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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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September 27, 1995

Called to order at 4:00 p.m.

I. Roll Call


Senators in Attendance: Ingrid Ellingson (5-0-0) Tim Hagen (1-4-0) Mona Askalani (5-0-0) Tony Hanson (4-0-0-0-1) Rick Dekoter (5-0-0) Fernando Mashlab (1-0-0) Scott Preusser (1-0-0-0-1) Michelle Smithson (1-0-0-0-1) Chris Davies (5-0-0) Mohammad Nasim (5-0-0-0) Shelly Benson (5-0-0-0-1) Bradley Crep (1-0-0) Michelle Murzyn (5-0-0) Jeff Anderson (4-1-0) Jason Nado (5-0-0) Mohammad Abbas (5-0-0) Caleb Fullhart (1-0-0) Jason Hulstein (5-0-0) Francis Klinkner (1-0-0) Cary Krusemark (5-0-0-0-1) Allen Smith/Kim Seibert (3-1-1) Stephen Yunginger (1-0-0) Mashood Yunus (4-0-0-0-1) Heather Gerard (1-0-0) Megan Daniels (4-0-0-0-1)) Doran Hunter (3-2-0)

Staff Members in Attendance: President Mona Wallace (5-0-0) Vice President Matthew Chase (5-0-0) Speaker Eddy Guzek (5-0-0) Chief of Staff Matt Harmon (5-0-0) Treasurer Eric Tungland (3-2-0) Academic Affairs Tara Mueller (4-0-0-0-1) Legislative Affairs Sheryl Jansen (2-0-0-0-1) Public Affairs Jen Drganc (3-0-0) Student Affairs Steven Tkach (5-0-0)

II. Approval of the Agenda

Agenda approved as amended.

Approval of the Minutes

Minutes approved.

III. Student Forum


Senator Benson entertains a motion to take the resolution tabled at the previous meeting off the table. Senator Hanson seconds. The motion passes unanimously.

Mr. Dave Hatts, President of the Student Events Team, explained the Student Events Team's Executive Board and then went on to speak on some of the various events the Student Events Team sponsored last year. Student Events Team'S main mission is to bring energy to our campus and to get students involved. Melissa Chapman, the Special Events Chair, spoke on the events that will be a part of "Purple Pride Week." She passed out the "Purple Pride 1995 Information Packet." Ms. Chapman stated that the decision for canceling the parade was made by The Leadership Team. They feel that the parade is not a positive portrayal of the University. Senator Benson expressed her disappointment at the parade being canceled. The Student Events Team wants a parade that will bring the University and the community together. John Tallas who represents Kappa Sigma asked if the Special Events Committee is aware of what the students of our campus feel about this change, and if they truly represent these students. Ms. Chapman responded that Mr. Tallas is more than welcome to sit on any committee. Coordinator Jansen asked what is being done with the money formally allocated to the parade. The Student Events Team responded that this money is now being used for "Purple Pride Week." President Wallace asked how the members of the Student Events Team are chosen. Mr. Hatts responded that the new members are appointed by the executive board from the previous year. President Wallace asked if student organizations were approached about the problems with the parade. Ms. Chapman responded she personally was, but can not speak for everyone involved. President Wallace asked if student organizations were informed about the possibility of the parade being canceled last year. The former Parade chair said that they were informed at the beginning of the year. Coordinator Mueller asked if anyone was ticketed for alcohol at the parade last year. Mr. Hatts responded that there was no tickets given. Coordinator Mueller asked if anyone has done a survey with the alumni to get their opinion on the cancellation of the parade. Coordinator Mueller asked how the football players feel about this issue. Mr. Hatts responded that the Athletic Department did play a part in this decision. Francis Klinker suggested to the Senate that they only withhold two to three thousand dollars rather than thirty six thousand dollars. Vice-president Chase commented that students are very upset that there is not a Homecoming Parade, and that the problems associated with our Parade are not unique to our institution. He was told last year there would be no Homecoming Parade, but there would be a Purple Pride Week Parade. Vice-President Chase asked if any student fees are being put towards Alumni Homecoming. Mr. Hatts responded that the Student Events Team has nothing to do with Alumni Homecoming. He also commented that the Student Events Team is not against Homecoming and that we all want a parade representative of our University and that we all have the same goals. Mr. Hatts would like to see us work together. Mr. Henry Morris responded that he feels that the Student Events Team and Senate even have the same goals and that SDP&A is not the enemy and feels we could accomplish a lot more if we work together. Senator Ellingson asked if there is a possibility to have a parade. Ms. Chapman responded that this is not possible and Mr. Hatts commented that the city requires permits and it is difficult to work with them. Vice-President Chase commented that the City's Parade Policy has changed. Michelle, the Cheer Team Coach, said that there are more cheerleaders and stuntmen this year. They now have the bull pit which is a section where students are encouraged to sit and display high levels of encouragement and school spirit. President Wallace asked how much "Purple Pride Week" costs. Ms. Chapman said $5000.00. President Wallace also commented that she is concerned that the Student Events Team, Athletics, and SDP&A made such a decision without adequate student representation. She also feels that the events planned in "Purple Pride Week" are not consistent with promoting pride and togetherness on our campus. Coordinator Jansen asked if there were recurring problems in the past why these issues of security were not raised. Ms. Chapman commented that the police dept. is present at the parade. One of the Student Events Team advisors stated that last year there was many forms of security present. Vice-President Chase asked if there could be a parade in the spring or if the Greeks could do a parade. Vice-President Chase commented that he feels the Senate and Student Events Team's constitutions need to be changed before we can work together cooperatively. Henry Morris commented that it is possible to have a spring parade. Ms. Huber, a student speaking from the gallery, commented that the participation by the community and University has declined significantly and asked if there has been any studies on why this happened. Mr. Smith, another student in the gallery, commented that the community is not very welcoming to us as students and that we do have a right to show our pride to the community.

