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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mankato State Student Association
64th MSSA Senate
23 October 1996

Speaker Eric Bakke called the meeting to order at 4:04.

Roll Call
Senate: A Anderson (5-1) Hennek (3-0) Mellen (6-0) Pavlenko (3-0) Jacobson (5-1) Miller (2-1) Chase (3-0) Janssen (6-0) Rafik (3-0) Blakley (6-0) Towns (3-0) Distel (5-1) Kocina (6-0) K Anderson (3-0) Sharma (2-4) Jirele (3-0) Smith (2-1) Weir (6-0) Akemann (6-0) Hammes (6-0) Islam [proxy Chris Hiller] (4-2) Harmon (6-0) Auseth (2-1) Hossain [proxy Joseph Miller] (2-2) Perowitz (6-0) Arenz (5-1) Fiedor (2-0) Speaker Bakke.
Cabinet: President Hanson, Vice President Klinkner, Coordinator Janssen, Anderson, Blakley, Hiller and Vye.
Senate Staff: Kass.

I. Approval of Agenda
Agenda approved as amended.

II. Student Forum
Eric Bakke spoke to the Senate about Boy Scout Troop 76's Haunted House. It is located at 207 W. Elm. It is open from 6:30-9:00 p.m. on October 25, 26, & October 30 and 31. The cost is $3.00. Please spread the word.

III. Presentations
A. Residence Hall Association - Vice Chair Kristy Anderson
A functioned named SHOUT will be on November 12. It will last three hours.

IV. Approval of Minutes - 10/16/96
Minutes for 10/16/96 pass as amended.

V. Communications Board - Chair Jen Drganc
The Board was briefed by the Reporter and the Minnesota River Review. KRNR Cable Radio did not present themselves. The Reporter is $12,000 behind in advertisement. They believe this is due to Division I Hockey and low political advertisement sales. The Minnesota River Review is doing a lot of fundraising. Voting members in attendance were Jen Drganc, Bob Pavlenko, Eric Bakke (proxy Brian Kass), Marshall Rossow, and Henry Morris. Non-voting members present were Melissa Gish (Minnesota River Review), Ben Hintler (Minnesota River Review), Jane Tastad (Reporter), and RJ Price (Reporter). Henry Morris offered the help of his secretary to take minutes. The offer was not accepted. The election of the Secretary position was postponed. Next meeting will be announced one week in advance. Usually more than four weeks between meetings.

VI. Officer Reports
A. President - Tony Hanson
i. Report
Three hundred and fifty students were arrested at parties for underage drinking at St. Cloud State University. Vice President Healy said that MSU would not repeat this occurrence. She chooses to ask for RSO assistance in cutting down on underage drinking. There is one position available for the MSUSA Fall Conference November 1. President Rush has bought a table for Penny Fellowship. There are many seats available at the dinner.
ii. Presidential Appointments
Student Affairs (Amanda Turek), Ensuring Cultural Diversity Committee (Amanda Turek), Student Allocations Committee (Heather Dye), Campus Enrichment (Justin Smith), and Academic Computing Committee (Jennifer Fiedor). Committee appointments approved without objection.
Acting Treasurer (Francis Klinkner) - Speaker Bakke ruled out of order until Constitution Commission has a chance to meet.
Public Affairs Coordinator (Gabe Vye). Approved without objection.
iii. Questions/Comments
Joseph Miller - are meetings open to the public? President Hanson - yes.


B. Vice President - Francis Klinkner
i. Report
MSU Marketing meeting was at 7:30. The Senate has been addressing many issues that students do care about. There were questions about increases in Student Activity Fees. Vice President Klinkner will put informational sheets out in the Senate office soon to address those questions.

C. Speaker - Eric Bakke
i. Report
Please fill out schedules. (Passed around). In regards to the PR appointment, thank you to President Hanson. Pursuant to Article 4.3, "The Speaker shall be the Chief Administrative officer of the Senate," the Speaker would have had to carry out those functions himself.
Speaker passes the gavel to Vice President Klinkner.
ii. Approval Recognition of Student Organizations
Initial Recognition - Advertising Club (To help students further develop all skills related to communications and advertising.) Renewal Recognition - Eta Sigma Gamma, Northern Light Solar Car Rayce Team, Phi Kappa Psi, R.A.N.G.E. (Regional And National Geographic Exploration), Straights and Gays for Equality (SAGE), Technology Education Club, and Textiles & Clothing Club. Without objection the student organizations were recognized.
The Speaker does not recommend renewal recognition of Tau Kappa Epsilon due to pending advisor.
iii. Questions/Comments
Senator Janssen - how about a Senate activity? Speaker Bakke - yield to Senator K Anderson recommended a Haunted Hay Ride or Haunted House needs to know what date would be good. President Hanson - Would a straw poll be out of order? Klinkner (as chair) - no. Senator Janssen - cost? Senator K Anderson - $6 for Hay Ride and $3 for Haunted House. Klinkner (as chair) - there will be a sheet passed around during the meeting. Straw Poll - indicates this weekend would be the best time.
Speaker Bakke retrieves the gavel.

