color and have been having several discussions with students lately. Several students of color have complained about faculty members not having enough knowledge about their culture and are putting the students on the spot in the classroom to be the voice for their culture. This is coming from the students and their stance is - we came here and are paying tuition here to be taught

-not to teach. Therefore - be looking on the Senate office for a proposal regarding the tenure faculty process. Under staff development the proposal will ask for a definitive global education for our faculty. Faculty's contract is currently being negotiated and will probably be finished when we return Fall quarter, therefore it's a time sensitive issue. The proposal is going to be non-threatening, definitely obtainable. So between finals next week, please stop in and take a look at the proposal-write down any questions you have, suggestions you have, etc. ask me anything. I've spoken to some faculty members and some members of the administration. The like the idea, they think the IFO will accept the idea, and push it through the negotiation process if we approve it.

Announcement-A special Meeting Student Association Wed June 7 4:00 PM. If you have a conflict, you have a week to find a proxy.

Phase III-Student Union Board members will be the body who will be directly involved in making the decisions about the actual reductions needed to get to the 3.2 million figure Dr. Healy mentioned today.

However, I have also asked Coordinator Tkach to keep this on Student Affairs agenda.

I will be keeping a very close eye on the situation, and will do everything within my power to ensure ground-breaking takes place Fall quarter.

Some comments have been made about the seating arrangements. These were done this way to create a bond between the senators who are representing the same constituencies. Please, let's try it for four meetings next year and if you still don't like it - we'll discuss other seating arrangements.