Senator Nado made a motion to move the previous question, Senator Daniels seconded. Move to a vote. Motion passes 11-5, Vice-president Chase asks for a recount. 9-9, motion fails. Hulstein moves to amend the amendment to withhold $1500.00 dollars. Vice-President Chase seconds. Chase amends the amendment to include that if this Parade is held the allocation will be given back to SDP&A. Senator Krusemark seconds. Move to a vote. Amendment to amendment passes unanimously. Move to a vote on the amendment. Amendment passes unanimously. President Wallace amends the motion to state "the parade" to "a parade." Senator Hanson seconds. Move to vote. Amendment passes unanimously. Move to a vote on the motion. Motion passes.

IV. Elections/Appointments

Off-Campus Senators Elected: Caleb Fullhart

Francis Klinkner

Steven Yuninger

Business Senators Elected: Fernando Mashlab

Education Senators Elected: Michelle Smithson

Scott Preusser

Social & Behavioral Sciences Senators Elected: Bradley Crepp

Crawford Senator Elected: Heather Gerard

Daniels moves to recess. Krusemark seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

Meeting recalled to order at 7:05 p.m.

Appointments made without objection (see written list)

V. Officer Reports

A. President Mona Wallace (see written report)

B. Vice President Matthew Chase

Vice-President Chase passed out committee applications and committee requirements to the new senators. Vice-president Chase made a resolution with Senator Daniels seconding. Move to a vote. Motion passes 17-1-3. Vice-president Chase introduces a resolution. Move to a vote. Senator Klinkner makes a motion to amend the resolution to $30.00 per person. Coordinator Drganc, proxying for Senator Abbas, seconds. Senator Daniels moves to previous question, President Wallace seconds. Motion passes. Move to a vote on the amendment 6-12-2. Amendment fails. Senator Dekoter moves to allocate $100.00 per person, Senator Daniels seconds. Daniels moves to previous question, President Wallace seconds. Motion passes. Amendment passes. Resolution passes 11-4-9.

Reolution 7.95.96 Be it resolved that teh Lacrosse Club will receive $3,000

from the SAF funds for conference transportation, lodging and fees.

Senator Daniels moves to recess, President Wallace seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

Meeting recalled to order at 8:33 p.m.

Vice-President Chase submits Resolution. Senator Klinkner seconds. Senator Klinker moves that we pass this resolution unanimously. President Wallace seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

Resolution # 9.95.96 (see attached resolution)

C. Speaker Eddy Guzek

Speaker Guzek welcomed the new senators and reminded them to make an appointment to talk with him. Next week we will be electing a Gage A Senator, Maverick Hall Senator, and the Undeclared Senator. There will be a fitness hearing for Senator Hagen next week.

Approved without objection the Following Recognized Student Organizations

(see attached list)

D. Chief of Staff Matt Harmon

He has been working on the Student Exchange Program.

VI. Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs (no report)

B. Social/Cultural-There will be a Cultural Diversity Pancake Breakfast this Saturday. On October 20-21 there will be a Cultural Diversity Retreat in St. Cloud.

C. Legislative Affairs (see written report)

D. Public Affairs-New senators should see Vice-President Chase to get their Senate Jerseys.

E. Student Affairs-Coordinator Tkach introduced a recommendation from his committee to extend the library's hours on Saturday until Mid-Term. Move to a vote. Committee recommendation passes. He then introduced a committee recommendation for Spring Commencement to be held at the Mankato Civic Center. Senator Klinker moves to table this issue. President Wallace seconds. Motion passes.

F. SAC (no report)

G. Union Board-This week the Union Board discussed having KRNR playing in the Union, however, they need more specific information. The manager of the University Bookstore gave a presentation at their meeting.

H. Communications Board (no report)

I. Constitution Committee (no report)

J. Urban Affairs-Francis Klinker proposed a resolution. Senator Tkach moved to amend the resolution.Drganc moves to call the question. Chase seconds. Motion passes. Amendment passes unanimously. Drganc moves to call the question. Motion passes unanimously. Resolution passes unanimously.

Resolution # 11.95.96 (see attached)

K. RHA (no report)

L. Steering Committee (no report)

VII. Old Business

A. Phase III Health Service Executive Order #95- 0106F passed

President Wallace moves to remove item A from the table. Coordinator Tkach seconds. Motion passed. President Wallace move to table this indefinitely. Coordinator Tkach seconds. Motion passes.

B. Phase III Health Service Executive ORder #95-0108P

President Wallace moves to remove item B from the table. Coordinator Tkach seconds. Motion passes. Senator Klinker moves to refer this to SAC. Senator Yunginyer seconds. Senator Klinker withdraws this motion.

Tkach proxying for Benson moves to call the question. Chase seconds. Motion passes unanimously. Phase III Health Service Senate resolution 10.95.96

passes newly numbered.

VIII. New Business

A. Penny Fellowship Banquet

IX. Senator Reports (none)

X. Open Forum

Chase recommends that we read the Reporter from yesterday to get more information on the Penny Fellowship. Coordinator Tkach urges all Senators to open up an account at the Federal Credit Union. Coordinator Drganc sent the Senate brochure to the printer and it will be ready next week. Hanson moves to close Open Forum, President Wallace seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

XI. Announcements

President Wallace moves to close. Hanson seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

XI. Adjournment

Tkach moves to adjourn. Fulhart seconds. Meeting adjourns at 9:20 p.m.