VII. Senator Reports
A. Social & Behavioral #1 - Senator Peni Blakley
"Yesterday, Senator Towns, Senator Distill and myself met with Dean Coultrap- McQuin. We talked about Semester Conversion, Undecided/General Education Advising Center, and a Social and Behavioral Student Advisory Board.
She didn't believe that it would make very much of a difference which of the two proposed calendars for Semester Conversion were used. The courses from our College have already been approved at the College level and are now at the Curriculum Committee at the University level. We were assured that the students would have a guide to the conversion in their hands by the end of Spring Quarter this year. Some suggestions that she gave us for the Bulletin to include were, requirement changes as well as, changes in course offerings. She believes that the students would need to set a plan for graduation during the Fall Quarter of 1997. She also guaranteed that it would be possible for students to graduate in four years, if they average 16 credits per semester during that time.
Dean Coultrap-McQuin said that Social and Behavioral Sciences may be interested in an Academic Advising Center for Undecided Majors as well as General Education requirements. She said that we should contact the Student Relations Advisor in the Departments, that they were already looking into a General Education Advising Center for Social and Behavioral Sciences Majors.
We have agreed to set up a Student Advisory Board that will consist of the three senators, one undergraduate student from each department, the Dean and The Student Relations Advisor for the college. We will meet once a month, the first meeting is set for Nov. 19,1996."

VIII. Senate Committees and Staff Reports
A. Student Affairs - Chair Chris Hiller
Elected Chris Hiller as chair. University retention was a topic. The committee members will brainstorm out of committee for two weeks and return with results.

IX. Presidential Staff Reports
A. Cultural Diversity - Coordinator Kristy Anderson
In writing.


B. Academic Affairs - Coordinator Steven Janssen
Elected Vice Chair (Matt Towns) and Chair (Steven Janssen). He handed out the draft of the General Education --- Semester Conversion Plan of Study. Please review them so that he can give comments to MSU's Semester Conversion Coordinator. Senator Islam (proxy Hiller) - are we working with SouthCentral Technical College? Coordinator Janssen - not yet, when we finish this stage we will do that.

X. Old Business
A. Bill #10.16.A - postponed from 10/16/96
Senator Blakley requests unanimous consent to withdraw this motion. Without objection the Senate consents.
Title Senate Commitment Tally Bill #10.16.A
Author Jen Drganc Sponsor Senator Peni Blakley

Whereas: The MSSA/Senate Elected Officials and the President's Cabinet are encouraged and in some cases required to attend meetings and spend a designated amount of time in the Senate office, therefore be it
Resolved: That the Elected Officials and the President's Cabinet sign in to a book placed by the Administrative Assistant's desk each time they are in the office and the amount of time spent working for the senate, be it further
Resolved: That attendance and times of meetings be recorded on time cards, to be turned in prior to committee meetings on Wednesday afternoons, be it further
Resolved: That both the Speaker and President tally the hours from the book and time cards every Wednesday by roll call of the Senate Meetings and place findings in folder open to public for viewing in the Senate Office.

XI. New Business
A. Bill #10.23.A
Title Senate Office Hours Bill #10.23.A
Sponsor Senator Chase Cosponsor Senator Harmon

Whereas: The MSSA Senators are responsible to their constituents, and
Whereas: The MSSA Senate Speaker is responsible to the Senate, therefore be it
Resolved: That the MSSA Senators and Speaker are required to complete two office hours per week in the Senate office, and be it further
Resolved: That the MSSA Senators and Speaker are required to have their weekly office hours posted at the Senate office visible from outside the Senate office and in the CSU main floor Senate showcase.
Senator Chase - if you like this pass it, if not amend it or fail it. It is up to you.
Vice President Klinkner - move to postpone until next week. Vice President Klinkner - We have a 1985 resolution concerning this matter which does the same thing. We need to compare so that we are not repeating. Senator Chase - we need to reaffirm an 11 year old document. Also this is specific to time and place. The 1985 resolution is different in that manner. President Hanson - can't the Speaker do this without an official resolution. Motion to postpone until next week passes.

XII. Announcements
Coordinator Hiller - will be attending a Blue Line Hockey Club November 1. President Hanson - all new Senators should meet with the Speaker, he would also like to meet with each Senator too. Union Board retreat this Saturday between 10 am and 4 pm. Vice President Klinkner - look at the Reporter for the Klinkner/Chase editorial on our trip with the Hockey Team. Senator Chase - hope that this Senate can learn from mistakes of the past. Try to learn this bodies traditions. This body should stay away from holidays and religious/pagan events. Also believes that the Speaker should not be the events coordinator because we are a unique body sanctioned by the State of Minnesota. We are not just another club.

XIII. Adjournment
Speaker Bakke adjourned the meeting at 5:21.