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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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June 7, 1995

Call to order at 4:00 PM

Roll Call: (Present-Absent-Proxy-Late)

Ingrid Ellingson (3-0-0) Tim Hagen (1-2-0) Mona Askalani (3-0-0) Tony Hanson (2-0-0-1) Rick Dekoter (3-0-0) Bradley Crep (3-0-0) Jennifer Gruber (2-1-0) Chris Davies ((3-0-0) Mohammad Nasim (1-2-0) Shelly Benson (3-0-0) Tara Mueller (3-0-0) Michelle Murzyn (3-0-0) Jeff Anderson (3-0-0) Jason Nado 3-0-0) Mohammad Abbas (3-0-0) Kristee Alm (2-1-0) Jason Hulstein (3-0-0) Cary Krusmark (3-0-0) Allen Smith (3-0-0) Mashood Yunus (1-1-1) Anne Retzloff (3-0-0) Mona Soukieh (3-0-0) Megan Daniels (3-0-0) Doran Hunter (1-2-0) Staff members in attendance: President Mona Wallace (3-0-0) Vice President Matthew Chase(3-0-0) Speaker Eddy Guzek (3-0-0) Chief of Staff Matt Harmon (3-0-0) Treasurer Eric Tungland (2-1-0) Student Affairs Steven Tkach (3-0-0)

Agenda approved without objections

5/31/95 minutes approved without objective




President Mona Wallace (see written report)

Vice President's Report-Matthew Chase

Talk to him about filling committees. (See committee list)

Vice President Chase move faculty tenure proposal before appointments.

No objection.

Chief of Staff's Report - Matt Harmon

Speaker Eddy Guzek

All meetings will begin promptly at 4:00 PM. Current seats open-2 Off-Campus,

1 College of Business. Elections October 4.

Give items for agenda to Cheri by noon on Wednesdays.

Recognized Student Organizations: The Chickens

Senator Tkach-How man members?

Speaker Guzek-27

No Objection.

The Blue Skunk Society-no objection

Sigma Pi Omega-no objection


1. Faculty Tenure Proposal (see proposal)

President Wallace moved to support inclusion of Cultural Diversity in

faculty tenure. Faculty contract being negotiated. Students of color

feel that they are losing out on Cultural Diversity.

Senator Hanson: What are the rewards to the proposal?

President Wallace: Faculty would receive tenure.

Senator Murzyn: What happens if they fail?

President Wallace: It is like failing one of the requirements of becoming

a professor.

Senator Retzloff: Are they going to demand (faculty) be paid for their development?

President Wallace: This proposal will go to IFO. They will make the decision.

No closing comments. Approved unanimously


Academic Affairs-Tara Mueller, Legislative Affairs-Sheryl Janson, Public

Affairs-Jen Drganc (see Committee Appointments)

No objections to any of the appointments.


Vice President Chase gave recommendations to President Wallace. Individual

letters were given to President Wallace.


Student Affairs


Union Board


Steering Committee


A. President's Council By-Law (see proposal)

Senator Retzloff-do we know if there is enough support for this?

President Wallace voiced down and recommended it be sent

to committee. It is a good idea but there are questions about how we can keep students involved. Cooperation with SDP&A and SAC bring

documentation to SAC that shows their work toward their goals

when coming tocommittee for money.

Vice President Chase agrees fully with President Wallace. Two

options-either send it to Constitutional Committee or voice down.

Doesn't think it belongs in the By-Laws.

Academic Coordinator Mueller-will take it to her committee to see if

organizations under Academic Affairs agree with it.

Vice President Chase beleives that this should be reviewed by

Constitution Convention Committee. We should create a second committee more political in nature.

Previous question called. Passed

By-Law Fails 1-19-1

President Wallace-create a constitutional Review Committee for the purpose of holding a Constitutional convention.

Seconded by Coordinator Mueller. Motion Passed

Vice President Chase moves that we send the President's Council By-Law to Constitutional Review Committee. Second by Coordinator Mueller.


Senator Mueller resigned from her seat representing the College of Social and

Behavioral Science .

Senator Tkach-working on getting T-shirts. Also on Senator I.D's. Tell him

what information you want on it.

Senator Bradley Crep-resigned as the College of Education Senator-changed

his major.

President Wallace-thank you for your diligence and taking the time from

your busy finals schedule to meet today.

Vice President Chase-attended Golf Classic- $15,000 was raised. Consider

Business card idea by Senator Tkach. Please join a committee. Will

notify Senators by mail of Constitutional Committee work.

Tony Hanson-can get you deal with Carlson Craft.

Senator Benson-Thanks to Steven for hard work



President Rush has invited you to their home June 29. Please give us your


Jerry Flynn-sad to see the Book Bargain die. Commencement this Friday, Speaker Guzek will carry International flag.

Senator Tkach-are there accessible ramps?


President Wallace-move to adjourn. Seconded by Senator Retzloff.

Adjourned 5:05 PM