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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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May 15, 1996

I. Roll Call

Senators: Ellingson (7-0-0) Blake (3-4-0) Filkins (7-0-0) Hanson (7-0-0) Mashlab (3-1-3)

Halverson/Ebel (2-0-5)Jacobson (4-1-2) Robertson (7-0-0) Sharma (7-0-0) Crep (5-1-1) Daniels (6-1-0) Lewis (6-0-1) Hayden (7-0-0) Bakke (7-0-0) Klinkner (7-0-0) Yunginger/Weir

(1-0-6) Hiller (6-1-0) Hulstein (6-1-0) Harmon (7-0-0) Vye (6-1-0) Waibel (6-0-0)

Haycraft (6-1-0) Anderson/McFarland (6-0-1) Rittierodt (6-0-0) Arenz (7-0-0)

Hunter (2-4-0) Janssen (7-0-0)

Staff: President Wallace (7-0-0) Vice President Chase (7-0-0) Speaker Majeske (7-0-0) Coordinator Abbas (2-5-0) Coordinator Benson (5-2-0) Coordinator Drganc (6-1-0)

Called to order at 4:03pm

II. Approval of the Minutes 4/17/96 5/8/96

Move to table the minutes until the end of the agenda Hayden/Harmon-passed

4/17/96 -

5/8/96 -

III. Student Forum - none

IV. Presentations

Staff and senator of the year ballots were handed out.

V. Appointments - none

VI. Officer Reports

A. President Mona Wallace- see written report

Klinkner: Great job.. see changes

Hanson moves to suspend the rules of protocal.. so moved. Wallace: there needs to be a discussion of the ethics board to create ethics. Chase: There is a lot of precedence that can be made. There are many things that all of us could be called upon as being unethical. There should be a time that needs to be set on when to implement this protocol. Hanson: is this something that the ethics board can do? Chase: Yes. Hiller: Let's not be to specific and too wordy. We should approach this like we do everything else. Ethics board information, I don't think that they should and it should be taken care of on a one to one basis. Hayden: Part seven of both sections is written poorly. Who do we want to set senate ethics? Issues that we bring to them should be set by the senate. Hiller: section 2? should it be stated in there that the acting speaker should be stated in this? Possibley, may be needed to be reworded.

Harmon/ Wallace moved to table this until next meeting - passed

Move to recess at 5:25 pm passed. Reconvene at 5:46 pm..Shelly Benson quits talking minutes after the recess

Called by back to order at 5:46 pm

B. Vice President Matthew Chase

Internship for Gill Gutnecht...

Eric Mitchell is the treasurer for MSUSA

Sign for offices to say "paid for by student activity fees".

Thank yous


Health Services - $30,000 increase

RHA proposal....

Response to the ethic boards

The Reporter....

Waibel: There is no one here from the Reporter right now.

Wallace: I had lunch with Ed McBride today.

Hiller: Thank Matt for all the kind words about the RHA.

Filkens: They said lets vote done the constitution so we can screw the senate like they screwed us.

Vye: I have explained it to off campus students and they agree.

Hayden: I may be an academic senator however, I also consider that my constituency is included in the resident halls.

Hiller: Some facts were falsified. They left out very important facts.

Proxy Weir: I thank everyone no matter how they voted but I feel that they separated themselves from the campus.

C. Speaker Tracy Majeske

The Global Circle as RSO

Wallace objects to accept and Waibel seconds

Tabled until next week

Letter of resignation from Landon Jones

Letter from Shelly Benson

Letter to ethics board regarding the ethic board findings

Resolution of Censure..people are needed.

Meeting with Malcolm O'Sullivan

Friday....SAC budgets will be delivered Friday

Budget Meeting rules

Picnic sign up

Fitness Hearing for Heather Blake

Harmon: I would like to know what an excused absence is....

Speaker: You are here to be a student first

Vye calls to question and Ebel seconds

Hayden: The wording of the resident hall contracts

Malcolm: No, I don't know where that is.

VII. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Fundraising - Nothing

B. Academic Affairs

Calendars for semester conversion

Examples of bequeaths

C. Elections Committee

Winners of Elections: President Tony Hanson, Vice President Francis Klinkner.

Arts & Humanities: Amber Anderson, Tricia Knochenamus, Allied Health & Nursing: Chris Hiller, Stephanie Haler, Business: Angie Kiefer, Michael Melon, Education: Julie Ebel, Jim JacobsonNatural Science Engineering & Tech: Steve Janssen, Robin McFarland

Social & Behavioral Science: Peni Blakley, Jim Abraham, Mark Distel, Graduate

Studies: Robert Hayden, Eric Bakke, Undeclard Major: Jason Kocina, Student Union Bd:

Peni Blakley, Communications Board: Eric Bakke, Shyamal Mahmood, Off Campus:

Kerry Weir, Dana Akemann, Kris Hammes, Joy Islam, Heather Gerard, Matt Harmon, Shakil Hossain, Scott Perowitz, Newspaper Committee: Eric Bakke, Resident Halls: UmerFaruq, Waseem Akhtar, Laub, Garth Benson, Amy Arenz

Constitution Passed

Wallace: Thank you to Vice President Chase for everything he did this year, keeping the elections committee in focus with the elections.

Klinkner: Bakke's response to winning with 12 votes was YES!!! I HAVE A MANDATE!!

Hayden: This has been stressful for many did Jake and Elwood Blues

secure for the presidency and vice presidency?

Chase: They received votes for everything.

Anderson: Regarding the RHA votes.

Move to recess for ten minutes by Hanson seconded by Wallace. Motion caries

Meeting is called back to order at 7:31 pm.

D. Student Affairs (see written report)

ARAmark meeting with Larry

Mona: I do not see what the problem is in talking to mangers. We need to have a resolution in regards to complaints.

Tracy: The reason I can not talk is a result of a pepper spray incident. It is not a pleasant experience. It was not sprayed into my face but somehow it was sprayed in the office and I inhaled the remains of it. Please just consider that when you deal with the weapons policy.

Chase: I do not know what Dr. Healy is thinking about not letting us talk to Aramark. "She better give on this one...there is no reason we can not meet with them there is nothing wrong with that. They should listen to us. We are the students. United we stand...Divided we fall. I can not believe that someone is not letting us talk.

Wallace: I told her that it is not just an MSU issue. She seemed shocked about this.

She feels we should use the system we have. The underlying intent is clear and there really is no reason we can not talk to those people. Our tuition pays for everything that goes on this campus and we are the ones who pay for their mistakes.

Blakley: Not everyone else stated problems...they do not think there are problems at the bigger level. I know that there are at St.Cloud.

Hayden: Every once in a while this body gets a little nasty and we are now finally getting listened to.

Gavel was passed to Vice President Chase

E. Ethics Board (in writing)

F. Comm. Board (in writing )

G. Other (written) H. Constitution Comm.

VIII. Old Business

A. Bylaws - Ebel - 1st Reading

Vye asked if it were true that all deans would show up for this meeting. Robertson said that they probably wouldn't because they will more then likely send proxies.

Hiller doesn't feel that faculty should just be advisors on this committee instead of voting. Hayden- six students are voting which is 60% the faculty is the minority and students need to hear the faculty point of view. All the faculty will care really is if they get representation on a committee like this. Rittierodt I can't see all six colleges being there and I feel that there will only be four at the most there. Klinkner what if there is only 1 voting student and 5 non voting. Hayden- 6 of 11 is quorum. Wallace: What about non voting members.. concern.. we need to put something in here that there needs to be an amendment that says something about having faculty present and not just the students making the decisions. Hayden- makes an amendment to the motion that: Quorum shall be defined as no less than: 3 voting students, 1 voting administration, and 2 voting faculty persons.. seconded by Hiller

Klinkner: opposethe amendment because I do believe that the individuals should take the responsibility to show up. Wallace: should this go in the bylaws or can we just recommend this? Harmon: the language is to specific. Wallace: We should just recommend that the committee does this on there own Hiller and Hayden withdrew their amendment. Hayden agrees with Harmon on the wording and believes that we need the respectability from this. Klinkner: students and faculty? Hayden: 4 students, 5 administration and 2 non voting. Hanson/Klinkner call to question, passed. Amendment by substitution: Motion carries

IX. New Business

A. Wallace moves to make a motion already passed and Filkins seconds

on the ACC membership. Defining of quorum.

Harmon objects to the quorum.

Hiller: Is this just a recommendation?

Hiller objects as well

Hanson: In bylaws is it always stated what quorum is? to Harmon

Chase: The constitution does not allow for it.

Question called by Janssen and seconded by Hiller.

Motion carries.

Main motion fails.

X. Senator Reports

A. Brad Crep- in writing

B. Francis Klinkner-in writing

C. Eric Bakke- not present at the meeting

D. Kristy Anderson-had a great year

E. Chris Hiller-in writing

F. Pete Waibel-in writing

G. Kerry Weir-in writing

H. Julie Ebel-in writing

I. Jen Filkins-in writing

XI. Open Forum

Wallace: Regarding a hate on No. Broad called the police to see what was being done the entire conversation was being taped by Mr. Gabriel. When there is a crime committed and no one is convicted. I suggest that we not take this crap anymore. When some one first moves here they love Mankato but times are changing. When you see or hear something you are the only ones who can change it.

If you are not going to be a part of the solution you are continuing to be a part of the problem. It is so disheartening to see high schoolers afraid in their own school.

We are the only people who can change things. Nothing is helping it is hurting.

There is no reason we should have a KKK or skinheads in this country. You all have the power to do something. It took us 200 years. How can you let go of something when it is in your face everyday. I consider myself privileged compared to some of my brothers and sisters that are out there. Take part in stop the hate day. Challenge cultural diversity.

Hayden: Let's get Glenn. I am so glad that this election is over. Congratulations to everyone. This race was the most interesting one I have ever been a part of. The voice of the students was truly heard.

Tkach: Is the softball game still on with the Reporter?

Speaker: We are trying.

Slone: In regards to what Mona says sometimes I feel that my voice is not heard.

Hanson: I want to thank everyone for everything the past couple of months. When it comes to the Guzek Murzyn campaign I have never been so insulted in my entire existent. How could they think they could win with all the lies. I am so disappointed that they insulted everyone's intelligence. I wish they were sitting right there. You want to talk about people who do not care they are people that do not care. I appreciate the 438 students that made the right choice and I will serve every student on this body.

Waibel: I have to agree with Matt over the Reporter issue. Congratulations to president elect Hanson and vice president elect Klinkner.

Abbas: I want to congratulate everyone. I do not agree with what Eddy did.

Was everything brought out? Yes, fair elections are very important. I do not think that has happened. I am working on new elections rules and new election standards.

Chase showed a lot of great leadership this past week. This was a fair and just election for everyone. He did not like them but he gave them one more chance.

Ebel: I will gladly help Mona and Tracy. I am glad that the better party won.

Anderson: Let's move on.

Chase: What I said in my report was from the Vice President. Now what I am saying is from me. I want to apologize to Kris Hammes for believing in him at the beginning of the year and not believing in him at the end of the year. In regards to the poll in the Reporter from Mr. Patrick Anderson saying that we do not care about the people in the resident halls but we do care and we have had a successful year. The editorial also says Why should parents be responsible for the crimes of their youths.

It can not be done by even the cell mate Joe. The editor of the paper does not have a clue. I can't get any worse press then I am getting anyway. Do not get wrapped up in athletes being in the audience. Listen to those students but listen to the students that won't be at the meetings too if student activity fees are gifts that we give.

Do not let the numbers in the audience next week. The elections were terrific.

The We the was by far supported by more groups then the others.

Just because you disagree what is done do not let it rip you apart.

Thank you Mo for keeping us honest and going the extra mile. To Mr.Tkach...Steven I have never stopped believing in you. When we where in DC we pulled behind Steven. I believe you Steven and this piece of bologna called the paper is trash. I do not care what they say.

Weir moves to close open forum Hanson second

XII. Announcements

Ebel: Do not forget eliminate hate day...please...please...please.

Hanson moves to close and Ebel seconds

XIII. Adjournment

Slone moves to adjourn seconded by Ebel.

Meeting adjourned at 9:26 pm